Dining at the Latin Quarters in Paris!

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Short post on one of the best hidden food places in Paris!

Met my french friends who brought us to the Latin Quarters (where you can find cheapER meals that are absolutely delicious as well). My friends helped scout places until they finally decided on this one. Think it was Fifteen euros for either appetizer/main course or main course/dessert, or something like that.

My dinner companions

Just realised that there's a long queue of people waiting to get in :O

I had my first taste of escargots! Well, in France you gotta do what the French do!
I chose appetizer and main course because I had to try escargots right. The staff couldn't really speak english and the menu was all in french. Was quite funny how my friends had to translate for me >_>

My friend's avocado prawn salad. This was HEAVENLY.


My delicious duck confit

Bordeaux wine chosen by my friends

Can't remember what this was but it was soo good. Urgh I need to go back to Paris.

We ate along this street!

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