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Spoilers: Avengers End Game Review and Thoughts

After being a crazy person watching the movie on the day it was released I wanted to read reviews sharing their thoughts and feelings - complete with spoilers of course. But there were none (or at least not easy to find). Everyone was so worried about spoiling for others the reviews are spoiler free.

So this post is going to be filled with spoilers and you should stop NOW if you haven't already watched the movie. Seriously. My only tip for you is that there's no end credit scenes or after credit scenes.

And if you haven't watched the movie yet, I recommend you watch all the previous Marvel movies before watching End Game because then you'll get proper closure.

Well for the remaining who are still reading... This is your last chance. The movie is quite unpredictable so you're going to regret this if you haven't watched the movie yet.

 Ok let's move on.

I cried. It was such an emotional movie.
We have been with the main characters for like 10 years so we feel with them, we grow with them, we know what they have lost.

Some take it more badly that others - Hawk Eye going all Ronin crazy, Thor getting hilariously fat and well Black Widow being emo all the time. Hulk being half Bruce half Hulk was strange to me.

One of the biggest unhappiness I had with the film was about Captain Marvel. Ok I get that she had to save other planets and like Earth is just another country for her in her universe but seriously she just destroyed a giant ship, got blasted off by one stone and then disappeared for the rest of the movie until the funeral. The whole build up with Captain Marvel having her movie, the trailer featuring her looking all bold and noble that they will win because Avengers has her this time... And it just fell to pieces. She wasn't involved in going back in time at all either. I am also not that keen on her new hairdo.

Discussed this with the friends I watched with and they felt they had to let the first few Avengers take more glory... Hmm.

Person who did absolutely nothing: War Machine. Geez.

One of my favourite scenes would have to be the part where Black Widow and Hawk Eye were arguing over who to die. I really hoped the Soul Stone would've taken pity and said it's the first time he saw someone fight to want to die and then just give them the stone. Argh. It was a great scene and I can't wait to rewatch this part of the movie again. (Yes I have plans to watch the movie again already).

Another part that made the fan in me go whaaatttt was when Captain America could control Thor's Hammer. Like why is he worthy? Because he's strong enough and righteous? It was cool though.

I also liked the 1 that Doctor Strange held up to show Ironman that it was the only way for them to win. Which explained why Doctor Strange willingly gave up the Time Stone just to trade for Iron Man's life even when he was against it vehemently earlier in Infinity War.

Ah the feels when everyone teleports and shows up!!! And when they tossed the infinity war gauntlet 2 around. Wished that scene had more action though.

Oh and I still don't understand the - why not go to the past when Thanos was a baby and kill him explanation. Someone please explain it to me.

Also, how does Captain America returning to the past and having a fulfilling life not create some chain of events that affected the present?

Anyway I think I am almost done with my rant.

So now we have on the dead list... Loki. Black Widow. Captain America (soon). Gamora. Iron Man.

What could the next movie be? Remaining Avengers Vs X men?

Next Guardians of the Galaxy movie where they try to bring back Gamora?

Feel free to guess with me and share your thoughts :)

Elizabeth Arden 'Untold' Perfume

Not too long ago, Elizabeth Arden invited us to watch We're the Millers at GV Gold Class, Vivocity! It was my first time watching a movie in gold class so I was pretty excited. However, because Vivo is pretty far from my place and by the time Sarah and I reached the theatre, the movie had already started so we rushed in. It's been a looong time since I've seen babygirl Sarah and I'm so happy we got to catch up after! *hugs*

We were personally ushered to our luxurious red cushioned seats and before I could settle down, I was asked to to pick my choice of food -  Chicken briyani, mushroom quiche or fish and chips. I picked fish and chips without hesitation, eager to immerse myself in the movie. Then I had to pick choice of drink, whether I wanted coffee or tea after and was alerted that there would be dessert served at the end. When I thought my order taking was over, the waiter asked if I wanted salty, sweet or mixed popcorn! Halfway through I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying because I really wanted to focus on the movie. Guess that's what happens when you're late for a movie, will order in advance the next time!

