Help your curls last longer. Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls range!

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Want to know how to achieve Frizz-free curls that last all day? Continue reading for a FREE Giveaway!!

Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls range is enriched with Vitamin E to tame temperamental curls, replenishes lost moisture and nourishes the cortex. Best of all, THEY SMELL NICE!!

What's in the collection?

- Curl Defining Shampoo ($16.90)
Nourishes and repairs dry, frizzy hair to create shine while repelling humidity! Formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk to prevent moisture loss and smooth down the cuticle layer of your hair while you wash!

Left: Shampoo, right: Conditioner. Sorry for the picture but as you know it's liquid so it's hard to take a picture of it haha. No fixed volume. #geek

I've been using this to keep my hair slightly wavy since I last permed my hair in December! It works ;)

- Frizz Sealing Conditioner ($16.90)
Eliminates tangles and defines frizz-free curls! A must so that my hair continues to be soft and smooth.

- Curl Defining Lotion ($18.90)
Its lightweight, non-sticky formula creates definition while leaving your curls bouncy and soft! Best of all, its alcohol-free.

I brought the lotion with me to Japan so that my curls would stay and they worked LIKE A CHARM!! My curls lasted the whole day and my hair really felt bouncy and smooth!

- Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream ($18.90)
This moisturizer and styler highlights curls with its Shea Butter and Avocado Oil ingredients, creating the ultimate frizz control. Perfect for extra frizzy, coarse curls that need a guiding hand!

Available exclusively at Watsons!


Brand NEW: Marc Anthony's Curl Enhancing Styling Foam (worth $21.90)

If you want more control over your curls, its Silk Amino Acids and Vitamin E will help you transform fine, limp curls into full, polished and sophisticated ones!

It's a really awesome product but I am too lazy in the mornings to use this, so I would rather give it to one lucky reader!!

All you have to do is like my facebook page HERE, share this post with your friends on Facebook (using the share button below) and leave a comment here with your name, email and why you want this!

Meetups at my convenience only and only open to Singaporean residents :)

Giveaway closes: 27 August 2012 so be sure to spread the word!

Have a great week!
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