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Welcome to Milano Centrale!

Was so excited to visit the Fashion Capital of ITALY!

DO you know that there is an area in Milan where students go to eat because it's a buffet dinner for like 8 euros or something? The food isn't the best, doesn't taste the freshest but it's edible! And it's affordable.

So on the first night that's where we went!

Oh also forgot to include something important. IT INCLUDES ONE FREE ALCOHOLIC DRINK. Yes how worth it is that?!

The most famous duomo in Milan!

Think the advertisement ruined everything lol.

Stained glass is always so pretty but it's soo hard to capture every detail unless you have a DSLR and there's just SO MANY.
This reminded me of Charlie the Unicorn. Video link pasted below for reference haha.

After visiting many countries in Europe, this gate like structure is quite common. There's one here in Milan, one in London, one in Germany.. of course the sizes are different but from far away it looks similar.

A shop with my name?! :O

And that night we had dinner at the same area again. It wasn't the same restaurant but it's like two streets filled with food. I can't remember the name but it's near the river canal? It's on the lower left of the map. Haha!!

We actually spent 4 days in Milan but I don't remember why I didn't take more pictures. Hmm. I think we went to the factory outlet on one day, I didn't take pictures because it was just shops. I'd recommending getting the coach to get to the factory outlet. I think it's an hour and a half coach ride away? They pick you up at like 9am or 10am and you return to Milan at like 7. So you have the afternoon to shop! There was Moschino, Prada, L'occitane, and I can't really remember. Reebok, Adidas.. etc. I should've bought sneakers there because they were soo cheap!!

Like for 70 sing you could buy a pair of Nike or Adidas shoes. And some weren't very ugly!!
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