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Dinner and Dance 2013

My company had a dinner and dance function at Raffles City Convention Centre recently, and here are some pictures I took that night!! You can decide if I'm a sorceress, a vampire or Christine Daae (from the Phantom). No I'm not a witch!!!

Outfit was rented from a shop in Bugis called Global Mascot. Shoutout to them because I bargained for a good price :X Their store is HUUUGE. It takes up two store spaces, has an area at the back AND I saw a staircase leading up to more stuff!!! Also, after I tried this outfit, I noticed there was a slight rip, and an uncle promptly took the dress for me and sewed it on the spot.

That's service for you!

Global Mascot
766 N Bridge Rd 198734
Tel: 6392 2792



OMY Blog Awards 2013, Best Interpretation Blog - A huge Thank you!

Attended the OMY Blog Awards 2013 last week, and the theme was 1960's fever! As I don't have any vintage clothes in my wardrobe, I rummaged through my mum's wardrobe to find something to wear. That morning, I also spent a while googling 1960's fashion, using looks from the American series, Madmen as inspiration for my choice of clothes! Finally, to get the correct hairstyle, I YouTubed bee hive hairstyles and tried to imitate them without back-combing my hair. Which was essentially the toughest bit.

Then came Murphy's Law, when I couldn't get a cab for 20 minutes! Had to call one in the end, and managed to catch a breather.

Peal necklaces: Mum's, Pink vintage dress: Mum's, Earrings: Own, Red ribbon: Own.

By the time I reached, Shanghai Dolly was packed. It was my first time there and it was much bigger than expected! However, I arrived in the nick of time because the emcee was just kicking things off :)

In the meantime, managed to chat with my friends and grab photos!

I took a ton more pictures but this entry would be too long if I pasted all of them!! So you can view the pictures on my page if you wish!

Anyway, the day of the Blog Awards coincided with Colin's birthday, and Mint planned a surprise for him! 

While Colin was on stage strutting his stuff for Best Dressed Award, Yingzi and I were putting candles on his cake and removing the plastic sheet surrounding the cake!

However, he came down the stage too fast for us to light the candles!! So everyone formed distraction tactic #1, take pictures.

Mint brought Colin to a corner and the two of them posed! Super good tactic because Colin didn't suspect a thing!

 When suddenly, everyone started singing 'Happy Birthday' to Colin and he was so happy! (notice how the edges of the cake are a little out of shape? That was because we had trouble removing the plastic sheet hahaha)

 Successful! The chocolate cake was really yummmmyyyyy!!

Then came to the category I was nominated for, the Levi's 501 Best Interpretation Blog! *drumrolll*
Was SUPER MEGA surprised when I heard my name!! Went up the stage in a daze to collect my award. Thank you guys for voting and for liking my posts!! :D 

Happy that I look tall here :X, Credits to OMY

 They called us up on stage to take photos with the winners with the other categories and the VIPs, so here's a combined shot taken by OMY! 

 Still can't entirely believe it 

 This was my first time participating in the OMY Blog Awards 2013 and it's been one great experience! From learning about Levi's heritage and culture, to testing my writing boundaries, to juggling available time and meeting deadlines, it was all worth it!

Which brings me to one of the things I love the most about blogging, meeting new people! Here's The Ninja Girls who stood out in their figure hugging sequinned dresses and afro wigs, who were nominated for best dressed and also won Best V-log award!

Thanks again everyone for reading this blog, for voting for me, and for believing in me. 
Blogging brings me happiness and this award has given me strength!!
Even a simple click "LIKE" on my Facebook page, a retweet or reply to my tweets, comments left on my blog or instagram, always cheers me on. THANK YOU for always being here for me!!

God bless and have a great week all!! XOXO

Cadbury's Most Marvellous Blogger's Party featuring new Marvellous Creations flavours!

I. Love. Chocolate.

in desserts, in milk, in a bar, as a martini, I love them all.

My favourite type of chocolate is... milk chocolate! White chocolate is a little too sweet for me and too low in cacao content. Dark chocolate can be too bitter (especially those 90% cacao ones) so I tend to prefer milk.

My love for chocolate started long before I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and my excuses when I gorge is that chocolate reduces stress levels, boost brain power, and of course, TASTES SO GOOD.

The higher the amounts of cacao, the more health benefits you'll reap!

Love for chocolate runs in the family

So when Cadbury and Kelvin invited me to a blogger's party, I HAD to say yes!! (Also, their invitation had jelly beans, nuts and gummies sprinkled on it so I HAD to make time)

Cadbury arranged for a Joyrider to pick us up from Tangs Singapore so we wouldn't have to walk to Tanglin Post Office. How considerate! :)

All of us were waiting at the bus stop, our moods slightly dampened by the rain, until we saw the bus. Definitely eye-catching and attention grabbing and makes anyone crave for chocolates when they see it!


 The inside: There were some props on each chair so everyone was invited to use them to take photos with, and our hosts happily distributed chocolate to us!!! What a great way to start!

Here's my self-portrait, except that I'm holding the bar the wrong way round. Oops.

The only slight downer for the day was that the battery in my cam died right after this picture was taken T_T, and my phone battery was also dying, so I couldn't take much pictures!! Technology Y U FAIL ME. Sigh.

When we got off the Joyrider and reached Nassim Hill bakery/bistro/bar, we were greeted by the local band, After Hours, playing great music, bloggers taking photos in a corner, and everyone seemingly high on chocolate. The atmosphere was great!

 Cadbury giving us a grand entrance!

Cadbury brings out the child-like side of me hahahah

While everyone was settling down, talking and eating, street magician, Huron Low amazed our table with his magic tricks! I know, you're probably thinking "Eh magic tricks super primary school la, when he made you look here, he swopped the cards loh!"

Let me tell you something, we were convinced. I was staring at his hands the whole way!! He even re-did the tricks a couple of times and we couldn't pinpoint the trick!! There was a part where he embedded a card into Cadbury chocolate which was across the room and the chocolate bar was SEALED.

No idea how he did that, but seriously he's a really good magician.

Next up, we played a bloggers ice breaker by playing Marvellous Bingo! The first 5 to complete the entire card would win a prize~ I tried but didn't make it in time hahah. Thanks guys for giving me your autographs!! I remember signing 'has a beautiful smile' for some of the other bloggers #bhb


Cadbury introduced us to their Marvellous Creations range and I'm sooo excited to share this with you!

These 3 new flavours - Jellie Crunchie Bits, Jelly Popping Candy Beanies and the Peanut Toffee Cookie are delicious and extremely addictive!

My favourite among the 3 is the peanut toffee cookie because it's crunchy and not as chewy! Be sure to grab a bar at your nearest supermarket and tell me which flavour you like! :)

Plus, our local bloggers Brad Lau (, Beatrice Tan ( and Maureen Ow ( are Cadbury's blogger ambassadors, I wonder if they get a lifetime supply of Cadbury... that would be a dream.
Let the extensive photo-taking begin!!

 Showing our love for Cadbury!

We had minimal time in between shots so you can imagine it was really hectic lol

Acting wacky, as usual. Haha.

I remember at one point near the end, everyone heard those magic words - "help yourselves to the chocolates!" and the place was wiped out hahahha.

I have a special announcement to make!!

(actually it's an announcement from Cadbury hahah)

Purchase min $20 of Cadbury chocolates and you get to charter the Joyrider for max 1h each slot for free~! Refer to for terms and conditions :)

Thank you Cadbury and Kelvin, Daphne and team for this great event!
Til the next one!

"C is for Cadbury, it's good enough for me. C is for Cadbury, it's good enough for me." 
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