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Cure insomnia - without the sleeping pills with Sealy

Forget the sleeping pills that make you feel like a slave. Sleeping should be an enjoyable activity. Remember the good old days when you used to sign autograph books and your favourite hobby was sleeping? Turn that into a reality again with these techniques.

I've compiled some suggestions that you could try to help you drift off to sleepyland - the natural way.

Sniff Aromatherapy

Have you ever tried aromatherapy? It's amazing. I just love the smell of lavender or eucalyptus after a stressful day. If burning essential oils aren't your thing, get an eye mask or even a little sachet of dried potpourri and place it near your bed! Inhaling them during the night also helps to ensure continued relaxation so you don't get interrupted sleep that often.

 Make sure that your lights are off and your electronic devices (eg, handphone, tablet, laptop) are far away from your reach. Create a conducive environment for an important time of your day!

Claire's own remedy

Here's a little trick that I use to fall asleep when my mind just can't seem to switch off.

Step 1: Take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Do this about 3 times.

Step 2: Starting with my face, do a top to toe check to make sure you're relaxed. Are you frowning subconsciously? Are any muscles in your body tensed? Relax them!

Step 3: Feeling more calm already? Think of a black circle. Now expand that circle as wide as you can.

Sometimes I fall asleep at Step 2 hahah.

 Once sleeping becomes enjoyable again, you'll be more attached to your bed than ever!

Get a Sealy Mattress

You knew this was coming. I haven't had insomnia ever since I had my Sealy mattress and I'm positively sure it's because of how comfortable my bed is!! Sometimes I'm just lying in bed texting and next thing I know, I'm fast asleep. Not kidding!! Their revolutionary Posturepedic Titanium Coil supports my body whichever direction I turn by distributing the weight.

Nothing's gonna change my love for my Sealy

Take a warm bath

Candles, rose scents in the air (or the smell of your fragrant shower gel) and some alone time is a wonderful way to prep yourself for bed. Without that sense of urgency and rush, your mind relaxes. Taking a warm bath will raise your body temperature slightly, and when you get out, the rapid cooldown will mimic the natural temperature drop the brain triggers as it prepares for sleep.

I like taking a shower before sleeping because being clean kinda makes me feel like I'm washing all the grime from the day away and the next day's going to be better. Therapeutic! 

Pamper your mind and body by investing in a mattress that will bring tons of intangible benefits!!

Cut the Caffeine

I remember once I had supper with friends around 11pm and I ordered milk tea. That little drink kept me up til 4am even though I was physically exhausted! Did you know that half the amount of caffeine you've consumed stays in your system even after 5 hours?? For best sleep results, try to stop taking any caffeine products after lunch. Your body will thank you later.
If all else fails, try a new sleeping position.

What's the secret to having good skin, a better complexion and that special glow? Having enough sleep! 
I feel energetic and alert as long as I get my 8 hours on my Sealy and other mattresses (yes, sometimes even in hotels) don't make me feel as well rested.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tricks you could try to cure your insomnia. Did it work? Let me know in the comments below if you have other suggestions or your remedies too!

Check out the latest promotions and find your dream mattress at:

Sealy Sleep Palace

91 Tanglin Road (near Orchard MRT!)
Tanglin Place #01-02
Singapore 247918
Tel: 6235 3166
Opening Hours:
10.00am – 9.00pm (Mon to Thu)
10.00am – 9.30pm (Fri to Sun)
Facebook page:

A Sealy® transformation - The beginning

Recently, it struck me. My close friends are all working, our spending power has increased, and our aspirations in life have somewhat altered. I'm becoming more independent and am taking on more responsibilities and am morphing into... a lady.

Have to start eating chilli now

It's true. I'm being forced to mature.

Lets face it, I'm past 21 and am one of the OL's practicing my balancing act on the train in the mornings. So... what's next? I'm not about to get married soon, I'm a swinging single woman with her life ahead of her, so how could I represent this new change in me? I thought about a new hairstyle, a new wallet, but these didn't seem significant enough. Then I thought about creating my own space. Since buying a place of my own or renting one is wayyy too expensive in a Singapore context, I wanted to redecorate my room instead. What better place to start changing things up in your room than to start with your bed - the item you use for the longest time, right?

Furthermore, my current mattress has been with me for 20+ years already, and after a quick research online, the lifespan of a mattress is only about 10 years! Oops. Since last year, I also noticed that my lower back often hurts when I'm on my bed, then I'd prop my legs up on a pillow and the pain would lessen. At times, I would also toss and turn for hours before falling asleep. I had always associated it with 'thinking too much' and 'insomnia', but I have considered that it might be due to my mattress!

When I took a closer look at my mattress, guess what I saw.

My mattress was overused and sagging! Notice the crease lines when I compressed it? That means that the foam has broken down, and has lost its resilience. It was time for a new mattress to achieve proper spinal alignment for my body and that explained why I felt tired in the mornings.

As mattresses are expensive, if you've been experience similar symptoms as me, try rotating your mattress (from head to foot) and see if it helps. This can help extend the shelf life of your mattress for a while longer! However, if you hear the bed springs when you lie on your bed, then there's no delaying it, it's time for a change!

