That NTU Legend..

11:11 PM claire 2 Comments

Many people have heard of the NTU Legend. The... "Jiao wo huang di" joke. (Call me Emperor) This entry is to prove that it is TRUE.

Friend's good friend was the one who heard it (and evidently spread it). It has been 5 years already.

Let me enlighten those who have no idea what I'm talking about!

Rumour had it (it's a had because it's true), that there was a PRC doing another PRC in their hall room, and it was overheard that he had asked her to..

"Jiao wo huang di".

The first time he heard it, she was like huh? But he persisted.

And she said it.

He then asked her to repeat it again but louder this time.

So the people who were outside the room listening in to every word shouted "HUANG DI!" And ran off.

True story kids! Hall 1, the block nearest to the bus stop (if you know the block number let me know and I will update this entry!)


Block 18. You have been educated.
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