Spoilers: Avengers End Game Review and Thoughts

After being a crazy person watching the movie on the day it was released I wanted to read reviews sharing their thoughts and feelings - complete with spoilers of course. But there were none (or at least not easy to find). Everyone was so worried about spoiling for others the reviews are spoiler free.

So this post is going to be filled with spoilers and you should stop NOW if you haven't already watched the movie. Seriously. My only tip for you is that there's no end credit scenes or after credit scenes.

And if you haven't watched the movie yet, I recommend you watch all the previous Marvel movies before watching End Game because then you'll get proper closure.

Well for the remaining who are still reading... This is your last chance. The movie is quite unpredictable so you're going to regret this if you haven't watched the movie yet.

 Ok let's move on.

I cried. It was such an emotional movie.
We have been with the main characters for like 10 years so we feel with them, we grow with them, we know what they have lost.

Some take it more badly that others - Hawk Eye going all Ronin crazy, Thor getting hilariously fat and well Black Widow being emo all the time. Hulk being half Bruce half Hulk was strange to me.

One of the biggest unhappiness I had with the film was about Captain Marvel. Ok I get that she had to save other planets and like Earth is just another country for her in her universe but seriously she just destroyed a giant ship, got blasted off by one stone and then disappeared for the rest of the movie until the funeral. The whole build up with Captain Marvel having her movie, the trailer featuring her looking all bold and noble that they will win because Avengers has her this time... And it just fell to pieces. She wasn't involved in going back in time at all either. I am also not that keen on her new hairdo.

Discussed this with the friends I watched with and they felt they had to let the first few Avengers take more glory... Hmm.

Person who did absolutely nothing: War Machine. Geez.

One of my favourite scenes would have to be the part where Black Widow and Hawk Eye were arguing over who to die. I really hoped the Soul Stone would've taken pity and said it's the first time he saw someone fight to want to die and then just give them the stone. Argh. It was a great scene and I can't wait to rewatch this part of the movie again. (Yes I have plans to watch the movie again already).

Another part that made the fan in me go whaaatttt was when Captain America could control Thor's Hammer. Like why is he worthy? Because he's strong enough and righteous? It was cool though.

I also liked the 1 that Doctor Strange held up to show Ironman that it was the only way for them to win. Which explained why Doctor Strange willingly gave up the Time Stone just to trade for Iron Man's life even when he was against it vehemently earlier in Infinity War.

Ah the feels when everyone teleports and shows up!!! And when they tossed the infinity war gauntlet 2 around. Wished that scene had more action though.

Oh and I still don't understand the - why not go to the past when Thanos was a baby and kill him explanation. Someone please explain it to me.

Also, how does Captain America returning to the past and having a fulfilling life not create some chain of events that affected the present?

Anyway I think I am almost done with my rant.

So now we have on the dead list... Loki. Black Widow. Captain America (soon). Gamora. Iron Man.

What could the next movie be? Remaining Avengers Vs X men?

Next Guardians of the Galaxy movie where they try to bring back Gamora?

Feel free to guess with me and share your thoughts :)


Since everyone gets into a more reflective mood near the end or start of a year, I decided to somewhat do a little reflection of my own.

I started this blog in order to organize my thoughts, to pen down memories that were important to me so that I would never forget them. However I am struggling with my free time - do I spend it with family, meeting friends, doing something fun or just resting and having some me time?

In 2017 you may have realised I was travelling a lot. In fact it was the most travelling I had ever done in a year! I was posted to France for pretty much 5.5 months but was also shuffling back and forth with Singapore. Since France was a business trip, I couldn't take much vacation days so when I was in Singapore I took 2 weeks off to be in Japan.... twice.

