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Sneak Preview: Oktoberfest beer!

Beer :D

Munich almost over!

Like I mentioned, I am in Munich now! Today we went to Oktoberfest it was quite crowded!! Apparently on weekends it is madness. But, thing is, I was starting to feel unwell.

It all started from yesterday, I think I had too much cheese or something and my stomach was giving me weird noises. Need I elaborate more?

Last night was really funny, but painful.

First, Aunt A came into the room because she said that Aunt B's snoring was too loud! So Aunt A brought her mattress inside our room (3 of us inside)

Then, we were awakened because Aunt B came in and asked where Aunt A was, because she didnt want to sleep alone! So we all woke up again.

Next, we heard this cat scratching at the door and somehow let herself in. Pichu (name of cat) went to my cousin's bed and slept next to him! When he woke up, he tried talking to the cat, or pushing it away but it was a really fat cat!! I was loling in the bed. In the end he managed to trick it to go out, pretending he was going to follow it but shut the door on her. Haha!

After that, I suddenly woke up with bad stomachaches etc etc Ok that's why I mentioned painful.

Woke up in the morning, laughing about cousin and the cat. But feeling really tired and my stomach was stil hurting!

Headed to Oktoberfest, in an excited mood but not the cheeriest of spirits. After we sat down and got our beer, I started to feel all the symptoms of a fever. Muscles feeling ach-y.. etc.

Told my aunts that I am not feeling very well but they dismissed it. We walked on a little more, met my cute friend Thomas (his internet name) and we walked the rest of Oktoberfest, and also headed to something Platts. Motten platts? No I think that's wrong lol. The shopping area.

By then I felt so weak I just sat at a restaurant with my friend and watched as he ate his food and drank... beer.

After a while I couldn't shake my fever off and decided to head back.

Fever is only 38.4 degrees so I think it might be because I havent had enough rest. My sleep has always been disrupted by snoring, phone calls etc.

Heading to bed now, though it's only 8.09pm. Pardon the lack of symbols, this German keypad is so hard to get used to. The symbols are everywhere!


hi everyone i am in munich now heading to oktoberfest later AM SO EXCITED! its really exciting and woohoooo.

germany is so high tech and cool. many people in their traditional outfits are walking around!

perhaps i will borrow one to wear around too. hahah!
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