Introducing... the family

We're the Millers was pretty comical and had its funny, tongue-in-cheek moments. It's about this guy David Clarke (I kept thinking of Revenge, if you watch the American drama) who is robbed of his savings and his drug stash, and has to smuggle drugs from Mexico to earn enough to cover his debt and make a hefty profit while he's at it. Fearing that he would look too suspicious alone, he asks his goody two shoes neighbour, Kenny, a runaway, Casey and convinces his stripper friend Rose (aka Jennifer Aniston) to come along to play the facade of a happy family. Of course, as they aren't actually related, trouble ensues.

Morale of the story is that Jennifer Aniston is hot and she's still got it even though she's... whatever age she is.

Anyway, the best thing about watching Gold Class is that you can talk to your partner next to you without whispering, can easily leave the theatre (eg toilet or phone call) with minimal disturbance, and those automated reclining seats are soooo awesome and incredibly comfy. Oh, and I wasn't cold at all because a blanket was also provided! However. the downside of having too amazing huge seats is that you're far away from your partner so there's no snuggling or cuddling possible. Guess horror shows aren't a good idea?

Was really happy to see the Elizabeth Arden girls - it's been too long -  and Tiphanie was due in a month!! Super elated and can't wait to see her adorable baby. When I said hello to her baby, Tiphanie said she was moving around! Hehe. Now Tiphanie has delivered her adorable baby girl so big congrats to Tiffy!

The movie event was to announce the launch of Elizabeth Arden's new fragrance, UNTOLD. 

“I wanted UNTOLD to be a harmonious balance of the many facets of a woman, which, for me, is the source of genuine beauty,” says Clement Gavarry, IFF perfumer. “I imagined her sometimes adventurous, sometimes romantic, yet always equally confident,” he adds.

I really like the bottle  because of its curvature and scent! The photos I took of the bottle aren't as nice as the press photos so I'll just use those instead.

Untold is made up of a combination of smells for the modern lady, it is -

  • Vibrant: Sparkling Pink Pepper fused with crisp Bergamot expose vibrant optimism and a joyful spirit.
  • Unpredictable: Playful, fruity accents of Pear and Blackcurrant Bud LMR* evoke unpredictable ways.
  • Refined: Delicate Gardenia petals and intoxicating Egyptian Jasmine LMR* reveal a romantic and sophisticated femininity.
  • Mysterious: Nuances of Patchouli Heart LMR* and Sandalwood hint at a mysterious aura.
  • Sensual: Heated Ambers cascade over the hypnotic Musk, unveiling magnetic sensuality

If you're thinking of a gift to give someone special or a girlfriend, do check this scent out.

The Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD Collection Price:
UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 69.00 (1.0 fl. oz./30 ml)
UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 95.00 (1.7 fl. oz./50 ml)
UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 119.00 (3.3 fl. oz./100 ml)
UNTOLD Body Lotion SGD 75.00 (6.8 oz./200 ml)
UNTOLD Shower Gel SGD 65.00 (6.8 oz./200 ml)

Availability: October 2013

Where to Buy: Available island-wide at all Elizabeth Arden authorized counters.

Elizabeth Arden included a press gift as well! Cute crystal earrings.

Thank you Elizabeth Arden! Be sure to check out the fragrance at an Elizabeth Arden counter near you!

Kick-Ass 2 movie review in Singapore


A week ago I was invited to the Kick-Ass 2 preview held at Golden Village- Grand at Great World City. Each invite entitled you to 2 cokes, a sweet popcorn to share and a photo opportunity at a Kick Ass 2 photo booth! It was free seating so the queue to enter was crazy long.

 My friend doesn't like sweet popcorn so guess who had more popcorn to eat? Hahaha.

Movie goers were encouraged to come in their superhero or villian costume, but because I didn't have any outfits on hand, I dressed casually. Here's a photo of The Frying Pan Man. 

Gotta give him some credits for trying, and the print out design he stuck to his shirt is just hilarious. 

