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My computer is kaput, and other news

A million apologies for the lack of updates... my desktop computer is completely spoilt and I've been trying to fix it to no avail!!

I had to dig out the laptop I used in university and it's RIDDEN with viruses even though I've already ran scans using Malware Bytes. All of it started when I downloaded a chinese software, now I can't get rid of it. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the get well soon greetings!! I really appreciate each and every one of them, and I remember all your lovely comments :) I didn't throw any parties this year, decided to have a lunch/dinner with loved ones instead. I'm officially 24 but from next year onwards my age will stagnate!!

Many thanks to HTC for the Butterfly S which has an AMAZING battery life!! I don't even have to bring a spare charger or cable out anymore. It lasts THE WHOLE DAY and I'm constantly on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. The Zoe camera mode allows you to remove objects from the picture, and there are a lot of in built editing functions like slimming your face, filters that you can make use of!!

During the week, my rabbit Squishy broke her nail. I was so worried but after constant reassuring from my friend who's a vet and other rabbit owners, I relaxed and decided to let it drop off. Bought antiseptic spray and powder just in case, and that same night the nail dropped off and I saw some dried blood! Poor Squishy must've been in pain :(

If you've been following me on Twitter and my Facebook page, you'll know I dressed up as a sorceress for my company's DnD recently with my hair styled by Aqua Hair Korean Salon. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Also, thanks to HTC, I was invited to Starhub's TVB Awards where I dressed like a rockstar with my half braided, half curled hair, styled by Komachi Hair Salon and amazzzing customised bling heels by Sinderella!

 Get to try out these awesome new lashes and Aquamoist products which are really famous in Japan!! If you're interested to find out more, be sure to drop by JRunway at Plaza Singapura to have a look :)

Attended the 2013 Johnny Walker Circuit Lounge party and might have had a bit too much whisky that night but how could you not when it was in ice cream form or mixed into a delicious concoction??

Big shout out to FIJI Water for sponsoring me a carton of water. Thank you!! I think FIJI Water tastes best, cold.

Congratulations Yongli and Rachel on their marriage!! The food was delicious!!!

Oh, and I also found a new boyfriend. Hahahah.

See you guys soon! Have to buy a new desktop $$ goodbye.

Vintage Lomo shots from my La Sadina, compliments from

Here are the pictures from my new Lomo camera that I took the other day at the 's new iPad app launch event! Of course, not all pictures turned out nice and I filtered out the ones that were too freaky or dark. Enjoy! :)

The best feature about the La Sadina is that you can layer images onto your original shot! OF course, you don't know how it'll turn out until it develops... While looking at the pictures, try to guess what I used as a layer reference (if any) before you scroll down to read the caption!

To achieve the best overlay effect, take the darker picture first, then a lighter texture effect. Really loving how some of my pictures turned out!

All the shots in this post were taken WITHOUT FLASH and UNEDITED. I have bought the batteries for my flash so the next time I bring my cam out, I'll be able to do indoor shots!

The very first shot, the overlay is a mural you can see below! Liking the flame burn due to the exposure to light. Haven't seen one of those in ages.


Absolutely LOVE how this turned out!! The floral print was from tiles of a shophouse I found. I'm glad the government preserved these heritage shophouses because it reminds us of our history and they're so vintage!

Normal shot with Mel. Trying out the portrait closeup, which is a ladybug icon. 
(looks like a fly tho)

Mentioned in a previous blogpost that Mel and I were secondary school classmates! Had fun reminiscing some old times with her on that day :)
Look where we are now, in the working world yet having fun over the weekends!

Back alley, back to the good ol' days.

Stephanie saw two candles so I thought I'd play with another overlay effect.

If you look closely, this photo was supposed to have an overlay!!! Guess my first photo was too bright (the background shot) so you can't see it. I actually took a photo of a board with numbers on it. Oh well, we learn!

This is the mural I was talking about earlier! Used this for one of my textures.

Mel and I again, this time, pouting!

The diamond in the middle is actually a bar's logo. Like the faded effect on this one.

Again, another tile I saw on the floor. Like the rustic feel to this shot! Feel's like we're in the 50s again.

A plant with some flowers hahaha.

Normal shot of the road.

Can't remember but I think this was a tile too. The item on the right is a letterbox, if you're too young to not have seen these before :P

If you were this tiny, your perception of the world would be different.

Too dark!! Urgh!!

Am really pleased with myself!! The Ying yang is also a shop's logo but I layered it with a checkered background. It could've screwed up but the blend is perfect. :) Like they say, just shoot, don't think!

