Haagen Dazs Journey of Indulgence Giveaway!

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Yesterday I boarded the awesome Haagen Dazs Journey of Indulgence bus for FREE ice cream and FREE Champagne!! Continue reading for your chance to win a pair of tickets to attend yourself!  

We hopped onto the open-top bus to enjoy the awesome Christmas light-up in town. The lights were SOO PRETTY!! Especially Ion and Orchard Central's purple trees!

 Enjoying my champagne.

 I won a cooler bag because... I sang part of "All I want for Christmas is You". Maybe I should record it and upload on youtube haha.

Free polaroids taken by pretty Santarinas!


Tickets are for 22nd, 23rd OR 24th of November, 7pm, 8pm or 9pm, whichever date and time is best FOR YOU if you win!
All you have to do is, comment on this entry and tell me 
1) Your favourite Haagen Dazs ice cream flavour or the flavour you want to try the most
2) Who you will be bringing for this event!
3) Your Name, Email and Contact Number
4) Preferred Date and Time
5) Something you like about my blog! :D 

1) Rum and raisin!! Because it melts in your mouth and who can say no to some alcohol??
2) My mum because she cooks the best meals!
3) Claire, eternamente[AT], 12347890
4) 22nd Nov, 7pm!
5) Your photos are so nice!

Easy? And I have 2 pair of tickets to give away!

Giveaway ends TODAY, 21st Nov, at 11.59PM, Singapore time. Share this with your friends!

** I wanted to screen the comments but I couldn't find out how to do it on Blogger, so I will either delete all comments on this post after today OR hide them to protect your privacy!
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