(A little digression about my leave.. I have 20 days a year and in 2016 I was so swamped since many colleagues quit, I had to train the new ones and as such I barely took much leave so I had bit of leave to carry forward)

Anyway, back to travelling. Being in the South of France meant that I had incredible weather all year round. It was never below 0 (apart from the first time in 9 years or something it snowed right after I left) and I only remember one day in summer when it was 37/38 degrees (hairdryer weather). In summer it was great because the sun only set at 945pm so I could venture further to have dinner, I didn't feel as tired and the city is much safer where there is light! Only thing was that I had to reapply sunblock in the evening which was amusing.

Wine is amazingly cheap and so I got to try quite a variety, learnt a thing or two how to pick wine, visited a vineyard and oh tried this disgusting drink called pastis which is essentially anis seeds. You have to try pastis at least once in your life!!! It is life changing.

In terms of experiences, I went up to Switzerland and it was absolutely beautiful. I definitely want to be back though I don't know how much I need to earn in order to afford sgd 15 one way train fares. Or was it 25? Sigh. Stayed with distant relatives in Germany and got to experience a typical day in the life of Germans - having the flexibility to go to work at 7 and to be home at 4ish, chilling on a patio having tea, getting changed and having dinner chatting until 8, watching tv and then sleeping early. Best part of Germany was when my uncle sped down the autobahn while I was napping and somehow made a 2.5h drive in 1h 45min? He told me traffic was smooth and he was going at 180. Whaaaat? I didn't feel the car about to give up on me so that was great. Volkswagen thumbs up!!

Of course I also saw the ugly side of Europe, it is so scary at night taking the train, I was approached by a strange man, you see druggies or people high they can't stop shaking or moving weirdly.. tons of garbage piled up when there's a strike, practically zero public transport too, racism, cars being smashed just because they left a bag visible... people so impatient when the traffic light turns green and you haven't moved yet... a guy grabbing my wrist and shouting at me at a festival for allegedly "pushing" him when it was so insanely crowded I was just following the person in front, my friend that got her drink spiked in a bar/club and ended up in hospital, someone bumping my car and just driving off and Europcar charging me a "damage admin fee" even though I bought full insurance...

It's hard to pinpoint to say exactly how one grows in a year other than maybe your hair or weight. It's also hard to say what life lessons you've learnt. What I can say with certainty is that... travelling for business makes you incredibly lonely.

At work you have colleagues to have lunch with, sure. Just don't forget there's a language barrier on both sides so they can't really have the conversations they want to have without being rude (not like they really care anyway they just speak french even when I'm there and blanking out).

After work it's a different story. It is not in their culture much to hang out with colleagues and have a drink because everyone has their families or significant others that they want to spend time with, or it gets pretty expensive if you head out often for dinner. They also don't feel the need to be hospitable because their time is more important and I'm not a client or supplier whom they are supposed to please. However I'm happy to say that after being there for so long there were colleagues who turned into friends and I was actually invited to their homes to have apperitifs and raclette :) It really felt good to be acknowledged and accepted!!!

When I was in France I felt like.. a floater. Someone who didn't belong in France or Singapore. My colleagues in Singapore, whom I had lunch with all the time, barely had time to chat with me or joke with me. In France, the colleagues joked but in french, which meant I didn't understand. Sometimes it was too hard or they were lazy to translate. I thank the friends who took time to explain things to me, to correct my pronunciation, to tell me about sweet discounts that they were entitled to and if I wanted to I could use...I even had jamming sessions towards the end which was really fun!! I don't think they would ever read this but thanks for the good memories.

In terms of health it wasn't really good - I had a few health scares and everytime I was back in SG I had to do check ups, constantly worried because medical expenses overseas in France was going to be extremely expensive for me... I hope that things would look up soon in this aspect!

There were so many problems in Singapore that whenever I was in France I felt like it was an escape from it all.

Let me tell you something... it is only temporary. Travelling is a temporary distraction. Even if you reflect and try to get over things it doesn't get better. Time helps, friends help and talking about it helps you realise what went wrong or what you should do about it.