With the girls, Becks, Shenny, me and Mel and our new cams!

After we finished our roll of film, the lomography shop collected them and told us that they will be sent to Taiwan for processing and we received the scans 2 weeks later! Which is why I was able to obtain the soft copies and upload them here easily.

Thanks once again for my new cam the La Sadina, and be sure to check out their new rewards program where you get ONE NIGHT FREE for every 10 nightstays you book with them! (Terms and conditions apply.) 

Check out their super cool iPad app because the interface is soo user-friendly and convenient. After looking at the shots from my lomo I feel inspired to start shooting again! Let me know which is your favourite shot? All looks obtained are purely tyco and coincidental hahah.

How Squishy came into my life.

I've always loved animals! Well... most animals. I prefer dogs over cats, rabbits over chinchillas, beagles over chihuahua's... the list goes on and on.

I did have a dog once, when I was really young. I barely remember much about him, but his name was Mickey and he was a terrier. I know that I was pretty much terrified of it because I had been chased by a dog once, but I would occasionally pat his head or stroke his fur whenever my dad was carrying him.

Sadly, Mickey has passed away. RIP Mickey.

In Primary 5 or thereabouts, my parents bought me a hamster. I have no idea why, but I didn't have much clue how to take care of it. All I knew was that I had to feed it and water it, my mum would clean its cage and... I honestly can't even remember the name that I gave it.

My hamster didn't last very long because it passed away a few months later. I remember crying and my dad took it away from me... never to be seen again.

It died on its back, paws in the air, fur all harried and messy, body cold and limp. Eyes closed.

No more hamsters for me in this lifetime.

I didn't want to get another pet until I was sure I could care for it and love it. Pets are also really expensive to maintain. It's like having another mouth to feed, except this mouth does not speak English, or speak at all.

If I could have any pet I wanted, I would have a dog. Unfortunately, dogs require ALOT of attention and time, which I do not have. If I had a dog I wouldn't want it to be pooping around the place, I would properly potty train it, send it for grooming, etc.

Doesn't help that a dog is at least 1k SGD. *shudders*

When Christine uploaded a ton of photos of her new bunny. I considered it. What about a rabbit? I *COULD* cage it up whenever the house was empty, and let it run around when I'm back. Its poop is much easier to clean than a dog's, it doesn't bite and it doesn't make any noise! (do not like dogs that bark loudly)

After a bit more considerations, like my brother would be home most of the time to keep an eye out, an area for it to run around at... I headed over to Christine's!

And fell in love with the little bugger. Like instantly. So cute and small!! He's a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and was only 2 months old when I first met him.

Since I hadn't bought a cage at that time, I had to put bunny into an old baby's bathtub and cover the top with newspaper. In the morning, he escaped (didn't take a genius to figure out he could jump) caused quite a stir trying to find him hahahaha.

Caught him in the end and we used weights on top of the newspaper to contain him. That night I bought a proper cage so he was introduced to his new home!

Initially he was super hyper, running around the cage and wanting to run free. After a while he got used to it, but then he developed gas and was a little uncomfortable. Two trips to the vet later and now he's getting fat, and eating.

Do NOT get a rabbit on impulse. It can get very worrysome if he doesn't eat and rabbits need lots of attention and are very vulnerable!! They are very brittle, timid creatures and are frightened easily. They also do not make noises so you don't really know how they feel, so reading body language and being attentive really counts!

Plus, you also have to powder bath him, feed him, change his poop and pee, make sure he doesn't step on his own pee, check that he isn't scratching himself in a certain part too often etc.

Plus vets AREN'T CHEAP.

In return, you'll have someone to love and licks you to show his appreciation :')

After a long time thinking of names for my new bunny (sugar, bubbles and Sir Hop-a-lot were some contenders), I finally decided on.. Squishy. He's so cute, white, fluffy and tiny you have to take great care not to squish him!

Hence, this is the story of how Squishy came into my life.

I'm 23 and loving it!

Hi everyone I'm back!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus. I shall summarize the past 3 weeks. I was in London for about 7 days, then Hong Kong for 5 days and finally when I came back I had to combat work and emails and planning birthday things , Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge, had my company's DND, then it was Filter's 2nd anniversary and catching up on season premiers of American dramas and... okay basically the rest are excuses. I just needed to rest.

I compiled a list of places to eat in HK for you guys!! And I haven't uploaded my pictures from London yet so... sorry. >_< I have, however, uploaded pictures from the DND so you can see me decked up as a Greek Goddess. This is the first time I've ever dressed up as a Goddess so... I'm pretty happy people could guess who I was supposed to be. :)


Let's start with my travelogue summary. London was amazing, this was the best trip to London I've had so far, even though my brother fell sick, because I had a friend who had been a student there for 4 years to bring me around! I also managed to catch the Thames Festival Parade, and watch fireworks in the freaking cold.