 My superhero costume! Bunny ears to represent super hearing power? Hahaha. So I can hear evil from miles away :p

 Hit Girl and Kick Ass were there too! With Colonel Stars and Stripes in the background.

It was my first time watching a movie there because it's pretty far from my place, but darn I was SO impressed by the screen and sound I'll definitely be back! The hall I watched at had a ginormous screen, clean seats with no strange smells, and great surround sound that wasn't deafening!   

 Picking the winner for best costume who walked away with $100 cash!

After having been pleasantly surprised by the colourful, fun-filled, action-packed treat that was Kick-Ass 1 three years ago, I approached the sequel with tempered expectations. Much of what delighted audiences in the first installment was the journey of discovering David’s (Kick Ass') latent courage and grit, the background of his ruined nerves and the novelty of the Hit Girl/Big Daddy pairing. Knowing that Kick-Ass and Hit Girl were the city’s resident superheroes, I expected this movie to simply be the crime fighting duo beating up more bad guys.

It was much more than that.

Kick-Ass 2 sees David maturing and developing as a teen, Mindy (Hit Girl) struggling with an ordinary life and Red Mist reborn as the Mother F$*ker, throwing money around just to have his way. An evil league is assembling and David decides to join a team of crime fighting superheroes led by Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey) called Justice Forever to defend his turf and seek revenge. 

The writers managed to inject a healthy dose of sentimentality and even high-school drama by weaving in a side story involving Mindy’s attempts to be a normal girly-girl; whilst ensuring that their unique brand of comedic violence and gore was not compromised. The fight scenes, though not as epic as the first one (recall the Big Daddy warehouse scene and the Hit Girl rescue scene), were brilliantly choreographed, very entertaining, and Chris D’Amico (Mother F@%ker) provided plenty of laughs as the bumbling yet heartless villain. 

What the movie suffered from perhaps, was an overly large cast of characters which was barely given enough time to develop eg Night Bitch who looked completely unrecognizable without her costume mode on. All in all, Kick-Ass 2 was in many ways a different experience from the first movie, but still provided plenty of amusement.

One of my favourite parts of the movie was checking out Aaron Taylor-Johnson aka David Lizewski / Kick-Ass's, ABS in the shirtless scenes. Here's the before and after for your viewing pleasure, and you're welcome.

 In the midst of training. Kick Ass reminds me a little of Frodo from LOTR with his curly hair.

 After. Who wouldn't be attracted to abs like that? I could do with less blood and wounds on the face though.

Kick-Ass 2 is rated M18 for violence and coarse language, of course with a villian's name as the Mother F#*ker, you can't expect any less! Be sure to check Kick-Ass 2 at Golden Village soon!

Thanks Janet, Alex, OMY and Golden Village for the tickets and Kangwen for contributing :)

Re-opening of GV Jurong Point to catch The Avengers with Casio Sheen!

Caught The Avengers in the newly revamped GV theatre at Jurong Point; which features wider seating and a brand new Dolby 7.1 surround sound system! Rushed there to have a quick bite at the food court (conveniently opposite the theatre) before some obligatory camwhoring session. I was soo glad to see all my blogger friends all at once place!! Plus, most of us Casio Sheen bloggers were there, except for Nurul and Charmaine who were missed!

 Someone commented that I looked more japanese that day. Hmm. I beg to differ?? Think joey looks korean here and Mirai looks like the japanese please!

 Cute Rachel and Cookie! Cookie gave me this SUPER PRETTY ring that she made herself, picture is on my twitter! Thanks Cookie! <3.

 Had some time to kill before going into the theatre. My face is the biggest because... I used my hand to zipai with the g1x. I was self-sacrificial!

 Trying to move my face further back but it didn't help much.

Joined my Casio Sheen girls (who were also near the front of the queue hehe) Maybeline looked super cute in the pictures I just want to pinch her cheeks. Next time I shall catch her unaware muarhahah. (For the record, I'm straight)

 That's Shine's sister! Hui Min! She's wearing a Casio Sheen too :P

 The circle lenses really make your eyes look bigger! I bought a pair, going to try them out to see if i look more fish-eyed or.. natural.

