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Top 5 money saving deals that allow you to eat delicious food at top restaurants

Let's face it. We have to eat to survive, but why does good, quality food at top notch restaurants have to be so expensive??? Unless you're as rich as Paris Hilton, food expenses can really burn a hole in your pocket at the end of the day.

I like to reward myself with some comfort food after a hard day's work. But what can we do?? It's too painful a lifestyle to keep.

Which is why I went and compiled a list of top 5 tips, tricks, apps and more to help you (and me!) make use of all these deals so both our tummy's can thank us later.

Keep reading to find out more and of course, get access to exclusive discount codes!

Ready, set, go.

  • 1-for-1 main course, anybody?
Photo credits: Superadrianme

Introducing, The Entertainer. A widely acclaimed mobile app that focuses on making their customers (aka, you!) happy by caring for your wallet. The Entertainer provides over 1,065 ‘buy one get one free’ vouchers from the city’s most exclusive dining, leisure, wellness and entertainment venues including Au Petit Salut, Kinki, Carnivore, Hard Rock Café and more!

What's even better is that due to the app's international recognition, you can check out their global deals when you're overseas for business or holiday trips! Some places you can expect to use your vouchers are Dubai, Hong Kong, London... and the list goes on.

How to get it?

Download The Entertainer app now for a one month trial to get 1-for-1 main course at selected restaurants, absolutely FREE!! It's a flat fee of $95 to get access to ALL their partners til 31 Dec 2014, which can be utilized via the app, a book which they will mail over, or you can pick up at any Kinokuniya bookstore. In my opinion, $95 is a really great deal because it's easily recoverable by dining at at least 2 places before it expires. For example, a main course at Hard Rock Cafe would set you back by at least $30 per person, but if you get 1 for 1 you immediately get $30 off!

PSST!! To help you get started, key in "@claires_flair" at checkout to get yourself 20% off the original price! That reduces the price from $95 to $76 and has effectively just saved you an additional $17!! You're welcome.

Discount code is only valid until the end of April. So don't hesitate and just get it now before it's too late!!

  • $30licious set meals 

Photo credits: Superadrianme

Presented by American Express and Hungrygowhere, diners can enjoy specially curated set menus including craving-worthy-dishes at more than 30 restaurants across the island! American Express cardholders get them at $30++ while all other diners using other modes of payments get them at $35++. All you need is the person footing the bill to pay via an Amex card to qualify for the $30++ set meal!

I popped over to Mouth Restaurant during lunch recently and was treated to their signature baked custard bun that was beyond legendary. I've never had a custard bun that had a bo luo bao crispy texture on top, complemented by the liquid salted egg custard that was just divine. Trust me, the list of restaurants under this promotion? Worth going through all the trouble of signing up for an Amex card just so I could use this promotion.

For a complete list of restaurants and details of their set menu, click here. Participating merchants include Etna Italian Restaurant, Gyu-Kaku (Anchorpoint), and Tomo Izakaya, among others, offering a wide array of cuisines that even the fussiest foodie is certain to be spoilt for choice. Making a reservation on Hungrygowhere isn't an essential step, but it could help guarantee a table at your preferred location.

PSST!! The $30 set meals are only valid until end of April, so be sure to check them out ASAP!!

  • Restaurant Week
I remember my first experience with Restaurant Week when it first launched in 2011. What initially began as a curious interest to find out which restaurants were under the programme, quickly turned into a fastest-fingers-first race against time to clinch a reservation at one of the top restaurants in Singapore. Here's a tip, book first, ask your friends who's interested to meet for a meal later.

Just imagine - limited seats for a special 3-course meal at established and new restaurants will be offered at an irresistible fixed price of either $25++ (for lunch) or $35++ (for dinner)! Some really high end restaurants will have an additional surcharge, but it'll definitely be cheaper than what you could ever get when you order ala carte. 

Their partners include, but are not limited to, Il Lido, Infusion@ Dempsey, Jade, La Noce, Magma, My Little Spanish Place, Michelangelo’s, Salt Grill & Sky Bar so you know you're definitely getting value for your money.

