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How to meet a girl at a bar/club

I was at a bar one evening, when guy X approached me saying "hey are you B's gf?" (B was the name of the friend that I bumped into 10 minutes earlier). I figured that X was B's friend, so I allowed the basic introduction.

"Hi, I'm X."
"Claire. So how do you know B?"
"Oh we work at the same place."
"I see. How do I know you're telling the truth?" (I'm a cynic) 
*X searches through his phone and finds a morbid picture of an open wound and shows it to me.*
"That's freaking gross man. I meant like a name card or something but okay I believe you."

So we make a little attempt at a conversation. He asks me what I work as, how I know B, and then he suddenly whips out his phone and asks for my Facebook contact.

When asked why, these words escaped his mouth.

"If you don't give me a form of contact, this is the last time we will see each other! Don't you want to meet for lunch or a movie or something?"

The first part made sense, the second part didn't. I refused and he pestered me for my cellphone number instead. Again, I did not oblige. I walked away.

Here's what's wrong. 

1) No established rapport. Why do I want to have lunch with you when I am very happy with my group of friends and family? I don't even know you. Didn't help that you showed me a picture of wounds, I don't dig that sorta thing.

2) No proper plan. Guys who lounge straight to getting numbers or emails appear desperate and needy. Good things are worth the wait. You can get her number or email but she can still choose not to reply. 

3) No drink. You know how guys at clubs or bars (the smart ones) get bottles of champagne and a bottle of whisky/vodka/beer? They are potent when taken in large amounts (or if you flush easily, small amounts too). Plus it also works in your favour if you're not as hot as Daniel Henney. How can you even hope to get something from a girl when you don't even buy her a drink? Buying a drink also gives you an excuse to continue talking to her until she finishes the drink. Therefore, don't buy a shot, buy a cocktail or something.

The next day, he found me on Facebook (no shit Sherlock, we have a mutual friend and you know my name.) Guess if I accepted his request?

I didn't.

Here are some tips for the guys out there who do the exact same thing as X and get the same results. 

1) Plan a conversation. 
If you have nothing to say, she will not want to carry on the conversation with you, bait lost. Always have simple questions under your sleeve - what kind of music do you like, do you come here often, etc or compliments ! A line or two about her style, her heels, her eyes, etc. 

2) A drink or two.
Once you've broken the ice, offer to buy her a drink. This is also a test to see how interested she is in you. (women are not stupid) This also allows you to have a private corner with her, where her friends won't intervene and your friends won't laugh at you. Continue engaging her in conversation. Make sure you don't dominate or bombard her wih questions! Share something funny that happened to you recently, and if she laughs, it's a score.

3) Closing. 
Ask if she'd like to keep in contact. A name card would suffice. If she didn't bring her name card then get her facebook contact. If you ask for her number, be sure to wait at least 2 days before you contact her,  unless you want to be sweet and text something like "hope you got home safely" or "text me when you're home" or something. If she didn't laugh at your jokes, then I'll advise you NOT to text her within 48 hours.

This comes with practice, of course. Have you had similar situations with guys like these? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Post is not intended for guys who want a quick bang from a girl in a club. I do not promote that at all. I feel that it devalues the meaning of love. That being said, I won't hate/dislike someone just because they practice this. Also, I'm not responsible/liable if you've tried the above and it didn't work for you. Get a gal pal to be your wingwoman. It'll help. Peace out. xoxo

Stupid laptop.

So the button five (as in 1234, and the number after it) is not working on my laptop. So i can't type percent either. It's damn irritating. Even when i transfer money to people, if there is a five on the small device thingy (forgot what it's called) the random number generator thing, i have to open on-screen keyboard and click on it.

Damn annoying.

After june next year I'm gonna have to get a new laptop.

Oh, and the left and right arrow keys died on me a long time ago. Yes I found that annoying in the beginning but i solved it because i use a mouse now. But the number five?!?! wtf i can't get used to that.

Today's episode of GG.

Well technically it was yesterday's episode but I just watched it today because I had a headache. Super spoiler ahead.

She's Serena, any guy would move mountains just to be with her, and Colin couldn't give up his job as a lecturer?

Dan and Blair were right.

And Colin gave up his job to be with her.

On a side note, then why the hell did Serena call Dan after getting out of the car?! Didn't she just settle for Colin?!

Just re-watched the scene, I just realized Serena broke up with Colin in the car. What the shit?!

