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Vedure Mineral Earth full body massage review

Mannnn some days I really feel like giving my body some pampering, and body massages are an awesome way to reward yourself after a tough day or week, both physically and psychologically. Some of the benefits are improved digestion, relieved muscle aches and better blood circulation. On one such day, I went to try Vedure's new Mineral Earth full body massage that was just lanched in August, and conveniently located at Wheelock place!

Not wanting to be bothered by the crowd in town, I picked an appointment on Sunday morning to do my full body mud massage. It was my first time doing a mud massage, so I wasn't sure what to expect. When I walked into Vedure, staff politely asked me to fill in a form about my medical conditions, allergies, and also, my preferences for food, music and drinks! 

After filling them up, I was ushered to my private sanctuary (aka, room.)

Everything was neat and ready for me to just lose myself in paradise. I changed out and lay down on the bed, only to be pleasantly surprised that...


I love the thoughtfulness and intricate details! Heated beds are the best in an air conditioned room and your back feels so nice and snug. This is seriously a great place to get a massage in Orchard road, Wheelock Place is so central~!

Candles and a plant to add on to that relaxed atmosphere

And so, with the lights dimmed and the sound of waves and birds chirping. my massage began. My masseuse would share with me about the products that she was going to use on me, and explain the benefits before she started any treatment, which I really appreciated. Many a time have I gone for massages not knowing what sort of oil they were using or what technique they were going to apply o_o

The Mineral Earth mud that I used was the White Clay and Lavender Mask, to promote relaxation and exfoliate my skin at the same time. After this massage, I realised that mud also helped to restore the nutrients on your skin and didn't leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated! My complexion also looked fairer and I felt clean :)

Of course, I couldn't take a photo of myself during the massage but here's a visual aid. Imagine your body covered in that! It feels a little rough when it's massaged onto your skin but it's quite soothing once you get used to it. How I wish my massages would last forever!!

PSST! When you lie face down, you see a basket of flowers, instead of carpet or towels . A nice touch!

An hour later, my enjoyable and delicate massage was over and my masseuse told me to rinse off the mud in the shower pod, which was also in the same room.

I had like minimal makeup so forgive the mess.

To my delight, the shower pod was made of Grohe's shower facilities! If you haven't heard about the wonders of Grohe, check out my blog post here. 

I felt a little guilty about dirtying the shower pod (if you look at the floor of the shower you can see a bit of the mud left), oh well I guess they could be rinsed off with water? It was an amazing massage and I will definitely want to come back!!

The Mineral Mud treatment can also be extended to facials or part of your nail spa treatment, as Vedure also does nail services. 

For the full body massage, the prices are shown below:

1h - $198
90 min - $238
2h - $268

Don't be put off by the price though, it's REALLY worth it! Professional hands untying the knots and stresses built up... music to calm your senses... and of course, great service. Plus, the 1h does not include shower off time so you can take your time enjoying Grohe's shower too. 

After you've changed and freshened up, Vedure staff will lead you to a bar counter area where you are served some tea and snacks, according to your preferences that you filled in on the form earlier.

Some of the possible combinations you might get: longan drink with caramelized biscuits, granola biscuits, ginger tea or hempstead tea. Be sure to check them out!


#04-06 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, 238880
Contact: 6732 6448

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 10am-8pm, 
Sun & PH 10am-6pm

PSST: Note that you can pick your therapist before your appointment, and specify the massage style you prefer, eg swedish, javanese, japanese, shiatsu, tuinah etc.

Have a relaxing time! ;)
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