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Elizabeth Arden Giveaway and 5 min Ceramide Facial Mask Review

Elizabeth Arden has outdone herself again. Their new Ceremide Boosting 5 minute Facial, made up of a two step formula, instantly brightens your face and cleans even make up off your face for a thorough deep cleansing!! I absolutely LOVE it and would recommend you go try it out at once! I've also been using the product that shot Elizabeth Arden to fame - the Original Eight Hour Cream, and it is truly magical.


Products that have got me psyched!

Use the Self-Foaming Mask and Replenishing Serum no more than twice a week for about 2 months will allow you to see your skin become healthy and clear up! Your skin looks refreshed, softer, gives you a healthy glow, and if you don't have time to slot in a facial appointment the night before that special occasions, using this works just as well!

I'll be using the Elizabeth Arden liquid foundation to prove that the Ceramide Facial Mask removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh ;)

Using Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Foundation with SPF15 instantly diminishes appearance of pores and imperfections, creating flawless skin! It also moisturizes your skin for 24 hours. It's very lightweight so you can pile on layers to increase the coverage. Their key ingredients include Soy Lipid technology, natural plant extract, Vitamins C, E and radiant mineral crystals to blur fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for all skin types and it's also available in 26 different shades retailing at $70.

BEFORE! With makeup.

How to use

It's been a long day, and you're so tired you just want to sleep as fast as possible. Removing your make up is SUCH a chore. This is where Elizabeth Arden comes in to help.

Step 1: Self-Foaming Mask

Apply a 20cent amount of he Self-Foaming Mask on the back of your hand and quickly spread this out onto your whole face. Avoid your eye area (so you have to remove your eye makeup separately) No rubbing needed, just nimble fingers. You'd immediately start to feel a sizzling, tingly even burning sensation. Don't freak out!! (and try not to giggle as it may be ticklish) This is just the activating chemical and enzymatic exfoliators cleansing and purifying your skin. Remember that this works better on uncleansed skin. 

The sizzling is thanks to the lactic acid and protease enzyme with botanical extracts which gently exfoliates and dissolves skin-clogging impurities. It also contains Glycerin which replenishes skin with moisture so it doesn't feel so drying after it has sizzled away.
Arghhh can't take the sizzling!!

It was quite an overwhelming, slightly burning sensation for me but I endured it. Once the popping stops, which is about 2 minutes later, rinse your face with luke-warm water and pat to dry. Did you notice that your makeup has been removed? I practically ran to the toilet to wash it off because it was itchy and after washing it off, my skin was slightly pink. It's all worth it though, once you see the results after the next step. Which brings me to:-

Step 2: Replenishing Serum

After washing my face off with warm water and applying the serum! 

Apply the Replenishing Serum to your face and massage into your skin in a circular motion. The serum reinforces the skin's protective barrier and locks in moisture more efficiently. The best part is that it also smooths fine lines and wrinkles over time! After I applied this replenishing serum, my face stopped being pink and the slight burning sensation went away. Instead my skin was brighter and my make up was removed!! Once the product is absorbed, complete with your preferred moisturizer.

Notice my make-up is gone without using any make up remover products apart from the Ceramide Facial Mask! Can't believe I'm sharing my makeup-less photo argh.

The Ceramide Boosting 5 Minute Facial is retailing for SGD 149 in department stores island wide.


Haven't been doing this in a while as I've been so caught up with work, but I am giving away one Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude finish in #4 Cream Nude, which is the shade used on my face in the above review. Worth $70!!

How to enter?

1) Like and share this post above on Facebook, remember to tag my page at Claire's Flair 
2) Leave a comment below with your Facebook name and tell me what type of articles you'd like to see more of on my blog! (Eg, beauty products, make up tips, travel entries, yummy food)

Winner will be contacted via Facebook, so be sure to check your 'Other' inbox because it might be sent there :X

If the winner doesn't reply within 5 days, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be picked.

Giveaway closes 27th July 2014.

Thank you Elizabeth Arden and good luck!

ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Review

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus, was living it up spending lots of time with family and friends, travelled to HK (yes, again, but who could resist when flights were only $200 return?!)

2013 had its ups and downs but one thing is for sure - I've emerged stronger. Thank you for continuing to support me and leaving me encouraging comments, or sweet emails of inspiration, I really appreciate all of it and will work harder in 2014!

A while ago I was invited to a ZA Rouge Affair that introduced us to their new range of liquid rouges! There were a few activity stalls set up so we could get to know the products better and bring home some more goodies!

