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Dreaming of falling. Any inception reference here?

I am really really swarmed with work!!! Been working late and rushing to meetings, so I really apologise for the lack of updates. Hopefully I get to catch up over the long weekend. My complexion is pretty horrible right now and I really need sleep.

Just a quick update to share... my dream last night that jerked me awake. I don't know where it came from, or what it means, but here goes. WALL OF TEXT AHEAD.


There was a man who was loved by everyone in the town. He had a strong following, some men even followed him everywhere he went and did his bidding. Recently there was something strange happening in the town. People were seen dropping dead like flies.

No one knew who did it, but there was someone who had a sneaking suspicion as to who it was. He decided to amass the help of some people, to feign death all around 'The Man', to see if his reaction would expose his guilt.

That moment came. The Man was happily talking and laughing with some of his followers, when suddenly, they dropped to the ground, one by one. I was peering from a corner, looking shocked, and guess what The Man did?

"What is this? Is this an attempt to extort the truth? Very well then, I will tell you. Get up. Stop feigning your death."

*Men get up*

"My plan is already completed, there's nothing you can do about it now. Yes it was me who had been killing our townsmen one by one. And everyone here will die. No one will leave here alive. Do whatever you want but you will not escape this."

With that, the followers surrounded him, asking him a bunch of questions, while I slipped out to find my mother and one of my female tuition kids (don't ask me why it was them two, I don't know)


I found them, briefly explained the situation, and told them that we HAD to get on the first bus out of the town, since we were only tourists and weren't part of the town, I thought we could escape.

Somehow, I remembered that there was an area with gorgeously drawn paintings that I had looked through earlier, and wanted to go back to get. Due to the circumstances, there wasn't enough time to go back. I vaguely remember a painting of a forest, with someone in the distance pointing a gun straight at the painter.

It was nighttime when we boarded the bus with our luggages. It was a long bus (imagine SMRT buses but doesn't have that bendy thing in the middle, but the interior had beige walls and caramel brown leather seats). We picked seats near the front, and not soon after, the bus was packed full and left.

We watched as our bus left the town. The surrounding scenery was mind blowing. I remember there were icebergs covered in multi-coloured lights, the sea reflecting the light, stars overhead... it was surreal. When we felt safe, my tuition kid said she wanted to have another glimpse of the scenery that passed by, so she ran to the back of the bus. Being her guardian, I had to follow, right?

I kept an eye on her and an eye on the road. I saw a sharp 110 degree turn to the left, and noticed that our driver was NOT slowing down. My instinct was to grab my tuition kid and run to the front, to find my mum, but it was too late. The bus went straight, off the cliff, and nosedived straight into the sea.

In those few seconds, I shouted to my tuition kid to take a deep breath, I heard the driver shouting "IT'S OVER WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE" and everyone rushing into a frenzy.


With all my strength, I found something to smash the window with, squeezed through and swam with all my might. I saw my tuition kid follow me out. As I kicked and looked up, I felt my lungs burning, desperate for air. All I could think of, was if my mum was alright.

I woke up.


Freaky right? Okay good night have a great week you all!

Freaky classroom dream.

Had a nightmare amidst all my crappy dreams last night, and now I'm sick. Not sick in the head but flu-ey. Coupled with everything in my mind, well, life could be better.

Anyway just wanted to jot down random things I remember about my dream because I think it's my first ghostly one.


Can't remember the beginning but I was in a classroom with other students... and the teacher was projecting something on the screen, when suddenly the teacher goes "We're not alone."(cliche right?)

A chill passes, before we notice that there is a shadow of a person on the screen that's projecting the image.

To that, I freak out (wow i freak out even in my dreams)

Then my teacher continues talking and even comments that there are more in the room. After some time, the teacher calls on me to give my thoughts on some subject.

I stand up and begin talking. Within 5 seconds I feel something choking my neck and I can't breathe. My teacher (whoever she is) asks the person (or thing) to stop and it does.

Surprisingly, I did not freak out when this happened =\

We ask the... things to leave us alone and not to disturb us but they still remain in the classroom, listening.


I can't remember what happens afterwards anymore... I think I woke up and went back to sleep... but the dream continued. Something about climbing up some ladder..

Can't remember. Anyway I don't watch any horror shows, can't even listen to any horror stories so... I don't even know where this dream came from. Don't try to analyze it please, I don't even want to know what it signifies in my life.

