Marseille - beauty that is the south of France

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Sharing some pictures I took on my recent trip to Marseille. Unfortunately the weather wasn't so kind this time (it was raining one moment then stopped, then rained again...) and one of the days the wind was SO strong I lost my balance while going down the stairs and almost fell!

Starting off with one of my favourite pictures

Would love to go back in summer! Would be great to swim in the sea and snorkel. Maybe rent a yacht and sail out for the afternoon.... check out Nice and Provence. Sunsets in Marseille are also breath-taking. Photos were taken from my phone so it's not the best quality... but I still wanted to share them with you.

I could stare at the sea all day. Left a part of me there (my kidney). Just kidding.

Les Dock, one of the nicest shopping malls! Each section has a different design - I love it!

One of the sections. This mall is great for escaping some of the wind outside - not all! Pretty open concept and things here are not the cheapest. Think local designer stores.

At Notre-dame de la Garde

View from the top! Super windy also it was storming so not the best picture. Won't post it here.

Stayed at the Golden Tulip! Huuuge bed. Remember to bring your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Sunset at the vieux port

Another sunset which I can't get enough of

The interior of one of the other churches - very gothic and has crypts below. A bit creepy.

Pardon the jetlag.

Walking around the town on the stormy day. Huge waves!

Went hiking in the calanque - welcomed by orcs, the wind and seagulls

Something fun going on in my hotel lobby! 

Hotel toilet selfie! Lighting was sooo good!

The ferris wheel looks big but in reality was pretty small (that's what she said)

Would give anything to be there right now!!! At this moment.

Ending with a photo home sweet home.

Guess you really never know what life's curveballs can do.

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