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Yoshi the ragdoll cat

Snapped some pictures the other day with Yoshi the ragdoll cat, some are too cute not to share!

Yoshi giving the "what's that?" look.

Notice his ears have a black outline hehe.

I particularly like ragdoll cats because they just "nua" once you pick them up

But Yoshi is growing up so fast! Soon, his butt can't fit on my palm anymore.
*friendly paw hello*


Yoshi meowing. His meows are super high pitch and his purrs are super loud. He really loves lots of attention!

"Why did you stop playing with me?"

"Okay, okay I play"

Yoshi pissed off because he's trying to clean himself but I keep snapping pics

Guess we'll never know why cats naturally hate mice


Bye Yoshi! Til next time!

My computer is kaput, and other news

A million apologies for the lack of updates... my desktop computer is completely spoilt and I've been trying to fix it to no avail!!

I had to dig out the laptop I used in university and it's RIDDEN with viruses even though I've already ran scans using Malware Bytes. All of it started when I downloaded a chinese software, now I can't get rid of it. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the get well soon greetings!! I really appreciate each and every one of them, and I remember all your lovely comments :) I didn't throw any parties this year, decided to have a lunch/dinner with loved ones instead. I'm officially 24 but from next year onwards my age will stagnate!!

Many thanks to HTC for the Butterfly S which has an AMAZING battery life!! I don't even have to bring a spare charger or cable out anymore. It lasts THE WHOLE DAY and I'm constantly on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. The Zoe camera mode allows you to remove objects from the picture, and there are a lot of in built editing functions like slimming your face, filters that you can make use of!!

During the week, my rabbit Squishy broke her nail. I was so worried but after constant reassuring from my friend who's a vet and other rabbit owners, I relaxed and decided to let it drop off. Bought antiseptic spray and powder just in case, and that same night the nail dropped off and I saw some dried blood! Poor Squishy must've been in pain :(

If you've been following me on Twitter and my Facebook page, you'll know I dressed up as a sorceress for my company's DnD recently with my hair styled by Aqua Hair Korean Salon. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Also, thanks to HTC, I was invited to Starhub's TVB Awards where I dressed like a rockstar with my half braided, half curled hair, styled by Komachi Hair Salon and amazzzing customised bling heels by Sinderella!

 Get to try out these awesome new lashes and Aquamoist products which are really famous in Japan!! If you're interested to find out more, be sure to drop by JRunway at Plaza Singapura to have a look :)

Attended the 2013 Johnny Walker Circuit Lounge party and might have had a bit too much whisky that night but how could you not when it was in ice cream form or mixed into a delicious concoction??

Big shout out to FIJI Water for sponsoring me a carton of water. Thank you!! I think FIJI Water tastes best, cold.

Congratulations Yongli and Rachel on their marriage!! The food was delicious!!!

Oh, and I also found a new boyfriend. Hahahah.

See you guys soon! Have to buy a new desktop $$ goodbye.

1 World Music Festival - cancelled

Wow, it seems like the raved 1 World Music Festival is cancelled, 3 days before show.


Wonder what happened to cause such a huge decision!

My dad is cool.

I was happily playing Michael Bolten's 'Go the Distance' (from YouTube) because I had been feeling a little down, career wise, when my dad suddenly remarked that he has the CD.

Me: "What?! You have his CD? You so cool one ah."
Dad: "OF COURSE! I have so many CDs you know! Come let me show you." *proceeds to take out a box* "I have Eric Clapton... I have *rambles on*..."

My dad is cool. When I discovered Bee Gees at a Courts sale many years ago, I asked him who the band was and he passed me their CD. Have been a fan of them ever since.

Same thing happened to the Carpenters when we watched American Idol together (looong time ago) Oh yeah, and Kenny Rogers, Queen...

Vintage awesomeness.

Every Saturday should be like this.

I met up with a clique of friends I hadn't seen (all of us together), in like, a year? And I felt so rejuvenated after that.

Started off with whisky at 4pm

After that, we just lazed around in the pool for about 2 hours? Talking nonsense and poking fun at each other.

I felt genuine happiness. Peace. Ultimate relaxation. At that moment, I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

I soaked in the environment around me - Caucasians sun tanning, Singaporeans playing frisbee and volleyball, my friends eating truffle fries, the cloudy sky so I didn't get a tan... and I felt grateful for wherever I was in life. I had a home, a family, food on the table, a job that paid me relatively well, I could blog and share what I loved with you guys... surreal.