 With our Casio Sheen's because they're so prettttyy.

 Before we went in we were given a Magnum ice cream each! I was pretty full from lunch so I didn't have any. Guess who took my share?!?
 HP got too excited and took the whole box. Hahah. 

(Was kidding about the insinuation. He didn't actually take my share)
The seats were definitely wider, and more comfortable as we settled in the theatre for the pre-movie publicity with Singapore’s own Auntie Lucy, played by the popular local actor, Mr. Dennis Chew.
The changes to be fair were subtle, but very noticeable for the frequent movie-goer. I was silently marveling at the amount of legroom that was available, and how we did not have to move, when other patrons were leaving their seats for the washroom, or returning.

With the publicity, and talk by the OMY representatives out of the way, we settled in as the lights dimmed for the start of the movie.

Although GV has only claimed that the sound and seats have been improved, I was immediately blown away from the visual quality of the screen. There was definitely some renovation works done, or the film itself has received some pre-show treatment.

Credits to  for this shot!
It helped that the movie had great writing by the incredibly talented Mr. Joss Whedon, and the special effects, coupled with the newly upgraded 7.1 Dolby sound system, made the movie experience extremely enjoyable.

The sound throughout seemed to have been tuned perfectly, the basses were low, but not too boomy, the mids, usually extremely overpowering in most theatres were pleasantly subdued, and the high pitches, usually prevalent in screams, bullets and explosions were well-balanced as well.

Credits to  for this shot!

If you haven't got the hint by now, the sound has been superbly upgraded, and GV has obviously taken some pains to ensure that their patrons will get the best sound experience in Singapore.

Credits to  for this shot!
Here's a summary table of promotions at GV Jurong Point in conjunction with their re-opening!

Free regular coke with purchase of 1 x large popcorn
Purchase 1 x Large Popcorn and receive 1 x Regular coke free.
$2 for 2 Cheesy Hotdog
Purchase 2 x Cheesy Hotdog at $2 only. Usual Price $4.
Enjoy Student Price ALL DAY!
Present student ID to enjoy $7 Student Price all day.
$2 off Nachos Combo
Purchase Nachos Combo at $2 off.
Fridays & Saturdays
Catch a weekend Late Night movie at GV Jurong Point and enjoy FREE parking!
Present min a pair of tickets purchased for a Friday or Saturday Late Night session at the Box Office and receive a parking comp pass. While stocks last.
Restaurant vouchers giveaway with tickets purchased to any session before 2pm!
Receive restaurant vouchers with purchase of a pair of tickets to any Sunday sessions before 2pm. While stocks last

 I don't think I’ve been this excited for the opening of any movie, since possibly, the end of the matrix trilogy (which was a minor disappointment), and Batman: The Dark Knight (which I thoroughly enjoyed).

Needless to say, my inner comic-geek was in full-tilt as the lights dimmed in the theatre, and the show began. It helped that the theatre has been recently upgraded, and the visuals and sound brought us into the Marvel universe seamlessly.

 Credits: Marvel

As somewhat of an avengers fan, I have to say Joss Whedon and team did a fantastic job on the writing for the movie. It is never easy bringing well-loved comic onto the big screen with the limitations in technology and screenplay time, but I have to say, the avengers' movie was pulled off brilliantly, so kudos!

The buildup acts, much like most team-based stories, whereby each of the heroes were slowly invited/cajoled/dragged into the fray, was surprisingly un-cliché, and were immensely insightful for audience who weren't familiar with the characters.

Having caught the captain America and Iron man movies, I have to say, their personas and characters were very well maintained by the mercurial Robert Downey Jr. and innocent-looking Chris Evans. The movies all seemed to have added to the Avengers movie, and I urge everyone who hasn’t done so, to catch them.