A Queen's Revenge.

Had another interesting dream last night! This time, I am the 3rd person observer. Felt like I was watching a movie or something.

I wonder what it means when you interpret it. Hahah!

The King has a pretty wife but the wife is always jealous. She has reason to be. Her husband sleeps with her two twin sisters AND her cousin. Who are also beautiful and gorgeous. The King is in the midst of retiring, so he is imparting more and more control to his son, the Prince, as the days go by. The Queen is infuriated, she will never have the opportunity to rule the kingdom, and worse still, the Prince isn't her legitimate son.

One night, after she finishes talking to the King in their bedroom, he suddenly tells her that he's heading out for a while, and that she should sleep first. She knows what he's going to do, but she can't do anything about it. He leaves the room.

She tosses and turns on the bed. She can't take it anymore.

The next day, she confronts her stepsisters, who confess that the King did sneak into their bedrooms, and even summoned their cousin to join.

The Queen is heartbroken once again, turns to the side and sees a full length portrait of the Prince, and snaps.

She walks out of the castle, determined to find a way to kill the Prince, to get revenge on the King.


She travels to many countries, desperate to find any help to achieve her dream. Her face wrinkles over the passing of time. Fighting extreme temperatures while traveling through hot deserts and snow storms.

She is on a little boat, rowing at a steady, gentle pace when she notices a town, partially submerged in the water.

Another boat appears, heading straight towards her.

"Who goes there?" the man asks.

"Oh, I am just passing through." the Queen replied.

"You're under arrest."

"What?? Why?"

"Everyone and anyone who is seen walking around in this town will be arrested. It's the law."

The Queen is hoisted out of her boat onto the town's square. Just as her feet touch the ground, she hits the guards surrounding her and runs.

A group of policemen nearby charge after her as she runs into a yellow spiraling passageway heading downwards...

She keeps running until she sees another lady running in front of her. The Queen glances at the lady and recognizes her face. It is a distant relative!

As funny as this sounds, the two of them start chatting while they are running. The relative tells the Queen that they can take a shortcut towards her house so they manage to escape.

The relative informs the Queen that the people in this town hate everybody else and blames the royal family for the unusual disasters that have befallen them.

The Queen senses her chance and devises a plan to get the town on her side, to take revenge on the Prince.


And then I wake up. Whaaaa. This whole entire thing is in 2D, and the witch looks conspicuously like the evil woman in Rapunzel. Except with straight black hair instead of black frizzy hair.

Weird dream right! I was so busy yesterday that I could only finish this entry today.

Of JumpDeaths and Escaping.

Just woke up and I usually have this habit of penning down my interesting/weird dreams.. so let me tell you what I just dreamt of.

I was a villager living in a village, was out picking fruits one day with 2 other females and 1 other male. Funny enough, they were all caucasians. I must have watched too much LOTR or something.

Anyway, while we were out of the village, we suddenly saw a lot of black smoke in the air, and decided to stop picking whatever it was that we were picking and head back to our village.

From a distance, we could see that the village lay in ruins.

Another village had attacked us while we were gone. We quickly ran back in the other direction as we heard some horses galloping towards us.

"What were we going to do now?!" Was the thought on our minds. Seems like no one else managed to escape. There was no time to mourn. We had to escape. Now.

As we walked briskly away, we spotted a creature quite a distance away, so we managed to avoid it. What was this creature?? I can't exactly remember it's shape but it has four legs, gnarling teeth and eats humans.

What a close shave! Phew.

One of my female companions told us that there was a myth that it was possible to cheat death once when you're faced with the creature. Intrigued, we asked her to share it with us.

"If the creature is in front of you, and you have no where to run, take out your dagger, and ram it into its head, in between the eyes, and at the same time when you thrust it in, jump, push your legs behind and shout "JumpDeath!"

One lady has done it before, but unfortunately she has died of old age by now."

Whoaaa. The three of us were amazed and even though it sounded hard to believe, it was better than to bank on no hope, since we had no weapons with us except our small daggers.

The sound of hooves again, but approaching us.

We dropped flat on the floor, hoping that in the evening's shadows, we wouldn't be noticed.

They passed on.

We picked ourselves up, turned to our right and noticed... the creature.

Frozen in fear, we were rooted to the ground. The creature stood directly in front of us, growling and ready to pounce.