If you're a young couple and planning to get your own place, I'd say, get a comfortable and lasting mattress that will keep you well rested. You're already tired from the activities of the day, so indulge yourself in some good sleep to provide you with energy for the next! Oh, and get a pretty bed frame to match :p

With Alvin, from OMY 

So it's about time to change. I wanted a good mattress that would support me in my times of need (hurhur) and Sealy is the largest mattress manufacturer in the world. They're a well-known household brand in America and is widely respected by companies and individuals. Their mattresses are used in luxury resorts, hotels and even in the White House! I went down to the Sealy Sleep Palace showroom at Tanglin to find out more.

Sealy Sleep Palace

I went down to the Sealy Sleep Palace along with 4 other bloggers and we were warmly greeted by the GM of Sealy Asia, the marketing team and the OMY team! The showroom at Tanglin is huuuge with a wide variety of mattresses, so you're going to be spoilt for choice.

Once the briefing was over, we were free to roam around and pick our mattresses! Everyone dispersed in different directions, lying down for a bit, then getting up and trying the next one.

Also, the lovely staff passed me a blanket so there wouldn't be any 'accidents', so if you're wearing a skirt or dress to the showroom, don't worry!

When I was walking around the showroom, I liked the warm and homely feel they recreated. There's a faux fireplace with an inviting chair and two adorable furry friends who want to play ball with you. I get the feeling that whether you're in your twenties swinging single, a young couple starting a future together, or a family, Sealy will help you find the perfect mattress to complement your home and help create that spirit of togetherness. 

Anyhoo, a great touch!

This was one of Pete's choice of mattresses, but he decided on another one in the end. It was my first time meeting him and he was really friendly and nice! Will be sharing tips on how to pick mattresses at a later date, so keep checking back ;)

I was torn between a firm mattress and a softer one so I ended up asking a lot of questions but Ivy was really patient and delivered great service! She really knows her stuff too, so if you're unsure about anything feel free to ask :p

My choice

Hotels Collection - as glamourous as its name sounds

I wanted the flagship Sealy Posturepedic mattress because of its titanium alloy innersprings which provide a combination of support and pressure relief on pressure points. This leads to more restful, restorative sleep! There are a few collections under this range to choose from, but more on that in another post ;)

Picking a mattress from the hotels collection meant that these mattresses are also supplied to internationally renowned hotels like Fairmount, Four Seasons, Grand Copthorne, Grand Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, St Regis, Sheraton and more! I loved how comfortable the bed was during my last staycation at St Regis, and how good it felt when I woke up the following morning!

I made my choice - The Luxury Firm mattress in Queen (152x190cm) and it happened to be the same one Eevon decided on!

Valerie, the Marketing Manager informed me that delivery would be either that Saturday morning or afternoon. I was taken aback because I had expected delivery to be one to two weeks later instead, not in a few days! I had NO bed frame for a Queen sized bed because my bed at home was a Single, and was planning to get one after picking my desired mattress.

"What?? This Saturday?? But I haven't gotten a bed frame yet!!"

Just then, Mr Lee, General Manager of Sealy, generously offered to loan me a box spring for the campaign, so that I would have more time to look for a bed frame.

Not knowing what a box spring was, they informed me that it's a bed base that doesn't have a headboard and is commonly used in hotels and showrooms! The mattress and box spring work in unison to provide stable and continuous support. I learnt later that your sleep set must be situated on a proper bed frame with rigid center support which will offset any unwanted flexing on your mattress to provide a flat, level sleeping foundation.

It was a really thoughtful gesture which I thankfully accepted. Thank you Sealy!! I was all set! After we had picked our mattresses, it was just the next phase to look forward to - receiving it :p

If you're interested in checking out Sealy's biggest showroom and flagship store in Singapore to get a new mattress, head to:

91 Tanglin Road (near Orchard MRT!)
Tanglin Place #01-02
Singapore 247918

Tel: 6235 3166 
Opening Hours: 
10.00am - 9.00pm (Mon to Thu)
10.00am – 9.30pm (Fri to Sun)
Facebook page:

Be sure to stop by because they're having insane GSS sales and mattresses at great prices!

Follow me on my Sealy adventure for the next few weeks to learn more about their mattresses! Stay tuned for updates because the next post will reveal pictures of my room, before and after my Sealy arrives ;)
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The Body Shop's Limited Edition Chocomania Range

A while ago, The Body Shop sent me some of their products from their Limited Edition Chocomania Range! I was pleasantly surprised at having a chocolate range, and my first instinct was to wonder if ants might be attracted to me. Haha! (they weren't).
 Chocomania Shower Cream ($14.90)

Before you head out, be sure to shower with their luxorious shower cream. It contains REAL cocoa butter, is soap-free and will not dry your skin.

This soap free cleanser contains a derivative from cocoa butter in Ghana. This means that The Body Shop's trade has helped to fund education and medicine for members and their families! Know that when you purchase a bottle, you're also indirectly helping these people.

HOW TO USE: Lather up in the bath or shower using hands. Rinse thoroughly

 Chocomania Body Lotion ($21.90)

Now that your body smells fresh and chocolate-y, it's time to apply body lotion so the scent lingers throughout the day!

When I first opened the bottle, I was greeted with a buttery scent, with hints of chocolate. It's very light and smooth to apply with, and left my skin feeling softer and smoother!

HOW TO USE: Massage into skin and allow the lotion to be absorbed by your skin before putting on your clothes.

Be sure to check these products out the next time you're at The Body Shop! Give them a whiff and you'll know what I'm talking about :)

Thank you so much The Body Shop! *hugs*
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