Reservations for these high in demand spots are only available online via . However, the most recent Restaurant Week was in March, so I doubt there will be one soon. Keep your eyes and ears peeled though! As rumour has it that they will be extending restaurant week to cover two weekends so more people can benefit ;)

PSST!! Join their mailing list to get priority booking 2 days before everybody else and to get ample notice on when the next restaurant week will happen!!

  • Subscribe to food deal newsletters

I subscribe to Groupon, and customize my alerts such that I get only one email a week about food, and boyyy have I been milking the benefits! There are discounts for a wide range of eateries, from KFC family meals to Rendevous Hotel buffets, and you can get value vouchers (eg pay $20 and get $40 worth of food) or even 70% off dim sum set lunches! The earlier you find the deal and purchase it, the faster you can make a reservation at the establishment before everyone books the place and you have til there's a slot a month later. #truestory

PSST!!  Don't forget to keep track of which places you've bought deals for, their terms and conditions (some places are only applicable for weekday lunches) and when they expire!! I've had a few coupons that were completely wasted because I either a) totally forgot about them, or b) didn't read the fine print properly and realise I'm not applicable. Bleh.

  • Get a credit card

I'm not saying you should just get ANY card, do your homework first. Citibank has dining privileges with 5 and 6 star hotels like W Singapore, St Regis and Raffles hotel, and even promises to refund the difference if you can find a better offer with their partnered restaurants under another credit card! UOB has partners with hotels as well but gives you more choices to dine at cafes and smaller establishes too. DBS  gives great value especially for entry level credit cards due to their wide range of discounts which you can find out more on their mobile app. There are tons of other credit cards but I can't be going through them all! Just spend within your means and remember to ask your friends to pay you back if your credit card is being used to foot the bill. That friend that says she'll pay you back all the time and always forgets to bring her wallet? Dump him/her.

Alright that's it! Be sure to share this post with your friends so all of you can save money together! Let me know if you have any comments or any other tips to share too.

Til next time! 

A Sealy® transformation - The beginning

Recently, it struck me. My close friends are all working, our spending power has increased, and our aspirations in life have somewhat altered. I'm becoming more independent and am taking on more responsibilities and am morphing into... a lady.

Have to start eating chilli now

It's true. I'm being forced to mature.

Lets face it, I'm past 21 and am one of the OL's practicing my balancing act on the train in the mornings. So... what's next? I'm not about to get married soon, I'm a swinging single woman with her life ahead of her, so how could I represent this new change in me? I thought about a new hairstyle, a new wallet, but these didn't seem significant enough. Then I thought about creating my own space. Since buying a place of my own or renting one is wayyy too expensive in a Singapore context, I wanted to redecorate my room instead. What better place to start changing things up in your room than to start with your bed - the item you use for the longest time, right?

Furthermore, my current mattress has been with me for 20+ years already, and after a quick research online, the lifespan of a mattress is only about 10 years! Oops. Since last year, I also noticed that my lower back often hurts when I'm on my bed, then I'd prop my legs up on a pillow and the pain would lessen. At times, I would also toss and turn for hours before falling asleep. I had always associated it with 'thinking too much' and 'insomnia', but I have considered that it might be due to my mattress!

When I took a closer look at my mattress, guess what I saw.

My mattress was overused and sagging! Notice the crease lines when I compressed it? That means that the foam has broken down, and has lost its resilience. It was time for a new mattress to achieve proper spinal alignment for my body and that explained why I felt tired in the mornings.

As mattresses are expensive, if you've been experience similar symptoms as me, try rotating your mattress (from head to foot) and see if it helps. This can help extend the shelf life of your mattress for a while longer! However, if you hear the bed springs when you lie on your bed, then there's no delaying it, it's time for a change!

If you're a young couple and planning to get your own place, I'd say, get a comfortable and lasting mattress that will keep you well rested. You're already tired from the activities of the day, so indulge yourself in some good sleep to provide you with energy for the next! Oh, and get a pretty bed frame to match :p

With Alvin, from OMY 

So it's about time to change. I wanted a good mattress that would support me in my times of need (hurhur) and Sealy is the largest mattress manufacturer in the world. They're a well-known household brand in America and is widely respected by companies and individuals. Their mattresses are used in luxury resorts, hotels and even in the White House! I went down to the Sealy Sleep Palace showroom at Tanglin to find out more.

