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Japan Day 4 Part 2! Mitsui Outlet!

When in Japan.. of course you take.. NEOPRINTS! Which in Japanese street lingo it's called Purikura! So next time, if you're in Japan, you can squeal and shout PURIKURA at a machine and you will blend in with the Japanese girls :D

WAYYY cheaper than Singapore. Last I walked past it was $14 or something in Singapore? Crazy expensive!! It's like 600 yen in Japan! Which is about $8?

These machine enlarge your eyes and lighten your hair by DEFAULT. So the guys look more girly and the girls look.. like they have huge eyes.

Oh I forgot to mention something! Some purikura machines give PRIZES after you play a game!! Like matching picture games etc. We won some perfume thing (small one) and fake eyelashes!! Wayy to make your customers feel happy!

After taking neoprints/purikura, we headed off to.. Mitsui Outlet in Sendai!!! WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED! Wish we had more time there because I was going crazy in Coach everything was SO CHEAP!!!

So sweet right? They had this banner made for us!

First stop was lunch and I had the BEST OYAKO DON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. You know that Oyako don is BEST when it is semi watery but yet cooked? THIS MEAL WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD. My standards for Oyako don is really high, this just blew my mind.

Gulped it down in record time. Think it was 700 yen? About $12 sing? Super worth it.

The outlet has quite a lot of malls and be sure to get a voucher for tourists at the information counter!! It's ADDITIONAL SALES OKAY!!

I ended up not buying anything because our group got separated and we spent some time contacting them and finding them :(


Alright more updates tomorrow!! :P

Japan: Day 4 Part 1! Tanabata Festival!

Slept at like 3am the previous day and woke up at like 7? It was crazy! Had to check out and all so I didn't have time to wear my contacts! Wore them later in the day though.

Remember my inital blog post where I told you what each origami means?  Over here!

Each of these decorations are HAND MADE! Insane right? And Sendai's Tanabata Festival is the largest in Japan!

cute kid in the picture

I really like this picture! Notice the designs! :)

There were soo many people there!! Basically it's a long street and the decorations are just everywhere!! Shops also design their fronts because there is a competition for the best decorated shop! And the winner will get a lot of publicity and they normally are able to jack up their prices!

Alright stay tuned to tomorrow for the next part of this day!

Matching cups!

Chris and I! Photo goes to Chris! I think it's quite cute!

Akita students!

We played an animal game with them! These are our poses! Mine is a bird (wings) but I'm being blocked oh well.


Photo credits to Chris!

Hair in a bun for the first time!

My hair in a bun! Japanese students, Saori and Toshimi tied it for me! And Shi Yun with her hair up! It's a plait at the back super cute!! ˆ__ˆ

Best Capture!!

Photo from Chris. I think it's beautiful. I would develop it and put it in a frame and hang it in my room.

Photo Exhibition Publicity

Remember my trip to Japan? We are having a photo exhibition at ION Orchard on the 24th and 25th of September from 10am to 10pm!

Please come check it out! It's free!

Japan Trip! Day 3 Part 2.

I think I lost track of days.

The previous blog entry was about the volunteer work we did at Rikuzentakata. It wasn't substantial, it wasn't much, but it really affected us. We all really want to help out again, if we have the chance to. I think a group is organizing for that to happen!

So that was Day 3 part one. After that we had a long coach ride to our ryokan.

Two words. Freaking shiok.

I really really love soaking in an onsen (hot tub?) The temperature is REALLY hot. Like 40 degrees or something. You can't jump in, but you have to slowly immerse yourself into the water.

After I came back from the trip, my nails were really white and healthy! No splitting or cracks at all! But now they are weak again -_-

Finally, a traditional Japanese room!! :) On the table: some mochi, and inside the circular container contains green tea! WHICH WE WERE TOO TIRED TO TRY!! Seriously every day was crazy tiring that we just wanted to zzzzz right away.

Are you ready for dinner photos? IT WAS SOOO DELICIOUS!


Let me show you a picture of each individual 'section', and try to describe what it is !

It was sweet! No idea what it was. Rose syrup or something? Hahaha.

Need I explain more?? Prawn, Ika (Squid), Tuna, Salmon! Plus two friends don't eat sashimi (!!) so they gave it to ME! Did I look like such a glutton? But I gave a plate to the guys because they look like they need more food anyway ahaha.

Poured it into my sukiyaki!

Didn't like this because it was all vegetables :(

Our table!!

Our chawanmushi (egg) looked like tau huay. Haha!! Super smooth!!

And any japanese dinner is incomplete without...

Sake!!! :D LOVE IT!


End of photos! Now for group pictures! :) Can you tell the difference between Japanese and Singaporeans? Because there are some Japanese students among us! :P

Sang karaoke!

Covering our pink faces!

pretty shizuka chan!!

Saori chan!!

That's it! Did you manage to spot them? :P

Good night everyone! Have a great week ahead!

Japan Trip. Rikuzentakata.

I made a video of my images, took some photos from Edward too. Please cherish what you have in life and don't take things for granted because one day it can all turn into nothing.

I teared at the sight.

Japan Day Two Part Two! Akita Kanto Festival!

Arrived at the festival early so we could get some food before the actual performance at 7!

Modern types of Yukata are in shorts-form! :O

Bonds families together

There was a lot of variety! Okonomiyaki, beer, takoyaki, no ramen though. Scallops, toriniku ETC

It was very crowded! And of course, being the Singaporean that I am, I decided to order my dinner from one of the longest lines.

When it was my turn, I just said "I want what everyone is having!"

And this is what I got.

Now I am not a fan of innards, in fact it freaks me out a little. (There is udon at the bottom) But I looked away while eating and it was really really delicious. It was probably the intestines but what I don't know can't harm me right? There was quite a bit of skin too.

My friends helped me polish it off though, and they all agreed it was really tasty!

Also ordered this!

Scallops on a stick! It looks better than it tastes though. Was quite rubbery to me.

Fried noodles! We called it, Japan's version of hokkien mee. Haha!

Another favourite is..

Snow cones! I forgot what they're called in Japanese but you can recognise the chinese character "bing"for ice on the shop's name haha!

Tried Blue Hawaii because it was recommended. It was alright!

Josephine and I. Hot, sticky, sweaty. Hadn't showered in like 12 hours or something?!

Are you ready for the event pictures? My camera shots aren't very nice, so I'm taking some from my friends. Here's a shot form my cam first then you can compare the difference haha.

My best photo of the lot, the rest are blurry. There is one guy balancing all the lanterns and they are very very heavy! Saw a few of them lose balance and fall. But luckily everyone around will help them and they take turns to do tricks!

There is even one smaller group of kids balancing!

Ok now for my friend Edward's photos. DSLR rocks.

Bang Hong's pictures!

The guys that hung out with us! Can't let girls wander alone right!

Ok back to my photos!

Saw these two boys so cute scooping up fishies.

Light sabers! Haha jk.

Great fun! :)

After that day, I feel like you've never truly been to Japan until you've experienced a festival.
Throughout the year, there will be many festivals all around Japan, just be sure to check the dates so you can attend one!

You won't regret it!
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