There was an unhappiness I had towards someone, and it caused me a lot of distress. When I was reflecting in Japan it was a trigger of thought and I decided to buy something for that someone. When I returned I gave the souvenir to that person. Though that person didn't meet me, I felt at peace at last, on my end. I was free from one of my demons. It doesn't matter if that person threw it away or never opened it - that's her problem. What matters is that I've matured enough to move on.

Ah. The train journey was long but here I am at my stop!

Chat again next time. Til then, wishing you a great 2018!!!

A Night At the Musicals With Three Phantoms Review

Anybody knows me knows I like to sing, and I absolutely love to watch musicals. Two of my top favourites are also the popular favourites - Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber's) and Les Miserables.

So when I saw that Three Phantoms were coming to Singapore to perform, I was psyched to be able to hear great singing once again!

Alistair Barron , Oliver Brereton , Kieran Brown , Earl Carpenter, Marisa McIntyre, David Shannon , Lisa- Anne Wood

I searched online to find reviews or song lists but couldn't find any. The names of the singers revealed extensive musical experiences in Wicked, Mamma Mia etc, so I was kind of expecting all the songs to be from either Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables or even the signature songs from Cats.

When I reached and saw the line up, I must admit I was pretty disappointed because I didn't know half of the songs from the show:

Here is the line up.

Act 1:

This is the moment from Jekyll & Hyde
Maria from West Side Story
Falling slowly from Once
The Museum Song from Barnum
You can drive a person crazy from Company
Pretty Lady from Pacific Overtures
Beauty and the beast - no explanation needed
Stars - from Les Miserables
I dreamed a dream - Les Miserables
A Heart full of love - Les Miserables
Bring Him Home - Les Miserables
One Day More - Les Miserables

Act 2:
I have dreamed - King and I
I'd Give it all for you - Songs for a new world
The Song that goes like this - Monty Python's Spamalot
Make Him Mine - The Witches of Eastwick
All of my dreams faded suddenly - From Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera
Devil take the hindmost - Love Never Dies
Til I hear you sing - Love Never Dies
The Music Lessons/Phantom Fugue - Maury Yesons' Phantom the American Sensation
Music of the Night - Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera

I only knew 9 songs - and if you look closely - There is only ONE song from Andrew Llyod Webber's Phantom of the Opera!

Couldn't believe it. The main draw was the headline of Three Phantoms therefore of course we would expect majority of the songs from Phantom!

What is also infuriating is that the Sistic page actually said this:

"Fans are in for a real treat with this outstanding show that not only features unique backstage insights and anecdotes with songs from musicals such as Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia!, Cats, We Will Rock You, Chess and Wicked and many more."
There were no songs from Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia, Cats, We Will Rock you or Chess. I didn't even hear 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked or even 'The Phantom Of the Opera'???? Can't believe it.
At the end of the night I also found it pretty rude that no introduction was given for Alistair Barron and the cast attempted to inject some humour by leaving him out. I don't think bullying is a form of humour. Especially when his voice is that good.

Furthermore the entire concert is supported by a pianist and a cellist. Perhaps that's why many of the songs could not be performed, but I guess if you are going to charge SGD 68 to SGD 158 I think you can afford at least some instrumentals or another accompanist.

The sound crew was pretty bad too because some singers were obviously much louder than others but no attempt to adjust them were made. So when they were singing acapella it was very obvious and the blending was just not there. I felt sad for the female singers because they were good but I could barely hear two of them among everyone else.

Verdict: Unless you have time to spare and money to spare I suggest to skip this. Save up for the real musicals when they come to Singapore or travel overseas to watch them.

Anyway with my VIP Ticket I managed to catch a photo with everyone. Guess what? The phantoms were TALKING while the picture was being taken. Talk about being unwilling to be there. And they kept trying to get people to buy tickets again 2 nights in a row (why would we do that??)

