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April & May Japanese hair salon promotions in Singapore - Komorebi by Mashu

Went back to Komorebi by Mashu to get my hair done just before my Japan trip (because you have to look your best in Japan)!

Keep reading to find out their April and May promotions which are such a great deal!!

Service in Komorebi by Mashu is also amazing because you get dedicated service from your stylist from start to finish. Many other salons in Singapore pass you to a junior to wash your hair, dry your hair and make you wait in between while they attend to other customers, but it is not the case here. Your time and hair are important to them!

The salon is just a short walk from Songfa Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay which makes it easy to use an excuse to have some bak kut teh.

After climbing the steps to the second storey, you'll be greeted with a very homely atmosphere.

The reception area of Komorebi by Mashu. Nice huh?

So the last time I did my hair was before Chinese New Year and my roots were all grown out and my hair is so dry because I haven't been putting hair treatment often.


Also, my hair looked really yellow-ish.

Picked a purplish hair colour because I was a bit sick of the yellow tinge.

Used Hoyu 11level violet (with a bit of ash) and had my eyebrow dyed to match! You can have your eyebrows dyed for $15 to match your hair!

After the dye was applied, used Shiseido color shampoo & treatment. Hope to try the Mother Earth range the next time! I really love the hot towel they place on your neck during the whole experience. Just feels so soothing.

A quick fringe trim and hairdryer later:

I was a bit surprised that there were no tinges of purple... but it seems like my hair is really stubborn and resistant to changes in tones. I didn't want to bleach my hair because it is incredibly damaging so I guess I have to stick to browns then. I am glad my hair is not so yellow though!

Here's another shot after.  Hair is so much smoother now after the treatment! You have to try it!

There's a sale for Shiseido products so be sure to grab some while you're there!

Alright since you kept on reading til here... this is the part you've all been waiting for!

April Promotion!

Enjoy services by their Japanese director stylist for you to experience the latest Japanese hair techniques! 

Director cut + COLOUR + Treatment >> S$220 (Original: S$270)
Director cut + PERM + Treatment >> S$240 (Original: S$310)
Director cut + DIGITAL PERM + Treatment >> S$300 (Original: S$370)
Director cut + REBONDING + Treatment >> S$340 (Original: S$440)

Only valid for 1st time customers!

May & First Anniversary Promotion!

For the month of May, all customers (both new and regular) will get a CO2 hair spa (worth S$50) and a gift!!! Absolutely free!!

Time to book your appointment!



Address2nd level @ 17 & 19 south bridge road, Singapore 058659
Nearest StationNE5:Clarke Quay MRT Station                               (It's a three-minute walk from the station, just walk from the back of Songfa Bak Kut Teh)
Business hours
Weekdays 11:00 - 20:00 Saturday 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday 11:00 - 16:00
Day offMonday&Holiday

Thanks Komorebi by Mashu!

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Amazing Japanese salon between Clarke Quay and Boat Quay - Komorebi by MASHU

It has been so long since I've been so excited to share something with you guys. One of Japan's popular hair salon's MASHU, with 10 branches in Osaka, has opened a branch here in Singapore! MASHU has styled models, celebrities and of course, Japanese hair for many years and I'm so happy you don't have to travel to Osaka to get incredible hair!

I was invited to try their services and I was NOT disappointed. Everything was perfect and service was top notch Japanese style!

Entrance of Komorebi by MASHU - super cute drawings.

From the moment I stepped in staff were all smiles and greeted me cheerfully. Was offered a few drinks I could pick from and I settled for peppermint tea. Had some Japanese snacks served to go along with it which kept me through the whole process! 

(Also spot the 50% off scalp therapy for new customers! Looks interesting, would like to try that next time.)

Stylist for the day is Toko-san. Told her that I wanted my fringe shorter, my hair trimmed and to dye my hair a lighter brown with a tinge of pink. 

Here's my hair BEFORE

Roots were growing out, it was a very ugly yellow sheen.

Super dry :( and I don't mean the brand.

After analyzing my hair, Toko-san got to work. Looks like I cut off quite a length, huh?

Then it came to choosing which shade I wanted for my hair.

Was choosing between pink or baby link (didn't bleach my hair so it wouldn't be so bright which is the top colour). So I was expecting the shade below it. 

So many different types of dyes to pick and mix! Leave it to the pros.

Dye looks really pink right? Was anticipating what the final product would be.

When it was time for a wash, I was brought to the sink area, and the seats are incredibly comfortable! Many customers are known to have fallen asleep there.

OMG the head massage during the hair wash was SO GOOD. There were accupressure points that were pressed, gentle circular moments to release the tension and some magic fingers (haha) to improve blood circulation.

There was also a soda treatment thereafter to allow a deeper penetration of products, if you've never tried it you have to! It's like a mist over your hair, softening and strengthening while cleaning thoroughly.

Japanese pride in the smallest things, there was also a hot towel placed at the back of my neck for ultimate shiok (aka kimochiiii) factor. My favourite part of going to the salon is always the part where they wash my hair. 

Treatment on my hair was also applied here!

 Currently, Komorebi by MASHU is running a CNY promotion (more on that later) and treatment uses products from Arimino! Arimino is a Japanese brand that has been in the market for over 65 years and many local salons in Singapore have also raved about it before. These products made my hair feel so moisturized and smooth!

One differentiating factor about Komorebi by MASHU is their Mother Earth Treatment, using products by Mother Earth!

Mother Earth is an all-natural range of hair products made in Kochi, Japan which specialises in reducing hair fall and repairing damaged hair. Mother Earth was started 10 years ago when MASHU stylists in Japan wanted to create the perfect formula to create the most ideal scalp and hair condition and can be used every day! Ingredients include Jojoba seed oil, Korean Ginseng, pomegranate and more.

"98% of customers experience less hair loss by getting back their regular hair growth cycle!"

Products are also sold at the salon if you like how your hair feels after everything is done ;) I didn't get to try this but looking forward to the next time!

After the wash and blow dry, here's the final result:

What do you think? My hair was really silky smooth, if you don't believe me, take a look at the picture below.

Looks like a professional model's hair right? Haha, but this is how my hair looks like from the back! It is slightly layered because of how hot Singapore is, and I love the length and sheen! Can you spot the tinge of pink which is different from red?

Front view again!! Colour is bright and festive, perfect for CNY. Those sharp eyed would realise that my eyebrows are also a bit lighter! Toko-san suggested I dye them slightly since my hair colour was so light and I agreed.

A not so chinese new year photo. Haha! I am soooo happy with how my hair turned out! It has been some time since my hair looked so healthy and shiny.

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Komorebi by Mashu would like to give you some savings! 


For first time customers, (available til end Jan for weekday promotions only)

Cut + COLOUR + Treatment (All length) Original $270 >> $188 NOW! 

Cut + PERM + Treatment (All length) Original $310 >> $218 NOW! 

Cut + REBONDING + Treatment (All length) Original $450 >> $318 NOW!

Shiseido products are also on sale up to 50% off!

Be sure to call them to make an appointment early as it gets more and more crowded nearer CNY. 


Address2nd level @ 17 & 19 south bridge road, Singapore 058659
Nearest StationNE5:Clarke Quay MRT Station                               (It's a three-minute walk from the station, just walk from the back of Songfa Bak Kut Teh)
Business hoursWeekdays 11:00 - 20:00 Saturday 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday 11:00 - 16:00
Day offMonday&Holiday

For the full menu price please click here.

Thank you Komorebi by Mashu!!

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