In my past few holidays in Bangkok and Japan, I've never felt this kind of happiness. Sure, I took photos with bunnies and cycled around neighbourhoods, looked at islands, but I needed some quiet time alone, where there was no deadline to meet, no nervous glancing at the clock...

Oh, and I left my phone in my bag, so no stresses from not replying anyone etc.

It was just so.....chill. No stresses, no worries, just water, friends, pear cider and truffle fries. Why make life so complicated?

It's been so long since we caught up, one of them always disappears every time he's attached, another one I only see at clubs (in the rare event that I actually go) and the last friend is the only one that we make an attempt to meet up once every few months.

We've all changed since secondary school, firstly the topics we talk about are vastly different. Now we're considerably grown up (and done with army/uni), we have to worry about other bigger issues like jobs.

They're very cool people, patient, calm and easy-going. That's why I love to hang out with them :) Don't forget to treasure your friends and tell them how much you appreciate them!

Have a great week guys!

Casio Sheen adds a sparkle to my look!


Will be back from Japan soon! <3.

Tips and tricks to survive in a local University.

Disclaimer: If you don't survive... well, I take no responsibility.

1) Pray to the Bell Curve God.
 No matter what religion you are, you better be in the Bell Curve's favour. If you're not, then it's almost impossible to get your grades back up! Always remember that if you're following the majority, you're on the right track.So start praying.

2) Picking electives to help your grades
My improvisation elective was funnn!
Ask your seniors for elective recommendations but take note of these vital points! If you choose an elective that's easy in content but difficult to score (essays, case studies, etc), it might not be the best option for you. For example, during mid terms, you scored a 28/40 which is pretty good right? But if everyone else is scoring 34/40 then you might even consider S/Uing the module. If you fail... then the easier the final exam, the more likely you are to be screwed. However, if you take a confusing module but the final exam is MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) then, that could be a better option because you have the luxury of GUESSING. Oh, and if everyone else is GUESSING too, who will the bell curve favour? Guess.

(Note: Feel free to pick electives you're interested in! The above tip was purely for pushing up your GPA)

3) Get good groupmates

Pick crappy ones and you have nightmares for the whole semester. Or maybe no nightmares because you won't even be sleeping. You'll be living in one, though. You know what they're like, they don't turn up for meetings, are always MIA and uncontactable during CRUCIAL periods, give super sloppy work and of course, try to claim credit when feedbacks are due. The trick is how to SPOT them before grouping with them! There isn't a fool-proof method, but there are some signs you can look out for.

- Late for class often (or doesn't even show up!)
- Unkempt appearance
- Sleep during lessons

If your professor groups you together with them, you have no choice. But you better set your expectations and talk to them sternly before all hell breaks loose. (Good luck.)

4) Obtain senior's notes
 Granted, it will be time consuming to create your OWN notes for every subject, so why not get senior's notes instead? Unless you're doing a new module... or your entire syllabus has changed, there will be some notes somewhere. Ask around, ask your classmates, bribe them if needed.

5. Study smart
 I study, text, study, text, otherwise I get restless.
Studying at the last minute doesn't work for everyone. Worse if you actually study the ENTIRE syllabus :X Checking past year papers help you gauge the types of questions that will come out, listening intently when your prof reveals the final exam format (and the people who ask for topic hints) will also help as well. Find your study preference! Are you a morning or night person? Do you need 8 hours of sleep to be optimal? (I do.) In a quiet place or a noisy one? iPod music or not? Studying alone, or in a small group? (Big groups are useless. Once someone gets fidgety and suggests to do something else, if you're the minority, then gg). The only way to find out is to try all these permutations and you'll find your match.

That's it! Other tips like don't skip meals blahblah apply but I'm sure you already know that :P

I survived. You can too! (which is also an appeal not to commit suicide from stress).

Shopping for gadgets.

Was looking around for lightboxes. Haha!

And now there's some photos I took at the shop too.

 Fierce right! That's why people say I have an intimidating look. Ok will smile now.
I like the ring around my eyes but I seriously don't know how to stop myself from squinting!! Perhaps the lights around it have to be equally bright. I shall try again. Friendly look! :) Now people dare talk to me. Haha!
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