17 reasons why you need to visit hidden gem Fukui in Japan

Mention Fukui to most people outside Japan and you would likely get an answer "Huh where is that?" This is why it is such a great place to visit - it is not crowded and flooded with tourists!

I would recommend the best way to get TO and FROM Fukui, would be to fly into Kansai Airport (Osaka) and then get the Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass (approx  SGD 180)  to get to Fukui from there. This way, you cover the return cost of the train tickets (it's already easily the same price of the pass itself) and because the pass is for 5 days, you can head further North to Kanazawa or use it to get to Kyoto station to continue your holiday there!

Layered paddy fields! Would be nicer in summer when the rice are being grown but this is pretty gorgeous already, don't you think?

The best way to get around Fukui though, would be to rent a car! I rented from Budget, (click for the website) It is really really affordable, we paid about SGD 311 for 3 days and we picked an MV to fit our big luggage's. The only qualm is that the GPS was not really updated so you will have to use your phone .You might want to bring your own handphone stand from your car back home or something. Trains and buses are not very frequent so driving around would be the best option. If you are Singaporean you will need to get an International Driving License, which is super easy to get, just have your driver's license and a passport photo and head to one of their offices or you can even do it online (but you will have to wait for the delivery) for only SGD 20.

Alright, here are all my reasons why you need to stop by Fukui and what better way to start than to rave about the food:

- Echizen Crab - NUMBER 1 CRAB IN JAPAN!

Don't look down on these crabs as they are served and fit for the consumption of the Emperor and the Imperial Family. These are known as the pride of all Japanese crabs and Echizen crab is only found in Fukui!! If you want to taste the best crabs you'll likely ever have in your life you know where to go. My recommendation is to book a ryokan and pick the Echizen Crab option in your dinner menu (book from the original ryokan website to get to choose).

Different ways of eating crab

Note! You can only have this between Early November to Late March as these crabs have a very strict fishing season. Look out for the yellow tag which is only marked for Echizen Crabs. You are very welcome.

- Sauce Katsu

Ordinarily you will be used to have prawn, beef, or fish fried up and you would dip it in tempura sauce or maybe for cutlets you would pour some miso sauce on it and eat it.

Here in Fukui their dish is a little different. The meat is dipped in miso sauce and served to you ready to eat! It isn't overly sweet as you would imagine, in fact that makes every bite more tasty and seasoned. A must try!

- Seafood from the sea of Japan

If you look at where Fukui is on a map, it is right next to the Sea of Japan so you can expect seafood to be the freshest of the fresh and with so much variety you will want to try everything! 
Try pufferfish (fugu). Did you know that chefs serving fugu require undergoing many years of training before they can get a certification and serve it in their restaurant? If it is not prepared properly you can die from eating it. The poison is found in the skin, skeleton, ovaries, intestines and particularly the liver. At the chef's final examination they will have to prepare their fugu and then eat it! I suppose if they are still alive they must have done it right - haha! 
There are different ways of eating fugu - sashimi style, hotpot style, in chawanmushi, or even in tempura! My favourite is fugu hotpot because the meat is just so fresh and soft, together with the soup you have a nice aroma and flavour. Simply exquisite. 

Fugu sashimi. Can't get any fresher than this

Of course you will need to have more crabz. Seriously freshly fried crab tempura was so good I actually teared up. I had extremely good crab and fugu here at this ryokan which has an amazing view of the Lake Suigetsuko. I also had the biggest abalone ever but more on that on another post.

Be sure to stop by Sakanamachi Seafood Market to get some fresh seafood at extremely competitive prices!

- Rice is super good as it is grown using the waters from Mt Hakkasan

I don't know how to describe rice generally but I can say it is moist and soft and tasty. There you go. Due to Fukui's location it gets water from mountain sources - where spring water is aplenty.