Sealy Sleep Palace

I went down to the Sealy Sleep Palace along with 4 other bloggers and we were warmly greeted by the GM of Sealy Asia, the marketing team and the OMY team! The showroom at Tanglin is huuuge with a wide variety of mattresses, so you're going to be spoilt for choice.

Once the briefing was over, we were free to roam around and pick our mattresses! Everyone dispersed in different directions, lying down for a bit, then getting up and trying the next one.

Also, the lovely staff passed me a blanket so there wouldn't be any 'accidents', so if you're wearing a skirt or dress to the showroom, don't worry!

When I was walking around the showroom, I liked the warm and homely feel they recreated. There's a faux fireplace with an inviting chair and two adorable furry friends who want to play ball with you. I get the feeling that whether you're in your twenties swinging single, a young couple starting a future together, or a family, Sealy will help you find the perfect mattress to complement your home and help create that spirit of togetherness. 

Anyhoo, a great touch!

This was one of Pete's choice of mattresses, but he decided on another one in the end. It was my first time meeting him and he was really friendly and nice! Will be sharing tips on how to pick mattresses at a later date, so keep checking back ;)

I was torn between a firm mattress and a softer one so I ended up asking a lot of questions but Ivy was really patient and delivered great service! She really knows her stuff too, so if you're unsure about anything feel free to ask :p

My choice

Hotels Collection - as glamourous as its name sounds

I wanted the flagship Sealy Posturepedic mattress because of its titanium alloy innersprings which provide a combination of support and pressure relief on pressure points. This leads to more restful, restorative sleep! There are a few collections under this range to choose from, but more on that in another post ;)

Picking a mattress from the hotels collection meant that these mattresses are also supplied to internationally renowned hotels like Fairmount, Four Seasons, Grand Copthorne, Grand Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, St Regis, Sheraton and more! I loved how comfortable the bed was during my last staycation at St Regis, and how good it felt when I woke up the following morning!

I made my choice - The Luxury Firm mattress in Queen (152x190cm) and it happened to be the same one Eevon decided on!

Valerie, the Marketing Manager informed me that delivery would be either that Saturday morning or afternoon. I was taken aback because I had expected delivery to be one to two weeks later instead, not in a few days! I had NO bed frame for a Queen sized bed because my bed at home was a Single, and was planning to get one after picking my desired mattress.

"What?? This Saturday?? But I haven't gotten a bed frame yet!!"

Just then, Mr Lee, General Manager of Sealy, generously offered to loan me a box spring for the campaign, so that I would have more time to look for a bed frame.

Not knowing what a box spring was, they informed me that it's a bed base that doesn't have a headboard and is commonly used in hotels and showrooms! The mattress and box spring work in unison to provide stable and continuous support. I learnt later that your sleep set must be situated on a proper bed frame with rigid center support which will offset any unwanted flexing on your mattress to provide a flat, level sleeping foundation.

It was a really thoughtful gesture which I thankfully accepted. Thank you Sealy!! I was all set! After we had picked our mattresses, it was just the next phase to look forward to - receiving it :p

If you're interested in checking out Sealy's biggest showroom and flagship store in Singapore to get a new mattress, head to:

91 Tanglin Road (near Orchard MRT!)
Tanglin Place #01-02
Singapore 247918

Tel: 6235 3166 
Opening Hours: 
10.00am - 9.00pm (Mon to Thu)
10.00am – 9.30pm (Fri to Sun)
Facebook page:

Be sure to stop by because they're having insane GSS sales and mattresses at great prices!

Follow me on my Sealy adventure for the next few weeks to learn more about their mattresses! Stay tuned for updates because the next post will reveal pictures of my room, before and after my Sealy arrives ;)
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Activate! with EZ-Link!

Have any of you, like me, misplaced your EZ-Link card before?  I hate the panic process after, especially when I JUST topped up my card, and after telling my mother that I misplaced it, she scolds me and remarks that I'm throwing free money away.