Meh, depressing episode. I wasn't even like, very happy at the ending scene. When it normally would make me happy. Meh!


- Sashimi
- Hugs
- Birthday Party


Goodbye Betty.

Awesome to have Christine ranting about shows with me.

Now it'll be Kenny's turn to bitch with me soon!

Ugly betty ended. I can't believe it. I followed every episode of it for 4 seasons. I gave up on One Tree Hill halfway. AND THIS IS THE ENDING?!

No spoilers from me though I am SOOOOOO tempted.

All i wanna say is.. Goodbye Betty, you were a good drama. so much gay-ism though.

Promoting SMU?

Oh yeah, It's not that I am promoting SMU or anything.

My friends hate the people in class that 'speak for the sake of talking' because class participating is so important right? and they actually ask for notes and textbooks during the holiday break so they can read up and ASK QUESTIONS IN CLASS.

that's ten million times worse than NTU. ok sure occasionally some people just talk in class and ask questions, but it's for their own understanding and not to 'suck up' to the teacher.

And oh please, reading the textbook before school starts? for most subjects, the only time i touch the textbook is when i don't understand something, or when it's an open book exam and i want to make sure i tag stuff.

which is nearing the end of the semester (or like now, 2 weeks before exams. urgh)

people say that SMU is fun? no i don't think so, I think the only benefit is that they have a bar in the school so that when you're too stressed you can go there and drink some beer.

i'd say smu gives you opportunities to go overseas. that's it.

Universities Blahblah.
Here's what people are saying about SMU.

Read the papers today and it states that many people who have done well for O levels choose to go to polytechnics and are now demanding that more poly students should be allowed to go to university (to increase spots).

First of all, if the government doesn't decide to open more spots in the unis for poly students, you bet your bottom dollar that the 5% allocation is going to go to these top o level achievers. So goodbye dreams for other people.

And the government will not increase the allocation to local universities! That will erode the whole purpose of JC's! If they increased it, they know that the intake for junior colleges will definitely decrease, and with decreasing birth rates, several junior colleges might have to close down!

Well, if I had a choice, I would go overseas if I could, study in an overseas university blabla. My friends are having so much fun now, and those who went on exchange curse their return to this screwed up education system. Why does everything have to be a bell curve? Ok I understand the govt might wana promote healthy competition but this is insane.

In a few years time we are heading towards hongkong and japan's education CRAZINESS. Students go to school, have lunch, and go to cram school. Where's the fun in that?

Today i found out that my friend is going to dubai for her internship. Well done SMU! you have certainly opened many opportunities for her. She has already gone to canada for summer school last year!

In that respect, SMU completely pawns NTU. They have much more opportunities for students to go overseas. In NTU, everything is purely based on GRADES. And you know what sucks more? When you screw up an application for ONE semester, they don't let you have an equal chance to go overseas again!

Think about it, they only offer 200 spots for THE WHOLE SCHOOL.

In NBS (Nanyang Business School) there are already 1,000 students ++ per year ALONE, what more the whole school?

Of course demand far exceeds supply but I honestly don't see much effort trying to engage new schools to CREATE supply!

NTU is being complacent. Do they know that SMU is rising up? They are pushing businesses to accept their interns, doing other stuff to get connections, etc.

The only thing NTU has against SMU is that it's a 3 years direct honours program with 2 international accrediations, whereas NUS only has one and SMU has none. (NUS and SMU have a 4 year program)

I went for the SMU open house and when asked about the 4 year program, they said "Oh! If you want to study through the summer and everything it's possible to squeeze it to 3 years"*SMILE.

Like hell i'd do that.

Maybe studying in university for an additional year is better. You pay another 10k or 20k or something and you get to take part in more activities? In my 2nd year in NTU I can't even find the time to get a CCA.

Perhaps more chances to go overseas.

Damnit, I just wish I studied overseas and all this stress will definitely be reduced.

Exams in 2 weeks, urgh.


Freak Hello Baby ended. So depressed. Yoo-geun ah!! HE IS SO CUTE.

I bet the next day he's going to be screaming "KEY APPA, JONGHYUNNIE APPA" and then he'll start crying.

How can they do this to a young kid?!?! The trauma of losing 5 people so special to you, all at once. I hope they will still meet up frequently, then seldom, then slowly cut contact la, not like straightaway don't see him anymore. That's horrible.


Siao + Dec Hols 09

I was speaking to my friend from SMU, will not name her here in case somehow this blog is googled and some people from S-em-Yew will start asking me questions or make me take this down or something.