- That makes Sake pretty darn good too

The secret to having a prosperous city is to have clean, fresh, water. You see, you bathe in it, you cook with it, you make drinks with it and because it is filled with minerals that you can't really taste, it affects your body and mind - it is wonderful. Not like this Newater thing that Singapore is producing that kills flowers (try it - put a fresh flower in one). 

Get a sake tasting platter everywhere you go and find your favourite sake. I know I did!!

Sake also makes me smile like this, but in this picture I was having really good milk ice cream!

- Ume (Plum)

Fans of umeshuu put your hands up! Many people associate umeshu as a 'ladies drink' but in recent years I see more and more of my male friends enjoying this drink in bars too! Here in Fukui ume is grown therefore producing many varieties of items using ume. There's ume pickles, ume tea, ume ice cream, even ume soba!! Can't believe how ingenious Japanese are.


Now that I have gotten you very hungry talking about sweet, savoury and sour food, here to the next section about Fukui's top attractions:

- One of the top dinosaur museums in the world, and #1 in Japan

Now if you ask any Japanese about Fukui, chances are they would have heard about Fukui's most famous landmark - the Dinosaur Museum. It is every dinosaur loving person's dream!
The museum is close to Japan's largest fossil excavation site and features tons of fossils found (you can even touch some of them!). This four storeys landmark features moving dinosaurs, a game area for children, mock ups of dinosaurs true to size and more!

I was really surprised that there was a species of dinosaurs found in Fukui and therefore the dinosaur was named after the city! They are called Fukui-raptor and Fukui-saurus. Here you can find moving dinosaur replicas of these dinosaurs if you can find them in this huge museum!

For English speakers and tourists, not to worry as there are english translations.

Even those who are not thaaat interested in dinosaurs will find something interesting about this (watching dinosaurs fighting on a tv screen being one of them, watch replica dinosaurs moving and growling, admire huge skeletals of some are extremely HUUUGE!) Don't miss this if you are in Fukui!

Admission Fee: 720 yen
Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (No entry after 16:30)
Address: 51-11 Terao, Muroko, Katsuyama, Fukui 911-8601, JapanOfficial website (in English):

- Visit one of the most Zen temples in the world

Eiheiji Temple is one of the most zen temples in the world. In fact, Steve Jobs once dreamed of being a monk here and has written about this in his books! This temple still follows rituals over centuries old and is known to be a temple of eternal peace. Any wanna-be monks here have to undergo very strict training, and monks are known to have dropped out.

We happened to be here close to dinner time (about 5pm?) and could smell the aroma of food that made me wish they had a restaurant. Public can also sign up to undergo some of the training to become more zen, though I do not think I will be able to handle it. Imagine waking up really early, having a very simple vegetarian meal, and cleaning the temple top to bottom daily, as well as chanting and having prayers to find your inner self. That is very tough indeed.

Well, the easier option is to visit this temple and admire its beauty. (the white blob in the picture is actually snow!!)

- Onsen 

Credits: Arisotei

Fukui, surrounded by mountains also has a few onsen towns at Awara, Mikuni etc. Depending on your preferred choice of view, you can pick a ryokan overlooking the Sea of Japan, or facing beautiful greenery. I picked the sea because I like to stare at the waves while looking out.
The hot spring water in Fukui is known for helping with rheumatism, dermatitis, neuralgia, gastric problems, and other conditions. If you haven't had the chance to try an onsen I strongly recommend it! Those with tattoos may be asked to cover with a plaster or something, and this is the practice generally throughout Japan.

- Drive up a mountain and experience this breath-taking view

Click on the image for a blow up of this stunning view

Here at Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park you can enjoy one of the best sea and lake views I ever had. Here you have the Japan Sea and the Five Lakes of Mikata all in one breath. I cannot stress enough that you definitely have to come here when you come to Fukui. It will be a most memorable one.

Tip: TAKE THE CABLE CAR UP! You'll have to pay but it is worth it.

The air here is insanely clean and just makes you feel so good!! That all the travel is worth it.