London Eye, not SG flyer.

Hmm what else. I went to Oxford to check out the factory outlet, bought some fudge, didn't have time to watch a musical this time, had really yummy food (larger budget haha) and uh, had a drink every day.

Hong Kong was super different. It was hot, sweaty, the haze was horrible, water from the aircon units in buildings above leaked randomly and would drop on random 'lucky' people, but the food was great.
Michelin star char siew bao
 Things were also much cheaper here compared to London and I was spending money happily. Branded goods are also crazily more expensive here (yes more expensive than Singapore)!

When I got back to Singapore it took me a day to get used to hearing strangers speak english again, haha. Yes I know they speak english in London but their accents are so thick sometimes I don't understand them at all -_-

I feel like having weekend trips to Hong Kong, gotta keep my eyes peeled for cheap fares ;)

I've kinda mastered the AB double eyelid fibre tape. I swear it's amazing. I think they probably patented the fibre idea (which is genius) because I don't see any other brands selling it for cheaper! It's completely worth your money, I'm not even being endorsed by this, but please get it from Guardian ASAP.

It can make tapered eyelids parallel, and create double eyelids for single eyelids, and is not obvious at all. I cannot stress this enough. The scariest part of the AB tape is cutting the sides off because I use a big scissors and have a fear that I might cut part of my eyelid away =\

So far it has not happened. Should I do a tutorial on how to use the AB tape? Though there are quite a few tutorials out there already!

Can't wait to share with you guys Elizabeth Arden's Visibly Difference range. I brought it along with me to London and it does wonders for my skin, especially in the cold!

Right now my eyes are a little tired but I'm really happy because... it's my birthday! I want to remember every bit of it because I have the worst memory ever. Thank you everyone who wished me!! I feel really grateful and appreciate every effort! Am I the only person who still believes in phone call wishes?

I had a friend who sent me answers to a test I had to do so that was officially the first birthday present I received :D That was late last week. I just had to mention this because I used it as my bargaining chip to get the answers ahaha.

2nd Oct eve was spent having a croissant from Tiong Bahru Bakery with Pearl of the Orient Tea (I love my tea), followed by ramen (which was tooooo salty) and James Morrison's concert!! James Morrison also flashed his (not very defined) abs twice and I screamed like a fangirl. That's the whole point of concerts, isn't it?

3rd Oct morning I woke up to birthday messages, Chrispytine sending me a picture of a bunny which made me melt on the train, Shu bought me a creme brulee tart with a candle in it :') Then lunch with my colleagues at Botan Restaurant. They gave me a treat! Thanks guys!

Picture of ladies for you guys to look at.

PSST: My nose looks quite sharp here right! I swear by the highlighter + shading tools found in Haraju-cute (in Guardian) I can't remember the brand offhand but it has three colours and a brush. Choose the princess palette. It really makes your nose look sharper, especially in pictures. Don't put too much though, then it'll look fake :X

That's a quick update on life so far. Miss all of you LOVE

My dad is cool.

I was happily playing Michael Bolten's 'Go the Distance' (from YouTube) because I had been feeling a little down, career wise, when my dad suddenly remarked that he has the CD.

Me: "What?! You have his CD? You so cool one ah."
Dad: "OF COURSE! I have so many CDs you know! Come let me show you." *proceeds to take out a box* "I have Eric Clapton... I have *rambles on*..."

My dad is cool. When I discovered Bee Gees at a Courts sale many years ago, I asked him who the band was and he passed me their CD. Have been a fan of them ever since.

Same thing happened to the Carpenters when we watched American Idol together (looong time ago) Oh yeah, and Kenny Rogers, Queen...

Vintage awesomeness.

Panasonic's new portable charger, and a little bit of luck.

This post is an epic story of how 11 people ended up in a van that costs $80 for a trip and how I won an iPhone 4S, all in one night.

Was invited for an event by Panasonic and it was held at Orchard Parade Hotel's K-suite! We had the biggest room which came with a pool table, a wii corner and of course, huge area for Karaoke! 

I didn't take much photos at the event because my feet/shoes were wet and cold so that put me in like, a downer mood in the beginning, then things got so fun so fast I didn't take photos either hahah. Let me tell you the background story.