Now there's a solution to that problem, AND lots of other conveniences that come along with it! No more 'sian' face whenever I lose my EZ-Link card!! Just imagine, you can RECOVER the amount you lost, and more!

In fact, I'm actually happy because I get to enjoy great deals and discounts with my Ez-Link card after signing up!!

The solution - Activate!

Recently, Ez-Link created this programme called 'Activate!' which, after registration, provides many value-added, complimentary services to card holders, like recovering your money, checking transaction history etc!

**Note that ‘Activate!’ only applies to adult ez-link cards issued by EZ-Link and does not apply to concession cards issued by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). 

Let me explain the benefits so you'll get a clearer picture, or if you're already convinced, just skip ahead to find out how to register!

1) Recover your money when you've lost your card
If you've lost your EZ-Link card, you can block usage of your card and recover the value that was on your card after it's been effectively blocked!

If you've lost your card, click here to find out what you have to do to block any further transactions from going through! Once your card has been blocked, you can proceed to obtain a refund for your card balance, if you follow the instructions here.

Plus, should there be unauthorised usage of funds between the time the customer calls EZ-Link to block their card and before the card is successfully blocked, EZ-Protect provides an additional safeguard of up to SGD 10. I feel extra safe about my EZ-Link card now!

Under EZ-Manage, all card holders can register up to three ez-link cards at one time, so be sure to register to be able to enjoy these perks and protect yourself from unauthorized usage of your card!

2) Monitoring your expenditure
I don't know about you, but I never monitor my transport spending. If I travel from Orchard to Raffles place and it's supposed to be, say $2, I never actually checked that there was a $2 deduction on my card.

And don't even mention 'transfer' discounts when you take the train, then a bus. I just completely relied and trusted the calculations. I wouldn't even know if I've been charged more on a ride, which isn't very healthy, but there was just no convenient way to monitor it.

Enjoying travellator time, not worrying about train fare amounts

However, after registering with ‘Activate!', I'm able to check my transaction history for up to three months, on the EZ-Link mobile app or on the website. This allows me to track my expenditure, and notice when I've been charged a different amount if I've always been taking the same route!

I can even opt to see my expenditure in graph form!! 

This is not limited to JUST transport charges, but when you use your EZ-Link card to pay for any services (eg, taxi fares) at places that accept EZ-Link payment.

Now, I can find out how often I've been topping up my EZ-Link card, and how much I spend on average on transport and other amenities!

This is really useful because the checking of transaction history was previously only available at the General Ticketing Machine (GTM) or Add Value Machine (AVM) at MRT stations, which usually has long queues or is 'out of the way' so I never bothered to check.

I took the train at several times yesterday, it's kinda like stalking myself lol.

Note: As I just registered, you can't see my past 30 days transaction history, only up to yesterday's transactions. So here's my travel times and amounts yesterday!

Oh, and looking at my balance amount reminds me that I need to top-up my Ez-Link card tomorrow. Hehe.

3) Discounts and promotions!

Look out for discounts and promotions from EZ-Link and its merchants, that are exclusively for Activate! members!

If that's not enough, get this.

Ez-link cardholders who register with Activate! will stand a chance to win up to S$3,000 worth of CapitaLand vouchers. (Terms and conditions apply.)

So what're you waiting for?? Register now!

How to register?

To enjoy all the benefits of ‘Activate!’,  register online for free at, or by signing up via the EZ-Link app available at the iTunes App and Google Play store. Just search 'EZ-Link' in your app store and download away to use it while you're on the go!

Click 'Register here now!" on the right column.

Fill in your details!

What's my EZ-Link CAN number?

See the red boxed up portion? Your EZ-link CAN number is the 16-digit unique serial number on the back!
I have blurred out mine because mine has already been registered :)

After the system has verified your EZ-link number, an sms with your one time password will be sent to your phone! (remember to follow the upper and lower case alphabets!)

Next, you'll need to fill in your postal code etc, and there is a check box for free insurance over your ez-link card, which I ticked, and I recommend that you guys check it too!

What it means, in essence, is that you get to claim up to $10 for your lost card once a year. Of course, more terms and conditions apply. I checked it because, getting reimbursed for losing your ez-link card sounds like a good deal to me!