- This beach

Takahama beach is one of the cleanest in Japan (well ignore the seaweed on the sand as the cleaners will clean before summer) you can see the seaweed and all below! So blue and nice. If it wasn't so freezing (still spring when I went) I would have jumped right in. Time to go back during summer!

- Tojinbo Cliffs

These cliffs look scary but they offer one of the best views of the Sea of Japan. Here we caught the sunset and it was truly magnificent!!

It is pretty windy here though so you should bring some thicker clothes.

- Drink water right out of a well

In Fukui there are numerous wells and some are so clean you can literally stop and drink right out of it! I guarantee it will be one of the cleanest waters you'll ever drink and you have been wondering what have you been missing all your life. Bring water bottles or heck a water cooler here to stock up on this water!

- Knives 

Fukui is also known for their knives! Many of the best chefs in the world want a knife made from Fukui because of the outstanding quality and at some of the top places, expect to wait years before you get your knife. That's how high in demand it is! Every knife is handmade, imagine the polishing, the stamping, the sharpening - we always take for granted how easy it is to buy a knife here but do not realise how much effort goes into making one!

Visit Takefu Knife Village to see some of these knife-makers working with free entry! You can even buy some knives back from here.

- Paper making

Fukui is one of the largest producers of handmade paper all year round, so it's no wonder that you have to come by and make paper for yourself! Here I even get to decorate it with pressed leaves and some paper, finished off with some gold leaf sparkles. It's really fun!

Find out more about the history of Echizen paper here

- Pretend Yokokan garden is your house

Yokokan garden was the second home of the Matsudaira clan, the ruling feudal lords of Fukui domain in Echizen Province. It is the epitome of elegance and beauty and one can sit here gazing out for hours.

Yokokan was the place where the mistress of the 4th lord, Mitsumichi, gave birth to a son. It was here too that the second lord, Tadanao, forced his chief vassal, Uemon Nagami, to commit seppuku.

You'll be surprised to find that this is a replica as the original was destroyed during an air raid. However the blueprint was found and hence, the garden was rebuilt though with a slightly smaller scale. It would be great to come back for all 4 seasons to enjoy the change in views!

- People!

Last but not least, the people in Fukui are so friendly! I have been to a number of cities in Japan and in many places everyone just passes you by looking stressed or once the waiter/waitresses take your order they leave. Here people chat with us, ask us where we are from and make sure we feel comfortable!

I was also really impressed by the generosity of Fukui people.

A museum that preserved a high end restaurant frequented by geisha and their guests was closed on the day we visited but after our guide called them saying that we came from Singapore etc, someone actually drove over and opened it for us! They were even willing to open the restaurant for us to get food if we wanted! I was SO surprised and service is top notch. Try this in Singapore even if you are a prince from Brunei or a celebrity and the owner will say "come back tomorrow."

So happy to have been able to go to Fukui and experience a complete change to what I'm used to whenever I visit Japan!

Phew! That was a very long post. I will be sharing my itinerary soon if you would like a shortcut to plan your trip, feel free to use it! 

Psst: Check out Fukui's magazine URALA on the latest places to eat and things to do in Fukui. 

I will be covering more posts about my accommodation and the places I visited in more detail, be sure to come back and take a look!

Thanks for reading! 

April & May Japanese hair salon promotions in Singapore - Komorebi by Mashu

Went back to Komorebi by Mashu to get my hair done just before my Japan trip (because you have to look your best in Japan)!

Keep reading to find out their April and May promotions which are such a great deal!!

Service in Komorebi by Mashu is also amazing because you get dedicated service from your stylist from start to finish. Many other salons in Singapore pass you to a junior to wash your hair, dry your hair and make you wait in between while they attend to other customers, but it is not the case here. Your time and hair are important to them!

The salon is just a short walk from Songfa Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay which makes it easy to use an excuse to have some bak kut teh.

