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Dining at the Latin Quarters in Paris!

Short post on one of the best hidden food places in Paris!

Met my french friends who brought us to the Latin Quarters (where you can find cheapER meals that are absolutely delicious as well). My friends helped scout places until they finally decided on this one. Think it was Fifteen euros for either appetizer/main course or main course/dessert, or something like that.

My dinner companions

Just realised that there's a long queue of people waiting to get in :O

I had my first taste of escargots! Well, in France you gotta do what the French do!
I chose appetizer and main course because I had to try escargots right. The staff couldn't really speak english and the menu was all in french. Was quite funny how my friends had to translate for me >_>

My friend's avocado prawn salad. This was HEAVENLY.


My delicious duck confit

Bordeaux wine chosen by my friends

Can't remember what this was but it was soo good. Urgh I need to go back to Paris.

We ate along this street!

Dinner at Hippopotamus.. in Paris.

Most of you would be familiar with Hippopotamus' branch at Marina Square. Did you know that it's a branch from a famous chain of restaurants in France? Click here for the french website.

In his previous trips to France, my pal Ants ate at Hippopotamus EVERY time. So he highly recommended that (splurge a little more) and try it!

I can't remember which branch we went to but this one was HUGE. Three storeys!

The bar counter

I ALWAYS look at the dessert page and this caught my eye. With a melting heart?!?!? I was super tempted to try this but Creme Brulee was also screaming to me.

Beef Carpaccio. Basically it's like beef sashimi. Only with delicious seasoning. This was finished in an instant. Tender and fresh. Yum. Was impressed with the first dish.

I ordered medium rare steak but I can't remember which part. Sorry. It was served MEDIUM RARE, just like I ordered! (Unlike many other places). Anyway, BEARNAISE SAUCE IS DELICIOUS with steak!! And their potatoes with cheese was perfect. Not too cheesy, but not bland either.

Similarly to Singapore, you get to pick you two side dishes alongside your main. Ants chose potato gratin and long beans. Their serving is way more generous than Singapore's branch!


D's dish. Why he ordered fish, I seriously do not know. Think it was BBQ sauce on the side!

So I gave in and picked creme brulee. You're in france you GOTTA try their creme brulee right? This was huge! I actually took a longer time than usual to finish this. But it was splendid. Not overly burnt (I could still taste some sugar crystals!), cream was thick and smooth. Aahhh I would gladly eat this again.

After the success of my creme brulee, we ordered the dessert SET. Bite size portions of all their popular desserts!! (Note the chocolate with a melting heart) fantastic way to end the meal.

I will definitely be back the next time I'm in France. Be sure to check it out!!

I miss Paris.

Check out Disneyland too!

There's just something about Paris...

Paris is really a great place to visit especially when you're with a loved one! There's so much to do. I stayed 5 mins away from Champs-Élysées ! Turn into the lane just next to the Louis Vuitton store. Life was blissful. 

It was my first time to Paris too! So everything was completely new and foreign to me. We flew over from Milan to Paris and took a train down to get to our hotel.

The gate leading to the breakfast room

My friend and I were given the room 404 (or was it 444? Can't remember) but we had a bad feeling about the room number. My other friends were in the next room 405 (or was it 445?) I think it was 405. Haha. The first night, my friend and I kept waking up, tossing and turning but we didn't hear/see anything. The freaky thing was that we woke up at the same time. I knew because when I opened my eyes to turn, I saw her turning at the same time too. 

The next day I swopped rooms with the other friends, who slept with the TV on but also kept waking up. 

We're just glad we didn't see/hear anything seriously. 

The room was pretty small and simple but we just used it as a place to sleep in so it was fine. I considered posting a picture of the room but... it's just a room wasn't fantastically decorated or something. Haha. I shall post this picture instead.

Arc de  Triomphe. Do NOT attempt to cross this road. It's one of the busiest (and dangerous) roads in the world. 4 lanes of turning or something. There's an underpass that leads you there. You can pay $ to reach the top but... I felt that since I was going to Eiffiel I don't really need to see this view haha.
Tribute to the people who fought in the war and lost their lives. The tomb of the unknown soldier.
I took a really long time to pronounce Champs Elysees correctly! Let me try and type out the pronunciation so that you guys can say it accurately the next time!

Shompsehleezey hahahah. Ok that was my best try. Say it quickly and join the words together! Pronounce it right!

Imagine you lived here. Woah!

Pictures of the dinner soon :)

Abercrombie in Paris.

If the new Abercrombie store at Orchard in Singapore is going to be anything like this, I'm queueing.

Sneak Preview: Disneyland!

Wonder why Ghis and I were posing like this? Wait for my Disneyland post :P
Credits to Gloria for the pic!

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