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La Spezia, Cinque Terre.

I have found a town that I love the most in Europe. And it is called Cinque Terre. Not many people know about it, but if you have the chance, please visit! It's in Italy and it's nearer to the North. It's gorgeous.

It's basically a town made up of five villages and each village has a different feel and architecture. That day when we went to explore we could only visit 3 out of the five due to time constraints, but that means I get to use that as an excuse to come back! Haha.

It's located just next to the sea so you get a wonderful breeze even though it's sunny! This was the first sight that greeted us

The first village we stopped at is Riomaggiore.

And this is where I took my current header pic!

If you're interested in short hikes there are paths you can take that lead further back! But we didn't get to plus I was in slippers.

So we took a short path that would lead us to the next town (forty five mins away by foot) and soaked in the peace and tranquility of the surroundings!

We walked past this bar that was supposedly for couples haha.

Reached the second village!

Here you can suntan too! 
The view of the previous village.


The seafood is SUPERB and fresh! Plus the food is relatively cheaper compared to other places (eg Venice and Milan)

I didn't photoshop ANY of the pictures.

Our little path.

The third village has more people swimming (but the water was SO COLD!)
That's not sand btw, it's actually little rocks and stones. Can be quite painful that's why everyone's using towels haha.
HAHA look at that fella in the background.

The menu, which is relatively cheap already!


My seafood pasta YUMMM I was enjoying it thoroughly but also gulped it down.

Even their olive oil and vinegar tastes better.

It was starting to get foggy plus we had to take a train back (and walk quite a bit to our hotel) so we left at about 9.30pm while the sun was setting.

Please please visit it's so so beautiful! :)
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