Activity 1: Revealed with a kiss!

We just had to try out their new liquid rouges for ourselves, right? Here, a shade of rich-glam liquid rouge was applied on us and we had to kiss a serviette to find out our lip shape! Mine's full and wide, like Anne Hathaway's hehe.

 Anne Hathaway has a gorgeous smile, mesmerizing. 

While waiting for our turn, with pretty Yijing!

I really liked how moisturizing the liquid rouge was on my lips! :)

Activity 2: Toss & Win~!

We were given a few small flowers and had to attempt to throw them into shot glasses with prize labels on them! It was really tough and I don't think I have very good throwing skills hahah. Whoever is good at this can probably fully utilize those arcade rewards  ;X

Activity 3: Identifying materials!

As gripz was one of the sponsors for the event, there was a booth where we were introduced to different types of leather that gripz uses for their shoes!

Yijing and I managed to guess the right material from the sample and got a little prize!

There was another activity where we had to turn over cards to match 2 photos at a time, but I was too excited to take a photo. Oops.

We got to bring two shades home to play with! Sharp eyes will notice I'm wearing the CJC PE t-shirt hahaha. 

I'm really happy with the ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouges ($18.90) because I can easily get the rich colour of lipstick AND shine of lipgloss in one application!

Also, the ultra fit applicator helps ensure that the appropriate amount of liquid is held in the curve and fits your lips perfectly, so it doesn't pick up too much product and you can apply straightaway!

Thank you ZA for having me! Here's a group picture with my blogger friends :) The liquid rouges are available in stores from 30 Jan 2014.

Etude House's &Rose 2013 New Makeup Collection Review

A lipstick shade can reflect your mood - be it flirty, fun, serious or dainty and Etude House has a new &Rose Collection which shows off 8 gorgeous shades that complement asian skin perfectly!! A polished smile is a must have look this season :p

Keep reading to find out how you can win some freebies from Etude House!!

Using #05 Baby Peony. It's Romantic and sweet and keeps your lip colour from fading!

Etude House's 앤 로즈 컬렉션 &Rose Collection 2013

Inspired by the fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’, this makeup collection creates the magical moment when Princess Rose is blossoming out into a alluring lady from a pure little girl. When you doll yourself up on your eyes and lips, don't forget to use a blusher to balance the colour on your face or you'll look incomplete ;)

The Story

Princess Rose lives in the woods with 3 nymphs to hide herself from the witch’s curse. When she turns 16, she walks into a white rose garden by a strong attraction and sees something intriguing, a spinning wheel in the middle of the garden for the first time and get pricked on her finger by

a needle ..!

A scarlet blood drop falls on the rose garden and all the roses starts blossoming and turning red.

Like the roses blossomed in alluring red from pure white, Princess Rose falls in the dazzling magic …

and these Rose tint Lips turns a pure girl into an enchanting princess.

Really love these rich and creamy tint lip colours that leave your lips looking soft and plump :)

Rosy Tint Lips

These 8 lip stains (7g each) are available at Etude Counters and come in such pretty packaging!

From left to right: -
#1 Before Blossom - Real Red with yellow tone - sexy and seductive
#2 Sunny Flower - Orange Red with yellow tone - complements any skin tone for days you want to stand out
#3 Rose Petal - Red Pink - flirtyyyyyy 
#4 Sweet Poison - Hot Pink with blue tone - young and energetic
★Main★ #05 Baby Peony - Pink with yellow tone - fun and cute
#6 English Garden - Milky Pink with yellow tone - sweet and innocent
#7 Tea Rose - Nudy Pink - subtle but classy
★Main★ #8 After Blossom - Very Burgundy - evening night out

My favourites are #2, #3 and #8 but I really love them all for their rich shades! For longer lasting colour, blot with tissue and reapply another layer.


The Lip Stains have a very vivid pigment, so don't be too excited and squeeze too much at once. Build on the colour starting with one thin layer because the colours are really strong, which I love!

There's a soft sponge tip applicator which makes it easy to dab and control the intensity of the colours. However because of its round top, it might smudge more easily so be extra careful when handling the edges of your lips.

After applying, you'll notice it leaves a matt finish, which you can top up with your favourite lip gloss for that extra sheen. The colour stays on even after eating!

I used the &Rose collection lip stains for more than 12 hours a time and I'm very happy to find that my lips are not dry throughout the day! This is because of their lip stains contain sheer butter and rose oil extracts to keep your lips moist and comfortable all day long.