Anyway, she was lamenting that she knows so many people who are studying this december break. Studying for what? FOR NEXT SEMESTER'S SUBJECTS.

I went, "WHAT?! SIAO!"

And she agreed.

But because of the peer pressure (apparently there's some really smart nice guy who lets people photocopy his notes) she is rushing in line to photocopy senior notes ah (alot of people photocopied from him already)


Let me tell you how I spent my December holidays. Sure, I may not have fully utilized every single day, but bumming around works.

- Watched Dramas.
What dramas exactly? I finished Hot Shots (taiwanese!), watching Liar Game season 2 (its damn good if you like psychological thrillers), Ohitorisama (about this teacher falling in love), Shokujo Seira (about some princess who became a cinderella), what else did I watch? I watched Gokusen 3 THE MOVIE in the theatre. Hmmm, I'm sure I watched more but I can't remember. Caught up with the Gossip Girl episodes i missed out on while I was rushing for projects and stuff. And my Heroes! And How I met your Mother. Should catch up on Ugly betty. I am lagging one entire season.

- Tried to pack my room.
Yes I tried! And right now it is still in a state of mess, but after I finish blogging this entry I will pack it from 3pm to 5pm and afterwhich I will head to my relative's house for prayers and new year's dinnner! Oops I digressed.

- Ate Christmas foodies!
Love gatherings with families because not only do I see and eat good food, I also get to catch up with cousins (who, apart from these celebrations, I do not see during the year at all) But I haven't eaten any christmas log cakes though. Sad. And I haven't gotten a 2010 organizer, which I definitely need, to keep track of tuitions + project meetings and what not. I am digressing AGAIN.

- Quite happy with my tuition kid's results.
They look quite happy too! But I know I must push them harder so they can achieve better results. The girls' vocab needs to be improved but she is so lazy!

- Went to Malacca for the weekend!
With family! I acted like a tourist and took pictures, visited all the tourist spots, and saw my ANCESTOR's NAME on this plague because she donated money to the church or something. Try and see if you can find it :P And I ate lotsa good food and was happy, even though I slept quite little because of my cough.

- Ooh I almost forgot, I had a bad cough. Haha. But it's gone now! And i didn't even see the doctor! Woohoo!

- Cindy did a merlion on me. It was gross. Ok she did not PUKE on me, but she choked on her green tea and she blerughshdhh it all out. On the table la. I wasn't the target. Thankfully. She told me that she once choked and splurted on mel. And mel was damn pissed. I'd be damn pissed also la. I saw the range of her splurt. Haha!

- Walked from Wheelock to Dhoby! I kind of like doing that.

- Sang Christmas songs in Church. I like doing that. And thankfully my cough was mostly gone so I could actually sing and sound would come out.

- Met up with my JC pals and some friends!

- Gave tuition

- Rachel went to America/Canada! (America first then Canada later)

- Was part of the Youth Olympic Games Friendship Camp. Super fun, learnt about other cultures, other countries, was great!!

- aaaaaaandddd.. Of course I save the best for last. Went out and spent time with Kenny! Who had to tolerate my long hours of project meetings and lots of studying therefore cannot spend time with him, during the semester. HUGS. I'm still waiting for our next squash game. Hopefully it will be tomorrow. Hur!!


I am so tired.

Week after week there are so many things on my schedule.

For example, last week my IT Project was due. We rushed it out and met everyday for the entire week. The night before we even stayed until 11.30pm in school. Until we were going crazy and slamming and throwing things. Really annoyed with projects!!

And this week it's a 20% quiz on Friday.

The following Monday I have some Lab quiz. Not looking forward to that. I don't even understand what is happening in the Labs. Am following the instructions blindly. Sigh. Have to figure everything out.

Next week I also have a GST Lecture on Thursday, which means we have to stay back late. And did I mention? Another IT Project (continuation. Urgh) and Accounting Project both due first week of NOVEMBER.

And we haven't started at all. Great!!!

This is not including my twice-a-week giving tuition to primary school kids, and not even THINKING of INCREASING the FREQUENCY because their EXAMS are coming. Oh come on, it's just primary school!! Not getting 250 IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.

I did NOT get above 250 for PSLE. In fact, I did not even get above 230! I still managed to have a great secondary education and went to a JC and now, in a reputable university. You do not NEED so many tuition lessons.

If it were ballet classes or like, squash classes then sure! GO PLAY ALL YOU WANT! You absorb the fastest when you're at a really young age. Train them from young! But they do not need to get A* for everything.