The writing for a comic book movie was surprisingly matured, without too much altruism and heavy-handed lessons in ethics or morality. Rather, these beliefs and tenets were lightly sprinkled throughout the movie, in moments when hope seemed all but lost, one of the avengers would say something that would put the audience at ease.

 Credits: Marvel  (This photo is AWESOME)

Catchy one-liners were plentiful, and no doubt, going to be rehashed frequently in conversations by people who have watched the movie in the months to come. Did anyone else catch the legolas reference? Or the puny god joke? I can't remember what else I chuckled at.

In an age where CGI is so heavily used in film, I have to say, the graphics seemed extremely believable throughout the movie. I don't recall having 'caught' at any point in the movie where I thought, "Oh, that was poorly done." thats how polished the show was.

The action sequences were well-thought out, with ample "breathing points" where the show paused for the heroes to reflect or strategize, rather than going for the non-stop action, the pace of the show, even in the final battle of the movie, was perfect throughout.

There was drama, scarlet Johansson made her role as the Black Widow extremely believable. Jeremy Renner acting as the battle-hardened Hawkeye seemed to be a symbolic representation of battle-weary snipers. The Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo, only appeared later in the show, but the atmosphere of danger around him was well-played.
Credits: Marvel
Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston played their roles as the pure and immortal Thor, and the cunning and mischievous Loki to perfection, and I suspect there may yet be a market for another sequel in the Thor franchise.
Samuel L. Jackson, was the perfect person to play Nick Fury, and I wouldn't have anyone else in that role. Cobie Smulders was a surprising addition to the team, her role in the popular HIMYM television series, made it hard to shake off her television show's persona from the movie, but she performed admirably. When she first appeared (within the first 3 minutes of the show), I commented "Hey isn't that Robyn?" but wasn't entirely sure until her next frame. I can totally imagine her in Star Trek now after watching this movie.

Chris Evans, is a surprising success, and I have to applaud his rendition of Captain America, his teamwork with Iron Man throughout the movie, was superbly done, and Disney has already announced a sequel, so we will be seeing more of Captain America.

Credits: Marvel
I don't think much as to be said for Robert Downey, Jr. as he as the honor of being the only 'Avenger' so far in the cast to have had 2 movies as their movie persona under his belt, and with Ironman 3 confirmed and beginning filming in May 2012, what's left to say, really? He's super talented and it's always amazing how he can seamlessly integrate into his roles for a wide variety of movies.

What more is there to say? Catch it in the theatres if you haven't, and get ready to be awed. This is how movies should be made. My only qualm was that fish and tortoise inspired ship that carried the aliens to earth. I mean seriously?? Fish?? Tortoise?? Neither of those animals are bad ass, was a little disappointed.

The movie ended leaving everyone in awe and wanting more. I could hear the chatter of the audience, hoping for a sequel, (and tweets thereafter of "AVENGERS WAS AWESOME") and I’m pretty sure the ending credits spoilers ensured us that there WILL be more. *shakes fist*

 Credits to  for this shot!

Contraband Movie!

Was supposed to watch Contraband this week but I couldn't leave work... zzz. We were rushing a deadline which is today. Apparently we overworked ourselves because we are kind of free now. Hahah. Which is all good!

Running time: 110 minutes

Genre: Thriller
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster and more
Directed by: Baltasar Kormákur

The movie is about a man who tries to protect his brother-in-law after the latter screws up a smuggling job. In order to do so he has to fetch hidden counterfeit bills in Panama and hide the bills on a ship heading to Louisiana. Of course this threatens his wife and kids and he has to safe everyone and safe the day! 

Set in New Orleans, the film explores the cutthroat underground world of international smuggling—full of desperate criminals and corrupt officials, high-stakes and big payoffs—where loyalty rarely exists and death is one wrong turn away. 

BALTASAR KORMÁKUR (Directed by/Produced by) is currently one of the most important film directors to come out of Scandanavia. Kormákur has mainly worked as a film director/producer through his company, Blueeyes Productions, even though he has also established himself as an important director of stage plays.  His background as an actor (he graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 1990) and director at the National Theatre of Iceland has left him with a soft spot for the theater. 

