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Indulge at Park, Grand Park City Hall Hotel lunch buffet Review

As we approach everybody's favourite month (admit it, you love getting gifts or snapping up discounted items, or maybe it's just the Christmas songs in the air), it's time to let loose and reward yourself for all the hard work you've done during the year. You deserve it. 

Think about how much you've achieved over the past months, how you've grown and learnt from mistakes... doesn't that make you feel better about yourself? 

There was a birthday celebration on the day I went, so the area outside was blocked off. A nice place to hold a meal event with family and friends!

Likewise, I decided to indulge my taste buds at Grand Park City Hall's in-house restaurant recently for a buffet lunch. Grand Park City Hall is a convenient short walk from City Hall MRT, and is just next to Funan and Peninsular Plaza. It's a nice area to head to when Raffles City Shopping Centre is too crowded during mealtimes.

I was pleasantly surprised at the spread of food, there was seafood, cheese, salad, mains, grilled and a huge dessert table with a delightful spread! Was the food as good as it looked? I was about to find out.

The seafood table:

The seafood table spread was full of scallops, mussels, prawns, salmon and yellowtail sashimi, as well as assorted sushi. 

Chef/Staff will refill the food at regular intervals, so you'll never see an empty area. I'm not a big fan of cooked scallops and mussels so I gave them a pass, but the sashimi and sushi were decent.

Yellowtail is low in sodium and rich in omega-3, which are essential as your body can't produce them naturally. They are also associated with lower risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure, cancer and arthritis. 

WINNING DISH for me in this category has got to be the: Prawns. They were really fresh and crunchy!

Let's move on to the mains, shall we?

The mains:

Chinese, japanese, western and even italian, Indulge at Park really does serve an international buffet using various cooking techniques. Let's take a look at some of them.

Seafood stew ala Italian cuisine, the squid was a little too chewy for my liking.

Braised pigs trotters and cereal prawns. I felt the portion of pigs trotters could have been larger (ie more meat) and the cereal prawns were a bit soggy, though. 

The okonomiyaki was really popular with its fish flakes and sweet sauce. Don't miss this out!

There's also a chef making okonomiyaki and slicing the steak right in front of you!

My companion liked the steak but it was quite fatty to me. It looks dry in the picture but there's gravy on the side for you to add at your own discretion.

WINNING DISH for me in this category has got to be the: Baked sea bass. I had three servings of this because it was THAT good. It was fresh, seasoned well, no fishy taste, nice and soft. Grab this when it's just laid out and you have a winning dish. An absolute must try!

The cheese table:

Cheese, crackers and some grapes to reset your palate. 

Am not a big cheese fan but my companion was very happy with the cheese, there were only 3 (mostly soft cheese) types - Manchego, Salad Cheese and Brie so don't expect too much.

The salad table:

Usually salads at buffets are overlooked, but this one had quite a nice spread.

It's good to incorporate vegetables in your meal. Try to save some space for this k? Your body will thank you.

I had lots of cherry tomatoes ^_^

 WINNING DISH for me in this category has got to be the: everything. You can't go wrong with salad right? There were 4 different sauces to choose from so there's something to suit your liking.

The dessert table;

Pretty cakes, adorable macarons, ice cream, strawberry fondue, cupcakes, and more were on the dessert table at Indulge at Park. The ladies were very, very satisfied.

Look at that spread! It runs both sides of the table *_* 

These assorted cupcakes were tiny bites of love. You're full by this time but there's always room for dessert.

Mousse and jelly anyone?

Bread and butter pudding was really deliciously soft and fluffy! Best consumed warm.

WINNING DISH for me in this category has got to be the: Signature Durian Pengat. Man this was world class. Everyone there must've agreed with me because it would be wiped out within 5 minutes of replenishing and there were people waiting around the area to catch it when it was back. Uncles and aunties would take one bowl full at each time.

If durian's aren't your thing, the chocolate ice cream is a close second. Thick and slightly dark, the bitterness drizzled with your choice of sauce (milk chocolate for me) was a perfect way to end the meal.

If you're interested in checking out Indulge at Park at Grand Park City Hall Hotel, there's an amazing deal brought to you by American Express and Hungrygowhere!

Here are the prices on ordinary days:

Buffet Lunch : 12noon to 2.30pm 
(Mondays to Saturdays),
$36++ per person*

Buffet Dinner : 6.30pm to 10.30pm 
(Sundays to Thursdays)
$52++ per person* 
$59++ per person (inclusive of 3 glasses of wine)
$99++ per person (inclusive of free flow of champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks)

* Children under 12 dine at 50%.