I rushed over to Orchard and reached at 6.45pm. Intended to walk from Wheelock place to Orchard Parade Hotel, but alas, it was RAINING CATS AND DOGS. Like super heavy. And I was trapped there with Hong Peng, Jessie, Shu Qing, William, Shaun, Terence and some other bloggers. We thought that the rain would subside after a while, but it DIDN'T. So someone called the organizers to inform them that we were stuck at Wheelock. Tried calling a cab but all the lines were engaged. I was getting pretty impatient (7.25pm when the event started at 7) so I called the organizers and asked if they could send over a car, or a hotel pick-up or something.

No one drove :(

Some of the guys were about to give up and wanted to buy umbrellas from Daiso ($2) and walk in the super heavy rain to Orchard Parade Hotel (15 mins walk at least) but luckily someone found a website address for a Maxi Cab, which would fit 7 people.

I called and the line got through! I told the guy that there was 11 of us, and coincidentally there was a van that could fit 11 people nearby, who could pick us up and drive us to our destination!

It cost $80. (The 7 seater was $50). The reason for the price was because the intention was for Point A to Point B travel, any part of Singapore, for that fixed price.

Just our luck that ours was a 5 minute drive away.

However, by then we were so desperate, we agreed anyway.

We still had to walk like 30 steps in the rain, sharing one umbrella (hence poor Shaun had to go back and forth to ferry people across) Plus, I decided to wear white PANTS that day, urgh. This is how my feet got wet!

Finally reached Orchard Parade Hotel, and one of the organizers, Joshua, came out #likeaboss to help us pay for the van ride. Haha.

Was sooo hungry by the time we reached. I think it was 8.15pm or something? And we felt so bad that the entire event was pushed back because they were waiting for the 11 of us.

Some games were organized for us, mainly a pictionary segment and a complete the story video segment! Pictionary is self-explanatory but the complete the story was, basically, we were shown some videos, and at the climax the video stopped so it was open to anyone's interpretation to continue with it!

I didn't want to pick the most common one, so I picked the seemingly most boring one, where a guy was at Raffles Place about to head for a meeting when his phone died and he didn't know the venue of the meeting!

Comes with charger to charge your portable charger and a cable from charger to phone :)

I wrote that he went to Mcdonald's, found a girl to borrow the portable charger from, and she suddenly left, he met her at the meeting that same night. I watch too much drama and I am a romantic at heart.

Thanks Christina for the photo!

Somehow I won the first prize!! Which was an Iphone 4S!! Second prize was a HTC One X, third was a Blackberry Curve.

Thanks Christina for the photo!

Thank you so much to the folks at Panasonic for the iPhone 4S!!! It was so amazing I couldn't believe it. I didn't think that my story would be picked but I really really wanted to win it!!

So they introduced us to their latest product, the portable mobile phone charger. Which i carry around with me on almost everyday because my phone battery runs out so fast (thanks to ig, fb, twitter)


If you need an android charger, you know which brand to get!Also, check out how I made the wire into a star. HAHA.

For more information on the Panasonic charger, click HERE.

Every Saturday should be like this.

I met up with a clique of friends I hadn't seen (all of us together), in like, a year? And I felt so rejuvenated after that.

Started off with whisky at 4pm

After that, we just lazed around in the pool for about 2 hours? Talking nonsense and poking fun at each other.

I felt genuine happiness. Peace. Ultimate relaxation. At that moment, I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

I soaked in the environment around me - Caucasians sun tanning, Singaporeans playing frisbee and volleyball, my friends eating truffle fries, the cloudy sky so I didn't get a tan... and I felt grateful for wherever I was in life. I had a home, a family, food on the table, a job that paid me relatively well, I could blog and share what I loved with you guys... surreal.

In my past few holidays in Bangkok and Japan, I've never felt this kind of happiness. Sure, I took photos with bunnies and cycled around neighbourhoods, looked at islands, but I needed some quiet time alone, where there was no deadline to meet, no nervous glancing at the clock...

Oh, and I left my phone in my bag, so no stresses from not replying anyone etc.

It was just so.....chill. No stresses, no worries, just water, friends, pear cider and truffle fries. Why make life so complicated?

It's been so long since we caught up, one of them always disappears every time he's attached, another one I only see at clubs (in the rare event that I actually go) and the last friend is the only one that we make an attempt to meet up once every few months.

We've all changed since secondary school, firstly the topics we talk about are vastly different. Now we're considerably grown up (and done with army/uni), we have to worry about other bigger issues like jobs.

They're very cool people, patient, calm and easy-going. That's why I love to hang out with them :) Don't forget to treasure your friends and tell them how much you appreciate them!

Have a great week guys!

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