Worst still, scolding and BEATING your kids just because they got 70 plus on a test when they normally get 80 or 90 is INSANE.

Please be understanding to your children. There are many many many reasons why people don't do as well in a test. Ie, freaking out, really difficult etc. Doesn't mean they're stupid or lazy or whatever negative aspect you assume them to be!

Sigh. I am so so tired. Not looking forward to the end of this month or the end of november.......

(If it is your birthday, I sincerly apologise, I meant school-wise)

BUT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO DECEMBER!! I am going to pool all my remaining measely savings and give myself a holiday. I deserve it! After all. :)

Let's see. Where to go! :D

Stinky Perfume and Noisy kids.

I can't stand people who use cheap perfume and spray SO MUCH until you can smell them a mile away, and WORSE still, it irritates your nose and you start sniffling.

Or pinching your nose to PREVENT sniffling.

It's horrible. I had to endure the entire mass like that. And it was because of the woman in front of me. It was really bad. I was considering switching places with my brother but it'll be too obvious.

So please, either use deodorant or expensive perfume/cologne. Please be considerate. Urgh.

And I cannot take it when I see screaming kids on trains. They should be FINED. That's even more inconsiderate than people EATING ON THE TRAIN. Goodness.

It prevents me from wanting to have kids. Or even if I have kids, I make sure I smack them and ask them to shutup. It's the only way they'll learn!

Ok, need to start packing the table. It's superrrrrr messy.


Can't even drink WATER on a train.

This is infuriating. It has been bugging me for quite a long period of time already but I just haven't had the time to sit down and rant about it.

But I do now!

If you didn't already know, SMRT has banned even the consumption of WATER on trains!

The only thing I can respond to that is... WHY?!?!

Is it because they want the place to be CLEAN? But it is already so clean! And even if people spill water, it will evaporate. Ants will NOT come (compare to spilling coke) and I honestly haven't seen anyone spill anything or leave anything or drop anything on the trains in very very very long. In fact, the only thing I see that sometimes people leave behind is tissue. I don't even see water spills.

Especially for poor me, who has been coughing every 5 minutes, and taking a super long train ride from Yishun to freaking Boon Lay (45 mins, thanks) and I am not even allowed to drink a sip of water to ease my throat which is screaming "I NEED WATER OMG"

And what about crying babies who need milk. Are we supposed to get OFF the train, get OUT of the station, then put the bottle in the baby's mouth? The poor kid would've turned RED from all the crying and would've annoyed a whole bunch of people on the way there too.

Not like ranting this will make things much better, but still. I am annoyed.

Countries like Japan and Korea allow the consumption of BOTH food AND drinks leh. Yes, yes argue and say it's because the train journies are longer. (ie from city to city) but within Seoul and Tokyo itself I see people eating and drinking what!

I say, SMRT should fine the people who LEAVE LITTER BEHIND INSTEAD! Or make it so that it is the person who wet/dirtied the train who has the responsibility to report to the control crew that he/she has spilt something.

Argh. On another note, school sucks. I want holidays.

Pet Peeves.

What is your pet peeve? Or rather, what ARE your pet peeves? Haha.

Here are some of mine. And some of my colleagues. Haha!

I hate it when people sneeze without covering their mouths/noses with something (hands are ok, but you better wash your hands before you touch me)

Nurul HATES people who chew with that .. sound. Just like how Wong hates it too! Wow. It doesn't really annoy me THAT much, but after Wong kept complaining about it, I've started realizing it more often.

I also hate it when people blow smoke in my FACE. Like yesterday when fat Des did it to me. I almost punched him.

Also, you know, when you travel down Orchard or something, and guys like to do that sucking sound with their lips to get other people's attention. HATE IT. Why can't you call people by their names? Calling them by sound is just plain rude.

Sarah hates people who snore. Haha!

I can't stand people who do PDA in trains, buses, everywhere. The most traumatising thing that happened to me was that I was in the train, this teenage couple in front of me were PDA-ing until they got off, just when I thought my hell was over, this like 60 year old couple came and the woman was all over the guy. disgusting. Keep your hands to yourself people. Or do it in PRIVATE. Urgh.

Also can't stand people who drag their feet. Lift your feet people, walk properly people. Attend etiquette courses please.

And I sound like a whiny bitch who likes to complain, but I just wanted to share my pet peeves. If you have some too, feel free to add on by commenting.
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