Once you've registered, you're good to go! Play around with the features and let me know what you think!

Share Activate! with your friends now!!
Register for a chance to win up to $3,000 of Capitaland vouchers at today!

Thank you Tricia and EZ-Link!

Help your curls last longer. Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls range!

Want to know how to achieve Frizz-free curls that last all day? Continue reading for a FREE Giveaway!!

Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls range is enriched with Vitamin E to tame temperamental curls, replenishes lost moisture and nourishes the cortex. Best of all, THEY SMELL NICE!!

What's in the collection?

- Curl Defining Shampoo ($16.90)
Nourishes and repairs dry, frizzy hair to create shine while repelling humidity! Formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk to prevent moisture loss and smooth down the cuticle layer of your hair while you wash!

Left: Shampoo, right: Conditioner. Sorry for the picture but as you know it's liquid so it's hard to take a picture of it haha. No fixed volume. #geek

I've been using this to keep my hair slightly wavy since I last permed my hair in December! It works ;)

- Frizz Sealing Conditioner ($16.90)
Eliminates tangles and defines frizz-free curls! A must so that my hair continues to be soft and smooth.

- Curl Defining Lotion ($18.90)
Its lightweight, non-sticky formula creates definition while leaving your curls bouncy and soft! Best of all, its alcohol-free.

I brought the lotion with me to Japan so that my curls would stay and they worked LIKE A CHARM!! My curls lasted the whole day and my hair really felt bouncy and smooth!

- Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream ($18.90)
This moisturizer and styler highlights curls with its Shea Butter and Avocado Oil ingredients, creating the ultimate frizz control. Perfect for extra frizzy, coarse curls that need a guiding hand!

Available exclusively at Watsons!


Brand NEW: Marc Anthony's Curl Enhancing Styling Foam (worth $21.90)

If you want more control over your curls, its Silk Amino Acids and Vitamin E will help you transform fine, limp curls into full, polished and sophisticated ones!

It's a really awesome product but I am too lazy in the mornings to use this, so I would rather give it to one lucky reader!!

All you have to do is like my facebook page HERE, share this post with your friends on Facebook (using the share button below) and leave a comment here with your name, email and why you want this!

Meetups at my convenience only and only open to Singaporean residents :)

Giveaway closes: 27 August 2012 so be sure to spread the word!

Have a great week!

Top 5 Tips for Bangkok!

Don't leave for Bangkok without reading this!

So I just got back from Bangkok about a week or two ago, it was my first time and of course, I made a few mistakes here and here. Here's my compiled list of tips I'd recommend... and I hope you guys learn from my mistakes and benefit from my stumbled-upon luck!

1) Taxi fare matters

The locals use METER for their cab rides, and you should too, as long as it's not during peak hours. The jam is crazy so you'll be better off in a tuk tuk if that happens. Most of the time we were ripped off by cab drivers charging us 100-150 baht to just drive us within the area. Some even quoted us 200! We just stood our ground and said 100 maximum ($4 sgd so per person would be $1 each? Okay la) If you ask before you get in, they'll know you're a tourist immediately.

2. Foodgasm
Coconut ice cream comes in a husk where you can scoop out the flesh and coconut juice at the bottom!

Seriously I had the BEST mango sticky rice and coconut ice cream EVER. At Chatuchuk market's food section. Think there was only one stall that sold mango sticky rice and next to it, the stall that sold coconut ice cream!! Here are my food pics. Mango was perfectly ripe and coconut ice cream was perfect for the insanely hot weather!! Plus I got free coconut juice too! (I initially thought it was water).

 Stall that sold me the coconut ice cream :) 

 Delicious mango sticky rice!! Think it was 80 baht.

3. Watch where you're going
Too many times in a day, I walked into a hole and almost sprained my ankle. There was one time I was trying to get ON a tuk tuk, right leg on the tuk-tuk, left leg still on the ground (with my weight resting on it) and suddenly my left leg slipped into a hole. My ankle hurt for a while after but I recovered in a bit. If I had an old injury I'm pretty sure it would've screwed me over!! You'll learn to appreciate Singapore roads much more after your trip.

