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Not too long ago, Elizabeth Arden invited us to watch We're the Millers at GV Gold Class, Vivocity! It was my first time watching a movie in gold class so I was pretty excited. However, because Vivo is pretty far from my place and by the time Sarah and I reached the theatre, the movie had already started so we rushed in. It's been a looong time since I've seen babygirl Sarah and I'm so happy we got to catch up after! *hugs*

We were personally ushered to our luxurious red cushioned seats and before I could settle down, I was asked to to pick my choice of food -  Chicken briyani, mushroom quiche or fish and chips. I picked fish and chips without hesitation, eager to immerse myself in the movie. Then I had to pick choice of drink, whether I wanted coffee or tea after and was alerted that there would be dessert served at the end. When I thought my order taking was over, the waiter asked if I wanted salty, sweet or mixed popcorn! Halfway through I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying because I really wanted to focus on the movie. Guess that's what happens when you're late for a movie, will order in advance the next time!

Introducing... the family

We're the Millers was pretty comical and had its funny, tongue-in-cheek moments. It's about this guy David Clarke (I kept thinking of Revenge, if you watch the American drama) who is robbed of his savings and his drug stash, and has to smuggle drugs from Mexico to earn enough to cover his debt and make a hefty profit while he's at it. Fearing that he would look too suspicious alone, he asks his goody two shoes neighbour, Kenny, a runaway, Casey and convinces his stripper friend Rose (aka Jennifer Aniston) to come along to play the facade of a happy family. Of course, as they aren't actually related, trouble ensues.

Morale of the story is that Jennifer Aniston is hot and she's still got it even though she's... whatever age she is.

Anyway, the best thing about watching Gold Class is that you can talk to your partner next to you without whispering, can easily leave the theatre (eg toilet or phone call) with minimal disturbance, and those automated reclining seats are soooo awesome and incredibly comfy. Oh, and I wasn't cold at all because a blanket was also provided! However. the downside of having too amazing huge seats is that you're far away from your partner so there's no snuggling or cuddling possible. Guess horror shows aren't a good idea?

Was really happy to see the Elizabeth Arden girls - it's been too long -  and Tiphanie was due in a month!! Super elated and can't wait to see her adorable baby. When I said hello to her baby, Tiphanie said she was moving around! Hehe. Now Tiphanie has delivered her adorable baby girl so big congrats to Tiffy!

The movie event was to announce the launch of Elizabeth Arden's new fragrance, UNTOLD. 

“I wanted UNTOLD to be a harmonious balance of the many facets of a woman, which, for me, is the source of genuine beauty,” says Clement Gavarry, IFF perfumer. “I imagined her sometimes adventurous, sometimes romantic, yet always equally confident,” he adds.

I really like the bottle  because of its curvature and scent! The photos I took of the bottle aren't as nice as the press photos so I'll just use those instead.

Untold is made up of a combination of smells for the modern lady, it is -

  • Vibrant: Sparkling Pink Pepper fused with crisp Bergamot expose vibrant optimism and a joyful spirit.
  • Unpredictable: Playful, fruity accents of Pear and Blackcurrant Bud LMR* evoke unpredictable ways.
  • Refined: Delicate Gardenia petals and intoxicating Egyptian Jasmine LMR* reveal a romantic and sophisticated femininity.
  • Mysterious: Nuances of Patchouli Heart LMR* and Sandalwood hint at a mysterious aura.
  • Sensual: Heated Ambers cascade over the hypnotic Musk, unveiling magnetic sensuality

If you're thinking of a gift to give someone special or a girlfriend, do check this scent out.

The Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD Collection Price:
UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 69.00 (1.0 fl. oz./30 ml)
UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 95.00 (1.7 fl. oz./50 ml)
UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 119.00 (3.3 fl. oz./100 ml)
UNTOLD Body Lotion SGD 75.00 (6.8 oz./200 ml)
UNTOLD Shower Gel SGD 65.00 (6.8 oz./200 ml)

Availability: October 2013

Where to Buy: Available island-wide at all Elizabeth Arden authorized counters.

Elizabeth Arden included a press gift as well! Cute crystal earrings.

Thank you Elizabeth Arden! Be sure to check out the fragrance at an Elizabeth Arden counter near you!

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