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American Express Freebie Promotion - Chillax and Bar Hop!

When a guy buys a girl a drink, she could be skeptical - what does he want from me? Is he trying to get me drunk?? But you don't have to worry because free drinks ARE real, with compliments of American Express!!

Some of the hippest and trendiest bars in Singapore's central landscape are providing free drinks just for Amex platinum reserve and platinum credit card holders. Check out their promotions, summarized for you here:


Receive a complimentary* bespoke cocktail at these outlets:
  • Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall
  • Horse Mouth's Bar
  • Maison Ikkoku
  • Spiffy Dapper
  • Bitters and Love

Or get a complimentary* welcome drink/signature cocktail at
  • Orgo Restaurant & Bar
  • The Pecking Order

If wine/whiskey tasters/beer are your thing, enjoy a complimentary one at:
  • The Merry Men Kitchen + Bar (a glass of wine)
  • Quaich Bar (whisky taster)
  • The Men's Room (whiskey taster)
  • The Mad Men Attic Bar (Kirin beer)

If one drink isn't enough, enjoy 1-for1* on your first drink at:
  • :Pluck
  • Gem Bar
  • Manor Cocktail Room
  • Zui Hong Lou
  • The Secret Mermaid
*: Offer is valid for the first drink per day per Card Member per outlet, and is only available when Card is presented at time of order, and any payments made with the American Express Platinum Reserve and Platinum Credit Card issued in Singapore.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it IS true. In addition, American Express has launched a unique Bar Hop experience, just for their card owners! A bunch of us were invited a week or two ago to try it out for ourselves!

Our first stop was The Men's Room, which is just one floor down of Mad Men. Did you know that they're run by the same owners? The Men's Room specializes in Gin mixes, so be sure to try out one of their in-house concoctions! Being a whisky girl, I went for an Octomore Scottish barley, which, I was informed, was the smokiest whiskey in the world. 

The Men's Room had a live band when we were there, but the place is a little squeezy so best to head over early!

After about 30mins, we got on the bus and went over to our next destination - Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall, which faces boat quay's little canal.

This quaint cafe specializes in infusing local flavours into their drinks! Some of their drinks include ingredients like gula melaka and even milo! Food served here are as local as it gets, with Hokkien Mee and fried wanton skins!

Drinks had much fanfare, check out this Secret Garden. 

Sam, the owner and mixologist, has won a number of awards from his own creations! Ask to try some of his award winning concoctions ;) You won't be disappointed!

Hopped on the bus for my last stop, though the route continued to Maison Ikkoku. We were led to the basement of Ocean Financial Centre for... The Secret Mermaid! In the day it's a lunch spot called Shinkansen, and at night it transforms into a hidden enclave and I love it.

The Secret Mermaid has lotsa imported spirits, and some of their specialities that piqued our interest were the Honey vodka and Salmon vodka. I opted for the Honey Vodka which of course - was sweet, but not overly empowering, and I enjoyed it immensely! The Salmon vodka, however... was not to my liking. It was a bit too fishy for me :( It was unique though!

Displayed on a wall, you can read the labels off the variety of spirits. Don't forget that you get 1 for 1 off your first drink with your Amex at The Secret Mermaid!

Smith, Howard Lo and I at The Secret Mermaid. Howard also owns the chain of Standing Sushi bar restaurants, so if you enjoy your salmon sashimi's at 50% off, it's all thanks to this guy. I'm sure some of you would recognise him from his TV appearance in Eye for a Guy.

If you're an Amex card holder yourself (or you have a friend that has one), you can join the bar hop experience! 

Look out for this bus on 8 November between 7pm to 1am, at 7 key locations - Orchard, Havelock Road, Robertson Quay, North Canal, Bugis, Esplanade and Ann Siang Hill. Amex card members can bring up to TWO friends on board the bus! For more information on the locations and benefits, check out their website here.

Nightlife benefits mentioned above are valid until 14 October 2015. 

Thanks for hosting us #ChillaxSG !

Spotted: Up and about.

There are a number of events I've been invited to attend, but I wasn't required to blog or write about it. Thought I would just share some pictures that were snapped. Make every day count too!

The Esquire launch party with Jason Godfrey, Zurina Bryant, Linda Black, Paula Robinson and Paul Foster. 

Everyone in this picture has an awesome surname. 

Bad resolution picture of us during Magnum's new ice cream flavor's launch.

Johnny Walker Circuit Lounge party at Gardens by the Bay.

Enough black and dark pictures! Now to another side of me... the japanese loving side.

At Jcosmeland!

Tsubasa Masuwaka is coming to Singapore on 8th December! Unfortunately, I will not be in Singapore on that day. More details about this will be released soon!

After the event, I decided to let my hair down. Couldn't decide which is better.

Oh and a picture from this year's Natsumatsuri. Squeeze hug!

 Ending with the newest addition to the family!! 

Introducing my albino white rabbit named Squishy! No I do not squish her, but I like to cuddle her and give her back rubs. I feel really protective over my little baby. She's a little dwarf rabbit and I bought her for $100. Sometimes her pink/red eyes freak me out for a split second when they reflect light but I still love her all the same.

She nibbles on my fingers whenever my hand smells of food or fruits. She licks my hand whenever she's happy :)  

How can you not love this adorable face?! Right I started this entry with event pictures and ending it with bunny pics. I apologize for the cuteness overload.


Belvedere Party!

Some shots from the Belvedere party held at the red dot museum! Tried a few of their cocktails but sweet cocktails are my favourite. Loved the watermelon flavoured one the most! :)


Came from work so I missed the Mugler show :(
Also managed to catch the gorgeous Arissa, founder of carte-blanche at the party! Her necklace is from Tom Binns and costs 2,450 SGD. Love her style and dressing! She's a great fashion inspiration :)
Thanks so much the invite! It was a great event, many fashionistas came for the after party and managed to catch up with bloggers i haven't seen in such a long time! Didn't bring my camera that day though, photos are still with Pistol!

Photologue: Singapore Flyer Sunset

 Come watch the sunset with me!


Taken at the Scoot event!

First time at the Ritz!

 My first time at the Ritz! Random pictures snapped around the general areas accessible to public. Would recommend checking it out JUST for the interior decor! Have a look!

 Wish I wore orangey clothes so that my maroon dress won't look so contrasting and out of place.

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