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Here's what people are saying about SMU.

Read the papers today and it states that many people who have done well for O levels choose to go to polytechnics and are now demanding that more poly students should be allowed to go to university (to increase spots).

First of all, if the government doesn't decide to open more spots in the unis for poly students, you bet your bottom dollar that the 5% allocation is going to go to these top o level achievers. So goodbye dreams for other people.

And the government will not increase the allocation to local universities! That will erode the whole purpose of JC's! If they increased it, they know that the intake for junior colleges will definitely decrease, and with decreasing birth rates, several junior colleges might have to close down!

Well, if I had a choice, I would go overseas if I could, study in an overseas university blabla. My friends are having so much fun now, and those who went on exchange curse their return to this screwed up education system. Why does everything have to be a bell curve? Ok I understand the govt might wana promote healthy competition but this is insane.

In a few years time we are heading towards hongkong and japan's education CRAZINESS. Students go to school, have lunch, and go to cram school. Where's the fun in that?

Today i found out that my friend is going to dubai for her internship. Well done SMU! you have certainly opened many opportunities for her. She has already gone to canada for summer school last year!

In that respect, SMU completely pawns NTU. They have much more opportunities for students to go overseas. In NTU, everything is purely based on GRADES. And you know what sucks more? When you screw up an application for ONE semester, they don't let you have an equal chance to go overseas again!

Think about it, they only offer 200 spots for THE WHOLE SCHOOL.

In NBS (Nanyang Business School) there are already 1,000 students ++ per year ALONE, what more the whole school?

Of course demand far exceeds supply but I honestly don't see much effort trying to engage new schools to CREATE supply!

NTU is being complacent. Do they know that SMU is rising up? They are pushing businesses to accept their interns, doing other stuff to get connections, etc.

The only thing NTU has against SMU is that it's a 3 years direct honours program with 2 international accrediations, whereas NUS only has one and SMU has none. (NUS and SMU have a 4 year program)

I went for the SMU open house and when asked about the 4 year program, they said "Oh! If you want to study through the summer and everything it's possible to squeeze it to 3 years"*SMILE.

Like hell i'd do that.

Maybe studying in university for an additional year is better. You pay another 10k or 20k or something and you get to take part in more activities? In my 2nd year in NTU I can't even find the time to get a CCA.

Perhaps more chances to go overseas.

Damnit, I just wish I studied overseas and all this stress will definitely be reduced.

Exams in 2 weeks, urgh.
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