&Rose Flowering Nails - Nail polish

The &Rose Collection also has a small range just for your nails! Featuring two limited edition Rosy nail kit that creates blossoming roses on the fingertips with delicate round or french lace stickers! (1.9g each)

Blossoming roses on your finger tips
#1: Pure watery rose color
#2: Rose color with matt finish

#1 Watery Rose 
This watery syrup-like texture nail polish is perfectly blended for the natural gradation without creasing! You can achieve a gradation by mixing both colours together or layering them one after another.

Take note that due to its watery state, it takes a longer time to dry.

How to use

1. Base coat nails and manicure nails with one color or two for the rosy gradation
2. Top coat your nails to maintain the glossy finish 
Finish off by adding the lace design! (Keep reading to find out how to do so)

#2 Velvet Rose
The second nail polish is to achieve a Matt Velvet Texture on your nail. The hydrated silica formulated in the base naturally removes the glossiness of the nail color and leaves it velvety matt on nails. I was initially quite surprised at the effect but the matt finish looks gorgeous with the lace top! However, note that this nail polish dries very fast and is quite thick, so any uneven surface of your nail will ruin this look instantly.

PSST! To avoid cracking, do not layer it on the base coat or another color.
How to use
1.Manicure your choice of the color on your cleanly prepared nails 
2. Velvety finish appears in 2~3 minutes as the gloss on the nail surface disappears 

Finish off by adding a lace sticker!

Using the Lace Stickers
These Rosy nail kits come with a unique real fabric lace stickers in either a round or french style here's how to use them effectively!

1. Choose the right size for your nails  .
2. Stick it from the inner corner of the nails
3. Get it trimmed with a  scissor or a nail buffer   
4. Top coat the nails for coating and fixing the lace  

and you're done!! Really easy to do, make sure that your nail polish has dried fully before adding the lace stickers though, especially for the watery rose nail polishes that take longer to dry.

Feeling instantly fairer and loving how the lip tint brightens my face and adds colour.


Giving away the &Rose Flowering Nails Watery Rose and Velvet Rose to 2 lucky winners!!

All you have to do is

LIKE my Facebook Page and SHARE this post on your wall!

That's it! Giveaway ends 28th October, 2359. Good luck!

Thank you CosyCot and Etude House!! :)

The Body Shop Girls Day Out

A while ago, I attended The Body Shop's Girls Day Out event which saw me waking up at 7am on a weekend but was very worth it! There are some really exciting launches coming up in these last quarters of the year and I wanted to share them with you ;)

Keep reading to find out a free promotion code from Hollyhoque!

We began with breakfast at Dome Cafe, Scotts Square, where I had smoked salmon scrambled eggs :O Wished the portion was bigger though hehe.

After our tummy's were filled, we moved off to Hollyhoque at Far East Plaza to pick our sponsored outfits!

PSST!! Hollyhoque is giving away FREE POSTAGE for readers! Just type in 'hhxbodyshop' as the promotion code when you're checking out.

Girls transformed!

Once we were all happy with our new outfits, we headed over to The Body Shop Paragon for a makeover!

The Body Shop has new makeover services available in store so if you need to look glam for a dinner and dance or want to experiment with a new look, make an appointment with them in advance! Makeovers are fully redeemable for products in-store!

Getting a mango scented hand massagem My hand was smelling too yummy after!

My makeover was a 'Beauty @ Work' look! The other girls had Glam it Up (for weddings, D&D, Prom), Fresh Faced Beauty (for a casual weekend), Smoke Me (to parrtty!) and Bloom'in Pink (for that special date)!

If you want to learn make up for a certain part of your face eg eyes, lips, concealing or eyebrows, they're also available. These beauty experts will be able to help you achieve the look you want!

PSST! The Body Shop is having an in-store promotion for Free 'The Usual Suspects' makeover for new Love Your Body members with $50 spent! 

Me getting Colour Crush'd haha.

The finished makeover!

Us goofing around with cute lipstick cupcakes!

If you're not sure which lipstick shade complements your skin tone, the friendly store assistants will explain and recommend products to you!

My lipstick swatches - hehe!


Another reason why I love The Body Shop products is because they're 100% cruelty-free! I also liked the pink rabbit cut out because it reminds me of Squishy :)

Thanks so much Body Shop for the fun day!

Will be posting about The Body Shop's new Colour Crush Lipsticks soon so look out for it!
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