Suddenly, one of my female companions lounged forward, holding her dagger and pierced the creature's head, shouting "JumpDeath" and jumping at the same time.

It was a magical moment.

We watched in awe as we saw her soul being sucked out to form a ghostly figure, then the soul of the creature 'replacing' her soul and she was returned back into her own body.

The body of the creature lay in a dead heap, and my companion was fine, albeit a little shaken.

"And that's the power of a JumpDeath"


I'm not kidding you, that was my dream. Can you imagine how awesome I felt when I woke up?! Like woah I was just in a movie or something. Hahah.

Have a great day :)

Why are you invading my dreams?

I was in a library that I had not been to before.

I saw you, sitting downstairs (I was upstairs) with the same group of people. Everyone was studying. Everyone in the library was from our school. I just wanted to catch more glimpses of your face, I missed you so so much..

My legs moved before my brain could think. I was downstairs, talking to the people in the table beside you, just so that I could be the nearest to you as I could be.

You looked at me. I looked away.

I stopped talking to my friend, was too shy because our eyes met.

Went back upstairs to glimpse at you through potted plants, gaps between bookshelves, but you saw me through all of them.

You were getting fed up.

You walked up the stairs, I tried to hide but you found me. I had my back turned against you when you asked me to "STOP". I stopped. You knew just how to make me melt as always. You hugged me and turned me around.

"If you have something to say, just say it."

But I protested that I had nothing to say and took a few steps away from him.

He started talking about random things, about the overseas trip and how there were some problems, how the other people going had some difficulties, but then a glaring question filled my mind.

"Wait, so if so many of them have difficulties, who will be going overseas with you then?"

And he replied a reply that felt like I've received a gunshot wound to my heart. It was just him and another female companion.

My throat felt uncomfortable, my lip started to quiver a little.

I walked over to him, held his face in my hand and squeezed it, saying "Wow, lucky you then."

And ran away.

I ran downstairs, tears filling my eyes, thoughts of hatred and jealousy and sadness altogether. Feeling excruciating pain.

As I ran, two friends LazyBug and Monkey called out to me. "Hey! What're you doing in the library!"

I stopped, looked at them. They noticed my mood and said, "Lets go have some ice cream ok?"

And showed me to the direction of Marvelous Cream's ice cream queue.

Woke up.

The Dreams have come back to Haunt.

I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights. I toss and turn on my bed for at least an hour (i have a loud cuckoo clock) and finally drift off to mindless sleep but constantly wake up at least once every two hours, shift abit and go back to sleep.

Last night was worse, even after tossing for an hour, I was still awake. My mind was half tired but somehow my body was alert. (Must be because my mum had just whacked a lizard like 2 minutes before I slept and I saw the tail dangling. Don't worry, the lizard just fainted. It is still alive.) So I switched on the light, took my old Archie Comic Books, and started reading.

Gosh it is getting so cold these days.

Merry Christmas everyone. My favourite holiday!!


Had a funny dream last night.

Dreamt that... somehow Lydia had a teeny weeny car, those bumper car size, and it could go up to a max of 40km/h, and we were being chased by some lady because we just drove through the ticketing (didn't pay! haha) and we went to the national treasure universal studios attraction, we had to BUNGEE JUMP (abt 3 storeys) to enter.. kids had to slide into this water thing. And it was very cool!

I can't believe my imagination is so vivid. it's awesome.

then i woke up because someone is renovating or something, there are weird noises.

can't wait for universal studios to be open!

DBSK and uh... Claire?

Holy shit. I am going to be a bit late to give tuition again, but I really need to blog this out.

Guess what I dreamt of last night?! Ok wait, you can't guess because there will be like, a million and one options.

I dreamt, that I had my very own backup singers blabla, and we were singing AND dancing to...

(I hope you watched that in HD)
Holy shit. Yes, I repeated it. And in the middle of the song, instead of the rap, we went to grab some random DBSK guy and got him to do the dance too. I don't even know who the other dancers were, but all I remember was all of us dancing to it together. Urgh.

If you don't know who DBSK is, it's 'this korean boy band who sings japanese songs too.

I am so obsessed with japanese and korean stuff, I am actually dreaming about it. Woah.

If you want to watch a super good quality video of the dance (and meanwhile see hot korean people in the audience) at the Blue Dragon Film Awards (wth is that?) It's here. Watch HD ok.
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