Lost phone, Beerfest Asia 2013 and how to track your lost Android.

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Intended to write some nice happy posts today but I am just upset with myself.

Because I lost my phone 12 hours ago

Yesterday was great, there's this game you can play at 313 somerset (with no minimum spend) where you guess the value of items to add up a certain amount given by the crew, if you guess it right, you get a prize!

Jelly and I guessed the amount and won $10 Paradise Inn voucher each! The voucher had no minimum spend either!!! Super awesome so we decided to have dinner there.

You guys have to try their claypot tofu. It's super good. The inside of the tofu is really smooth and the gravy was just incredibly delicious! We also ordered their sweet and sour pork and it was quite yummy too. 

Anyway, after that we decided to pop over to Beerfest Asia because I had complimentary tickets, plus I wanted to see Killer Queen super badly. Spending your Saturday night listening to Queen tunes live, plus in a mosh pit with people who love the music as much as you do? Would made my night!

When we reached the back of the flyer, aka Marine Promenade, it was really crowded! People were merry, sweaty, having beers, and we got ourselves a bottle each while waiting for Killer Queen.

Managed to catch the last two songs of the Gunz n Roses cover band! The crowd went wild with 'Sweet Child of Mine'

They were delayed for about 15 minutes but came up on stage with rocker gear and a Freddy-lookalike. He even sounds like Freddy, Queen's lead singer! Everything was great until people started rowdy, people throwing air filled balls onto the stage and almost hitting the band, I saw this Singaporean guy getting violent, lifting bench seats and the table, causing the bottles to fall on the floor, and the most annoying thing -

People who sprayed everyone around them, with beer.

At first, I endured the few drizzles, then when it didn't stop, I got freaking furious. 

Here I am dancing and enjoying Queen and you're ruining my night. The people around me kept turning around to see who the group of a$$wipes were. 

The droplets became bigger, the back of my top was actually getting wet, and that was it.

I turned around, looked straight at the Singaporean dude, pointed my finger at him and said "Can you stop doing that!" in my most serious, don't-push-it, tone.

Also, when I turned around, the guy next to him was about to empty an ENTIRE bucket of iced water, either onto his friend JUST DIRECTLY NEXT TO US, or he was going to splash it on everyone.

I'm guessing it was the former because he was looking at the friend, who wasn't aware of what was about to happen. 

I am SO glad I stood up because if he really did pour that bucket of water, we would've also been hit by the water. 

Anyway, Jelly was so funny, he said he was thinking of  a fight plan in case they didn't listen to me and I had to "follow-through". Like, if they would pour that bucket of water on ME, instead. Which was also highly possible since I was in front of them.

If they did though, I might've also started my first fight with 6 guys. Hahahahah confirm lose but would've been angrier than an angry bird.

After their last song, "We are the Champions", we went to one of the benches to sit and finish our beer that we bought with our last Beerfest currency (poker chips la). Took a cab back, and that's when I realised my phone was gone.

My baby :'(

Before this, I had NEVER lost my phone, in my entire life. And just to clarify, I wasn't drunk or high, I was more sleepy and tired at that point. The last time I used it was at the benches, but I remember putting it into my bag, though it was lying on the top of my stuff so it could've fallen out.

I rushed back to Beerfest but no one turned anything into Lost and Found, no one saw the phone, and I believed the team at Beerfest did the best they could do. I traced my steps from Beerfest to the point where I boarded the cab. So the other option is that...

It dropped in the cab.

It's highly likely because I kept calling my phone (which only had 10% battery life when I left it) and by the time I found an app I could remotely install on my phone to locate it, my phone's battery died. Urgh.

And so, this is the morning after, where I'm completely blaming myself for NOT INSTALLING A TRACKING APP on my phone. And not finding a remote app fast enough. Also, that I was careless and didn't do a double take before I left the cab. Jelly was also upset for not noting the license plate number of the taxi driver, because he usually does that, except last night because he wasn't feeling well.

I didn't backup the photos in my phone since March or something, and definitely didn't update my contacts to Google's cloud so I am regretting that as well. 


Since I am so distraught and resigned that my phone -which would probably have been found by the taxi driver by now when he changes shifts- is 95% gone, I should make a trip to Starhub to get a replacement SIM and use a spare phone, and make a police report.



Also, with all the research I did last night on how to find your android phone without having a tracking app installed, I wanted to share what I found with you guys so that if you ever lose your phone, you can refer to this! 

But just to be safe, just install the tracking app NOW, and also, if your phone is switched off, there is virtually no hope left, except on reliance on the good will of people.

  • Android Lost

1. Download Android Lost after you've signed into your gmail account, you can do this on a laptop/desktop or even on your friend's phone!
2. Access Android Lost via web at this website
3. Register your phone by either starting the application on your phone, or borrow a friend's phone (if you've already lost it), to SMS 'androidlost register' to yourself, for instant registration.
4. Once your phone has been registered, you can wipe all memory, locate by GPS, etc.

  • Where's my Droid
1. Download Where's my Droid
3. To use the app, text your attention word to your lost device's number from another cellular phone. To make the device ring the default attention word is "wmd ring", and to get the location of the lost device the default word is "wmd gps".

1. Download AVAST (it's an anti-virus software too!)
• Control it remotely via a web-based interface ( or SMS.
• Locate your phone on a map.
• Lock the device until you find it, activate the siren, or wipe the memory to keep your private data safe.

  • Plan B
1. Download Plan B after you've signed into your gmail account, you can do this on a laptop/desktop or even on your friend's phone!
2. Plan B will start automatically and send your phone’s location to your Gmail address.

3. If for some reason it doesn't start after 10 minutes, you can borrow a friend's phone and text the word "locate" to your phone number.
4. Once you have found your phone, download Lookout Mobile Security to add all the essential protections that your phone needs, including security scans for malware and spyware, backup for your contacts and all the best lost and stolen phone protections -- all in one easy download!

 Plan B only works with 2.0 - 2.3 versions of Android


These are the best ones I could find with the best reviews etc, use at your own discretion, I don't take any responsibility if you've lost your phone or can't recover them using these software. Android Lost was my best bet but my phone ran out of battery before I could install it.


Hope this helps you guys, fingers crossed that my phone is found soon and thanks for reading!

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