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What happened to my lost android phone... 1 year later

How many of you have never lost your phones??? Really? Okay how about leaving it in the toilet or table somewhere THEN rushing back and finding it still in the same place? Less people now?

Well, I always thought I was the careful type (losing umbrellas is a whole different category - I think I've lost more than 5 in my lifetime) but one fine day, I lost my Samsung S3. You can read my initial story here.

I was at Beerfest Asia til like 1am ish and I still remember I was a little woozy after the beers. My battery was running low from that day's activities (think 10%?) and I was sitting on a bench outside the tent, texting. We decided to head back as we were all beat. I threw my phone in my bag without zipping it up and we proceeded to hail a cab outside.

As we planned to share a cab, I got in first and moved in from the left door, I'm guessing my phone probably dropped out of my bag at this point, and we reached our destination. Immediately wanting to charge my phone, I desperately searched my bag and realised the horrible truth - it was gone.

Here's a tip, ALWAYS ASK FOR A RECEIPT WHEN YOU ARE IN A CAB. I have learnt my lesson.

It was late at night and we didn't even know which cab we got into. I thought it was the red chevrolet Trans-cab but my friend remembered it as the maroon SMRT one. Either way, we called both taxi companies but they claim that their GPS on each cab did not register the right area, and even searching by taxi fare amount didn't lead to any matches. The uncle probably left the meter running to avoid getting caught or something :(

Headed straight back to Beerfest where they were packing up, but nobody found a phone. Sigh.

I kept calling my phone, googling phone location apps but it's so tough to track your phone's location when you don't already have the app installed, and when your battery is at 10%.

Needless to say, my phone's battery died even before I could track it. Once your phone is off/dead there's literally no hope.

Here's another tip. DOWNLOAD APPS THAT ALLOW YOU TO TRACK YOUR PHONE'S LOCATION. Don't wait until your phone is lost before you do this.


One year on, I was looking at apps to download from the play store on my desktop when I realised, hey there's this device I can install apps on called "GramenPhone Samsung GT-19300". What device is this?!

Then it hit me. That's my phone. MY PHONE!!! That means I can download tracking apps and fnid out where my phone is!!! My heartbeat started quickening.

Used Android Device Manager to search my phone's location and....lo and behold...

"Accurate up to 1,189 metres, last located at Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1 Dec 2014 at 9.43pm"

FML no hope already la.

PS: If you've lost your Android phone like me, try and find your phone with this link. Google is amazing.

Update: I hope he doesn't have any of my photos on his phone, or that he shows off to his friends that he has a Singaporean girlfriend or something. Don't worry I don't have any NSFW pictures on my phone haha, just a ton of selfies.

Have you ever found a lost phone? Share your experiences in the comment box below! :)

reunion over

It's over! Had a lot of fun learnt a lot about my family history and now I have a wax design of my family crest in my hands. Haha. Super cool. Oh, and it's my birthday. Heehee.

whee !

My weekend started sucky but ended up well!

Friday night went to celebrate Angie 's birthday, guess pictures will be up soon .

Saturday went for a run (and this explains my aching thighs) , ate at hippopotamus for dinner and had some drinks at alley bar!

Today am going to new look to shop because they have a promotion and I can't wait! :P

And tomorrow will be monday again!
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why claires flair?

am back in singapore! Happy national day!

Wanted to share with you guys about why I decided to choose this name!

I started blogging since primary five, which is almost 10 years ago! I learnt basic HTML by myself and designed a super simple layout using frames.

Back then I used every free website possible. Geocities, freewebz etc! Even hosted by other people and running an awards site at some point!

Kept changing usernames because I couldn't decide on one I really liked.

Decided to have one main one at diaryland because I was tired of making my own layouts and so it's at

all the past entries are still there btw, so that I can refer to it and look back on my secondary school life.

Made another private diaryland diary for my closest friends to read and of course, that is now dormant.

In junior college I switched to livejournal to see what all the hype was about, and I still blog private entries there! Will not reveal that address! Haha.

So I also decided to try blogger and had to think of a name that would stick. Some of my friends call me claire bear and so I wanted to find something that rhymed with claire! Would be easier for people to remember too!

And thus after some brainstorming, I officially opened under claires-flair. (Claire rhymes with flair!) Sort of. Haha.

Will be sticking with this name for quite a long time , I love the ring of it :D

Will blog about my japan experience soon, before I continue about europe!

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I am sick
Aching joints
The works

Will blog again when well
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last stop in london.

Watched les mis last night and cried a whole lot. Silently though. Beautiful play.

Also watched love never dies and now many question marks I had from phantom of the opera has now been erased. But there is one question still burning in my mind..wont spoil it for everyone here.

London is great I wish I lived here
Though its rainy and moody some times and the trains are tiny (especially for westerners who are HUGE) the people here are generally friendly and nice.

Not sure if I am ready for winter and snow though. And its so hard to wear heels here because of all that cobblestone.

Will be back home in a few days! Going to eat japanese buffet because its ridiculously expensive here.

Will blog more when I get back. Promise you a lot of pictures!!
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post before I sleep.

Hi everyone its 12am here in Paris but 6am in Singapore.

I feel like I have grown in some ways during this trip. For starters, I really want to be closer to god. And I have some (a lot) of time to think about my life and what I want.

I definitely want to be a better person but there are so many barriers. Or even if you do change, people will always judge you from your past actions . Its easier to remember grievances than acts of kindness.

Am really tired.. but I hope that you guys can take some time off to think about where you want to be in future and how you are going to ensure that it happens. Waiting around doing nothing will not change anything.

Be your own change!

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simple pleasures

Lunch at kenny rogers !
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travel agent.

Travel agent said he would email me the itinerary today but he gave me a few excuses. He said it would be done by lunch tomorrow.

Ok I give him chance! He has the chance to earn 10k he better work for it! Lol.
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lyrics - easier to run

Wounds so deep they never show they never go away, like moving pictures in my head, for years and years they stay.
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what's app .

Ooh just updated my version of what's app and now I have those emoticons ! Awesome.
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I found out something infuriating today. It was always a possibility but I dismissed it because there was assurance.

fuck that.

The best thing about today is finding out that the girl wants to give up gv17.

Other good things is that I just saw a well dressed guy near my estate and I saw a cute guy at pioneer .

Another good thing is that r wants to meet me when he comes back in june!

Ok mum cooked dinner and I hope it's food I like.

There was another good thing today but we argued so its not so good anymore.

Sorry I have to type everything out so I feel better about my shit day.
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hi world!

I haven't blogged in a while. Been busy with school. I'm so glad I am totally over the past.

Crystal asked me . So you ok? Still thinking about j? And I said, j who? Haha.

I got my japanese class! Hope my memory serves me well. I'll really study hard this semester.. to see if some dreams are possible.

Also really retarded I have to present this monday. And I also hope I get my singing elective. It'll be interesting and fun! (:

Texting friends from around the world is wonderful!
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I've always wanted a catholic boyfriend so that we could go to church together every weekend and just before our father we would already be holding hands so we just have to lift them up.

Am at marina barrage now. It's so calm, beautiful and windy. I know i've found peace with the world.

it's great !

Hope you guys experience this too.
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Everyone you have to watch burlesque its really good !
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