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The Vatican.

The Vatican is so beautiful and we went there on a Sunday.. A LOT OF PEOPLE WERE THERE! And you could see people carrying their flags, from switzerland, america etc. God is everywhere!!

I really felt connected and proud to be a Catholic the whole time I was in Italy. There were soo many churches and even though I was with my friends who were christian, the bible is kinda different and I don't know I just felt more appreciative of everything even though I've never read much of the bible OOPS :X

Look at the flags!

This is St Peter's Basilica. It's soo grand and amazing architecture! A place on everyone's bucket list please.

can you imagine they hold masses here? It's huge. Let me show you another picture for perspective.
And yes if you enlarge the picture, that's all people. They look so tiny!

I took soo many photos inside but I don't think you guys want to see all of it right? Because you're going there anyway. :P

Recognise this?

It was soo hard to get shots it was really crowded. This is St Peter holding the key to heaven :) Let's hope he lets us pass and we'll all be in heaven together!

If I remember correctly, inside contains the remains of St Peter! And I wasn't supposed to take a photo of this but stealth! :D

Vatican guards! Their uniform reminds me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

We were soo lucky we managed to catch a procession!!

There's really too much to see and photos don't do it justice at all!

so that's the Vatican! :)
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