Here's their prices for their special Christmas menu, valid from 1-30 Dec! (prices differ on Christmas eve, Christmas day and New Year's Eve)

Lunch Buffet: 12noon to 2.30pm
(Mondays to Saturdays)
$45++ (Adult) /$22.50++ (Child)
$55++ (Adult) (Inclusive of 2 glasses of selected wines)
$95++ (Adult) (Inclusive of Champagne, Wines, Beer & Soft Drinks)

Sunday Lunch Buffet : 12noon to 3pm
$55++ (Adult) /$27.50++ (Child)
$65++ (Adult) (Inclusive of 2 glasses of selected wines)
$105++ (Adult) (Inclusive of Champagne, Wines, Beer & Soft Drinks))

Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
(Sundays to Thursdays)
$58++ (Adult)/$29++ (Child)
$68++ (Adult) (Inclusive of 2 glasses of selected wines)
$108++ (Adult) (Inclusive of Champagne, Wines, Beer & Soft Drinks)


Get the buffet lunch for just $30++ per person with your American Express card until 2 December!!

American Express and Hungrygowhere have done a tie up with a number of establishments to bring you $30 specials for lunch or dinner, a few of the good deals I'd recommend would be:

  • Gyu-Kaku (Anchorpoint) - Wagyu lunch for $30++??
  • Al Forno (East Coast) - Starter, main course AND dessert for $30++??
  • Marukyu (Raffles Place) - bara chirashi don, tempura (dinner) and chawanmushi for only $30++??
  • Lawry's The Prime Rib (Mandarin Gallery) - Lawry's chef cut 120gm of prime beef rib OR Italian chicken & mushroom OR US kurobuta baby back ribs for $30++??

Talk about a good steal! For the full list, click here. These end on 2 December though, but I'm sure the deals will come back again in future. Keep a look out for them!

Don't forget to get a free cocktail or whisky taster or drink promotions with your redeemable with your American Express card! For more information, refer to my other blog post here.


Have any good buffets in Singapore to recommend? Do leave a comment below if you'd like me to check it out~

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Review

Over Christmas I went to MBS for some R&R, the tree was really tall and beautifully decorated!

There's just something about a huge christmas tree at a hotel lobby that gets everyone excited and into the whole christmas mood :)

The lobby is magnificantly huge. On one end is the express lift to the rooftop, and the other, the check in counter! If you're wondering how to get here by public transport or how to navigate around, it's connected to Bayfront MRT station, which is on the circle line. Getting to orchard road for some shopping is about20 minutes from here!

The check-in counter staff were very polite :) Major plus!

The rooms feature an amazing view of Gardens by the Bay which I still think was inspired by Avatar.

Wouldn't you agree?? Even though it's technically man-made, it's still calming and is a great getaway location!

The pillows were plushy, the beds had great support for my back and this was soo comfortable to lie on!! Air-conditioning was perfect for a snuggled night's rest.

The toilet was very spacious with a lovely bathtub, marble decor, truly luxurious! Two sinks so no fighting in the morning hahah.

Selfie in the toilet with my trusty Casio

Toilet bowl's on the other side so someone can use the toilet while someone else is bathing. For efficiency purposes? Lol.

If you've got a stay at Marina Bay Sands, you have to check out their rooftop. It's truly an amazing view of the city! Access is free for up to 4 guests per room :) It's a bit chilly and windy there, so bring a scarf or a cardigan. Yes, Singapore can actually be pretty cold sometimes! On clear skies the air is really refreshing!

Singapore is such a great place to live in, it's so safe, clean, granted more could be done to improve the arts scene but we're wayy more open and exposed to international influences than 5 years ago. At least we're constantly trying. Certain economies have just stagnated while we are always looking for new opportunities. 

Also, isn't meritocracy a good source of motivation? Albeit slightly unhealthy. Haha.

In the distance I could make out my office building and how far I've come since I've graduated from NTU. Being in the working world is no easy business! Though you don't have to study for exams, there's more pressure from expectations and enjoying your work environment. 

Leading to the entrance of Ku de Ta. Here's a tip if you don't want to pay for entrance to the rooftop, say you're going to Ku de Ta for a drink :X

Looking forward to a great 2014, I'll make it superb :p

All photos in this post were shot with a Casio Exilim EX-ZR1200
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