4. Wholesale wholesale Shopping!

If you haven't already heard, many stalls will quote a cheaper per item price if you buy in bulk. For eg, 1 top is 400 baht, but 2 would become 300 baht each, and if you buy more than 10, probably 200 baht each. Now comes your dilemma. If you buy 2, you'll be spending 600 baht. Whereas if you bought one, it would be 400. Unless you have 10 friends or you're actually going to sell  your items, you're actually paying more money for something you didn't actually want. Diminishing marginal returns!

 5. Do as the locals do.
 Insane shopping!

Thanks to Peggy's recommendation, I checked out Rot Fai Night Market, which surprised the taxi driver when we told him we were heading there! It's a NEW local hotspot, and not many tourists know of this place. In fact, I think we were probably the only OBVIOUS tourists there! Everyone spoke to us in Thai, the items were cheap-ish already, could see a variety of handcrafted items, furniture, vintage cameras etc. There was even a stall that sold puppies!! The best part? There were bars operating out of Volkswagen caravans. If that's not cool, I don't know what is. It's only open on weekdays and gets really crowded from 9pm onwards, so head there at about 7pm and you'll be in good time!

Sorry for crappy picture quality! But this is an example of a caravan bar :D

Hope you liked my tips! Will post a more detailed travelogue later on! Thought this post would come first since a few readers are going to Bangkok this month for your holidays!


Tips and tricks to survive in a local University.

Disclaimer: If you don't survive... well, I take no responsibility.

1) Pray to the Bell Curve God.
 No matter what religion you are, you better be in the Bell Curve's favour. If you're not, then it's almost impossible to get your grades back up! Always remember that if you're following the majority, you're on the right track.So start praying.

2) Picking electives to help your grades
My improvisation elective was funnn!
Ask your seniors for elective recommendations but take note of these vital points! If you choose an elective that's easy in content but difficult to score (essays, case studies, etc), it might not be the best option for you. For example, during mid terms, you scored a 28/40 which is pretty good right? But if everyone else is scoring 34/40 then you might even consider S/Uing the module. If you fail... then the easier the final exam, the more likely you are to be screwed. However, if you take a confusing module but the final exam is MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) then, that could be a better option because you have the luxury of GUESSING. Oh, and if everyone else is GUESSING too, who will the bell curve favour? Guess.

(Note: Feel free to pick electives you're interested in! The above tip was purely for pushing up your GPA)

3) Get good groupmates

Pick crappy ones and you have nightmares for the whole semester. Or maybe no nightmares because you won't even be sleeping. You'll be living in one, though. You know what they're like, they don't turn up for meetings, are always MIA and uncontactable during CRUCIAL periods, give super sloppy work and of course, try to claim credit when feedbacks are due. The trick is how to SPOT them before grouping with them! There isn't a fool-proof method, but there are some signs you can look out for.

- Late for class often (or doesn't even show up!)
- Unkempt appearance
- Sleep during lessons

If your professor groups you together with them, you have no choice. But you better set your expectations and talk to them sternly before all hell breaks loose. (Good luck.)

4) Obtain senior's notes
 Granted, it will be time consuming to create your OWN notes for every subject, so why not get senior's notes instead? Unless you're doing a new module... or your entire syllabus has changed, there will be some notes somewhere. Ask around, ask your classmates, bribe them if needed.

5. Study smart
 I study, text, study, text, otherwise I get restless.
Studying at the last minute doesn't work for everyone. Worse if you actually study the ENTIRE syllabus :X Checking past year papers help you gauge the types of questions that will come out, listening intently when your prof reveals the final exam format (and the people who ask for topic hints) will also help as well. Find your study preference! Are you a morning or night person? Do you need 8 hours of sleep to be optimal? (I do.) In a quiet place or a noisy one? iPod music or not? Studying alone, or in a small group? (Big groups are useless. Once someone gets fidgety and suggests to do something else, if you're the minority, then gg). The only way to find out is to try all these permutations and you'll find your match.

That's it! Other tips like don't skip meals blahblah apply but I'm sure you already know that :P

I survived. You can too! (which is also an appeal not to commit suicide from stress).

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