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Japan Day 5! Tokyo!

Bid goodbye to our new friends as we headed to Tokyo!


Pardon the teary eyes.

Freaking yummy hayashi rice!! Lunch!

My favourite pokemon character!

Entering Todai.

In one of their lecture theatres!

In Tokyo again! Shibuya!

Funny english.

Ate at Taste Paradise where it's like a buffet of cakes and desserts!

And some pasta so you can be full!

The ice cream i Curled myself.,

And then we leave the next day! There was a closing lunch ceremony but I realized I didn't take any pictures. Hmm.
Done with my Japan blog posts! Here's a cute neoprint haha.

Europe next!

Japan Day 4 Part Four! The Party.

Roommates for the night!

It's really quite big!

Are u ready for the party pics? We are all in Yukatas! :)

So after a long and tiring day, we changed and got ready for the farewell celebration. The room was HUGE and SUPER LONG. And we were all sitting on the floor. The meal was SUPER YUMMY. Pictures for you to see for yourself. We had performances and all! But first, some pics!

Woops, blur photo.
We each had BOTH of these!
This is what I see on my right.

This is what I see on my left! HUGE RIGHT! This is only half the room there is still behind me!

Me sitting unglamly.
I am acting Japanese while the real japanese is.. being himself lol.
The essentials. Haha.

So they had guys from every group to go up on stage to do a dance, which was a little phail but nvm. Then Darryl went up to tell jokes, which.. I don't remember what they were. I was busy eating sorry. And the suddenly they ask for girls to go up on stage and I get sabo-ed. Thank goodness I don't have the video or pictures! I had to go up to do a dance so I did some mambo moves and won, somehow.

 I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have Mr Asahi there beside me. LOL.

Prizes for the team!
Our team!! :)

Saori is SOO cute here I have to put it up.

Ruobin and I!
A proper photo ahaha!

Him acting cool.

Why must the Japanese act cool Ahaha.

Our team again!

Kingston so dao.
Leave you with another cute picture! <3.

Japan Day 4 Part Three! Sendai Airport!

As you have heard, Sendai Airport was greatly affected by the Tsunami. The airport terminal had many staff and passengers staying in their airport for a few nights until they could get proper support and it was impossible to get out, onto the roads. But it's almost fully operational today.

Evidence of the Earthquake.

There, we had a talk about how Sendai Airport has been restored, how it helped the people etc. Very touching! And I remember I asked some seemingly intellectual question, muarhahah.

I have to get through my Japan posts (finishing soon!) Before I start on my recent trip ones! Enjoy :)
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