Catch it at theatres near you! :)

Bausch+Lomb : Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

Caught Sherlock Holmes today!! I missed the first installment but was really satisfied after I watched this!!

Here's a brief synopsis! 
Sherlock Holmes returns to the theatres with his greatest adventure against his greatest enemy; Professor Moriarty. Robert Downey Jr. returns with his mercurial portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, with Jude Law as the perfect Dr. Watson.

On the backdrop of Dr. Watson’s marital bliss, Holmes finds himself trying to take on the devious Moriarty in the greatest challenge to his detective skills yet.

There is much action in the movie for the action fans, glorious gun battles and cannons firing will keep the boys happy. Stephen Fry delights with his role as Holmes’ brother, and expect the unexpected.

I loved the special effects and how they slowed time to emphasize on important bullets, gunshots, action series, EVERYTHING! Music was fantastic

"I timed it perfectly!" Hahaha.

Not to mention, Jude Law is a PERFECT Dr Watson. He has this innocence and naivety that Sherlock doesn't have. Please catch the movie if you have the time! Kept me on my toes all the way! Thoroughly entertained.

Watched it in my Bausch+Lomb contact lens!
With other lenses my eyes get dry really quickly but not with the Bausch+Lomb PureVision2 HD , they last all day long!

Other benefits!
  • Reduced halos and glare while driving at night
  • Better contrast and clarity at the movies
  • Reduced blurriness in low-light situations

Was also given the new Bausch+Lomb Bio true multi-purpose solution, specially made for dry, tired and overworked eyes (eg mine).
  • Matching the pH of healthy tears
  • Utilizing a lubricant found in your eyes so they stay moisy and comfortable
  • Keeping certain beneficial tear proteins active to promote eye health and comfort
Take part in this contest and you just might be one of the lucky 5!

[CONTEST: Name 3 benefits of Bausch+Lomb 's High Definition™ Optics contact lens vs normal lens - email your answer together with your name and contact number to before 30 January 2011 and stand to be among five winners to each win a month supply of SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses(worth up to $110)!]**Contest winners will be picked via a random draw and will be notified via email, within one week after the contest ends. Winners’ list is final and no further correspondence will be entertained by the organisers. 

Happy 2012 everyone! :) 


Bausch+Lomb Contact Lens - Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

 Every one's been talking about the new hype movie, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise (where has he been recently anyway?) I don't remember catching any of the previous installments in theatres... perhaps I was too busy studying or doing geeky things then.

Here's the official synopsis!

Blamed for the terrorist bombing of the Kremlin, IMF operative Ethan Hunt is disavowed along with the rest of the agency when the President initiates "Ghost Protocol".  Left without any resources or backup, Ethan must find a way to clear his agency's name and prevent another attack. To complicate matters further, Ethan is forced to embark on this mission with a team of fellow IMF fugitives whose personal motives he does not fully know.

Remember that catchy tune from Mission Impossible? Yes imagine that stuck in my head now. Expect lots of action, suspense and special effects! The soundtrack is pretty awesome, composed by Michael Giacchino who also composed for movies like The Incredibles!

And who doesn't love big budget production movies??

I've been wearing the Bauch+Lomb contact lens almost every day now because it's comfortable and doesn't make my eyes feel dry at all! I can see clearly at night (especially when I drive, no ring halos at all)! Images are sharper and I feel happy wearing them around :)

A photo of me wearing the contact lens. You can't tell because... they're colourless hahaha.

[CONTEST: Name 3 benefits of Bausch+Lomb 's High Definition™ Optics contact lens vs normal lens - email your answer together with your name and contact number to before 30 January 2011 and stand to be among five winners to each win a month supply of SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses(worth up to $110)!]**Contest winners will be picked via a random draw and will be notified via email, within one week after the contest ends. Winners’ list is final and no further correspondence will be entertained by the organisers.

Hohoho Merry Christmas everyone!
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