Promoting SMU?

10:55 PM claire 0 Comments

Oh yeah, It's not that I am promoting SMU or anything.

My friends hate the people in class that 'speak for the sake of talking' because class participating is so important right? and they actually ask for notes and textbooks during the holiday break so they can read up and ASK QUESTIONS IN CLASS.

that's ten million times worse than NTU. ok sure occasionally some people just talk in class and ask questions, but it's for their own understanding and not to 'suck up' to the teacher.

And oh please, reading the textbook before school starts? for most subjects, the only time i touch the textbook is when i don't understand something, or when it's an open book exam and i want to make sure i tag stuff.

which is nearing the end of the semester (or like now, 2 weeks before exams. urgh)

people say that SMU is fun? no i don't think so, I think the only benefit is that they have a bar in the school so that when you're too stressed you can go there and drink some beer.

i'd say smu gives you opportunities to go overseas. that's it.
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