After climbing the steps to the second storey, you'll be greeted with a very homely atmosphere.

The reception area of Komorebi by Mashu. Nice huh?

So the last time I did my hair was before Chinese New Year and my roots were all grown out and my hair is so dry because I haven't been putting hair treatment often.


Also, my hair looked really yellow-ish.

Picked a purplish hair colour because I was a bit sick of the yellow tinge.

Used Hoyu 11level violet (with a bit of ash) and had my eyebrow dyed to match! You can have your eyebrows dyed for $15 to match your hair!

After the dye was applied, used Shiseido color shampoo & treatment. Hope to try the Mother Earth range the next time! I really love the hot towel they place on your neck during the whole experience. Just feels so soothing.

A quick fringe trim and hairdryer later:

I was a bit surprised that there were no tinges of purple... but it seems like my hair is really stubborn and resistant to changes in tones. I didn't want to bleach my hair because it is incredibly damaging so I guess I have to stick to browns then. I am glad my hair is not so yellow though!

Here's another shot after.  Hair is so much smoother now after the treatment! You have to try it!

There's a sale for Shiseido products so be sure to grab some while you're there!

Alright since you kept on reading til here... this is the part you've all been waiting for!

April Promotion!

Enjoy services by their Japanese director stylist for you to experience the latest Japanese hair techniques! 

Director cut + COLOUR + Treatment >> S$220 (Original: S$270)
Director cut + PERM + Treatment >> S$240 (Original: S$310)
Director cut + DIGITAL PERM + Treatment >> S$300 (Original: S$370)
Director cut + REBONDING + Treatment >> S$340 (Original: S$440)

Only valid for 1st time customers!

May & First Anniversary Promotion!

For the month of May, all customers (both new and regular) will get a CO2 hair spa (worth S$50) and a gift!!! Absolutely free!!

Time to book your appointment!



Address2nd level @ 17 & 19 south bridge road, Singapore 058659
Nearest StationNE5:Clarke Quay MRT Station                               (It's a three-minute walk from the station, just walk from the back of Songfa Bak Kut Teh)
Business hours
Weekdays 11:00 - 20:00 Saturday 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday 11:00 - 16:00
Day offMonday&Holiday

Thanks Komorebi by Mashu!

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Marseille - beauty that is the south of France

Sharing some pictures I took on my recent trip to Marseille. Unfortunately the weather wasn't so kind this time (it was raining one moment then stopped, then rained again...) and one of the days the wind was SO strong I lost my balance while going down the stairs and almost fell!

Starting off with one of my favourite pictures

Would love to go back in summer! Would be great to swim in the sea and snorkel. Maybe rent a yacht and sail out for the afternoon.... check out Nice and Provence. Sunsets in Marseille are also breath-taking. Photos were taken from my phone so it's not the best quality... but I still wanted to share them with you.

I could stare at the sea all day. Left a part of me there (my kidney). Just kidding.

Les Dock, one of the nicest shopping malls! Each section has a different design - I love it!

One of the sections. This mall is great for escaping some of the wind outside - not all! Pretty open concept and things here are not the cheapest. Think local designer stores.

At Notre-dame de la Garde

View from the top! Super windy also it was storming so not the best picture. Won't post it here.

Stayed at the Golden Tulip! Huuuge bed. Remember to bring your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Sunset at the vieux port

Another sunset which I can't get enough of

The interior of one of the other churches - very gothic and has crypts below. A bit creepy.

Pardon the jetlag.

Walking around the town on the stormy day. Huge waves!

Went hiking in the calanque - welcomed by orcs, the wind and seagulls

Something fun going on in my hotel lobby! 

Hotel toilet selfie! Lighting was sooo good!

The ferris wheel looks big but in reality was pretty small (that's what she said)

Would give anything to be there right now!!! At this moment.

Ending with a photo home sweet home.

Guess you really never know what life's curveballs can do.

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