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Singapore Airlines International Cup 2015

Being a naturally spontaneous and outgoing person, I love trying new things and experiencing what life has to offer (that doesn't jeopardize my own life, of course). However, recently I've been feeling pretty jaded. Like my life is stagnating, that nothing much in Singapore surprises me anymore.

Until I attended my first event at the Turf Club, that is.

Any reason to dress up. Yup.

Have you ever watched horses race? Not just any horse race but the ones held at the Singapore Turf Club!? It is truly an experience and if you can, try to catch one of the big races which are held a few times a year. Most people in the air-conditioned areas dress to the nines, decked in unusual fascinators (the things on their heads, no they're not hats), you'll see guys in suit and tie, oh and rooms with free flow of alcohol! If your schedule doesn't permit, normal races are on most Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. I wouldn't call myself a gambler or an addict who needs to bet often or all the time because that would take the novelty and fun away!

It's more entertaining to go with friends so bring as many as you can. It doesn't matter if you lost a bit, you are in great company! Pity there was no Eddie Peng Yuyan unlike Longines in November as eye candy but you never know haha! 

The Singapore Airlines Cup 2015 was the first horse racing event I attended that started in the late afternoon and ended at night, which was a great excuse to wear a long gown. I took 3 hours to get ready and did my hair and makeup myself! It was a bit of a disaster initially because my hair curler ran out of battery mid-way and wouldn't switch on after. ANYWAY it's all good because it worked out in the end.

The Marquee

We were seated in the Marquee this time, which has a nice patio with an amazing view (and some people choose to smoke at lol). To get there, you'll take a shuttle bus near the taxi stand, feels like VIP service because you also get... 

A BUFFET! Salad, meats, and... FREE FLOW of Beer, Red Wine, White Wine, Juices and some soft drinks!! The quality of the food is seriously pretty darn good. I was surprised. There are many Caucasians here and they take fascinators to a whole new level. Dress to impress!

The bread and butter pudding that I forgot to eat because my mains were that good :( Oh well at least I have a picture of it.

There are two betting stations in the Marquee, so the queue moves pretty fast! Imagine eating while watching the monitors to watch the horses for the next race, getting up, betting, going back to your seat for a bit, then getting up again to watch the actual race. Repeat at least x4 times lol. You'll lose track of how much you've already eaten!! 

Shot with the Casio TR60, the best selfie camera right now in the market, Don't you think the quality is amazing?? Your skin looks flawless in every shot, and this wasn't even taken in any special mode! Side note, I am loving my hair colour done by Yoshi at Nine by Sweet Basil. Totally trust Yoshi with my hair lol, I told him to pick a colour for me.

Apologies, I digressed!! After our filling buffet dinner, we went over to the grand stand area to catch the official opening ceremony and performances. There were women in flouncy dresses with many balls on them, people literally walking INSIDE Zorb-balls, (still have no idea how they breathe in them), and of course these cool pyro dudes on stilts. 

The sky became pretty smokey after that

To be honest, I wasn't really sure what was happening, but a bunch of pretty SIA girls were posing for photos with the jockeys in anticipation for the next race! Maybe they wanted the jockeys to size each other up or something.

Commemorative photo with SIA girls and Jockeys

Alright I'll answer everyone's burning question, yes they are real stewardesses! Did you know that only true stewardesses are allowed to don the kebaya?? I need to get my stewardess friends to teach me how they do their hair up like that. I know a lot of hair spray is involved though.

Parade Ring

If you're a hardcore gambler, you'll definitely want to check out the horses' mood on the day itself, and there's no better way than to observe them for yourself at the Parade Ring just before they step onto the field! 

No joke all these uncles staring intently. Frankly I never bothered learning how to read the booklet which lists all the historical information the horse has etc. I go by my gut feeling. The owners and friends of that match are all in that circle in the middle!

Our hosts brought us all the way in front! Tried to selfie with the horses but I was also a little afraid they would bite my head off, or mistake my hair for grass etc. Lol!

PSST! I love my new back-hand accessory, got it from Forever21 just days before the race!

Anyway, it was my turn to bet! It's a good rule of thumb to set a maximum amout that you're willing to lose BEFORE YOU EVEN PLAY. It's a good self-control mechanism lol. Tell yourself that if you hit that amount you better stop betting. No you will not recoup your losses!

Minimum bets for Win or Place is $5, but if you bet on Trio's, Quadro's and some other combos, it's $2. To find out more about what bets you can make, click here.

Didn't know which horse was going to win, so I put in a few bets. Horse no 1 and 2 to win (obviously I would've lost one), Horse number 6 and 7 to place, and just for fun, I picked Horses 1, 2, 3 and 6 to come in as the top 4 horses, in any order, for $2 why not right lol.

After placing our bets, we went back to the main area to watch the biggest race of the day with the owner's, cheering together with everyone. (ie those colourful seats in the background of this picture below)

Oops sorry for the grainy pic, a pic of Yuki and I.


Biggest race of the day: International Group 1: $3,000,000 prize money

1st place: Dan Excel (Horse no 2)
2nd place: Military Attack (Horse no 1)
3rd place: Quechua (Horse no 6)
4th place: Meiner Frost (Horse no 3)
The defending champion has done it again! Dan Excel, trained by John Moore clinched the top prize and the odds to win were $18 (ie, every $5 bet pays $18)
For those who have been reading closely, yes that's right, I won a tiny bit! It's not much because I only bet like $5 haha. Serious adrenaline rush, when you bet though. Can see why people get addicted to it. Am not encouraging anyone to become a hardcore gambler ok!!
I like this shot because it looks like the horses are also sharing a moment! Though this was the race before haha.


HP also won some money in the big race :D We were both beaming together hahah!

Picture of well dressed ladies! Am pretty sure they are some of the jockey's girlfriends or wives...

That's basically how a day at the races during a big event goes. I really hope you'll get to try it out one day haha. Do I see myself getting sick of this anytime soon? 

To that I say, 


Thanks guys for the spectacular company :)

All images with the SEED Image logos are used with permission from Derrick See (also the guy on the far right of the picture), he takes amazing photos!!
Shoutout to my new friend Vince Caligiuri from Gettyimages for the links to the pictures.
Thank you Singapore Turf Club, Jessie, Dominic and Nick for the invitation and for being such great hosts! 

Eddie Peng Yuyan (彭于晏) at Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2014, Singapore Turf Club

Sunday, 16th November 2014 is a date to remember. It was one of the most anticipated and prestigious equestrian race in Asia, the one and only, Longines Gold Cup.

As testament to its high profile event, the guest of honour was no other than His Execellency, President Tony Tan, accompanied by other esteemed guests, the Vice President of Longines, Mr Juan-Carlos Capelli AND Longines Ambassador of Elegance, Eddie Peng (彭于晏), who flew in from Taiwan just for the weekend.

Dating back to 1924, the Longines Singapore Gold Cup is now back in Singapore for its 5th run, and is also designated as Singapore Turf Club's Annual Charity Race Day.

Sure we may be table no 40 but we were right in front of the stage and the vip table!! :D

We were at the committee box this time, and the vibe there was more polished and refined, so we dressed up for the part.

With Daniel from Oneclickwonders, Dawn Yang, Hayley Woo and Hpility

The sky was threatening rain but we were very lucky to have escaped wrath!

The races that day were all named by the club to reflect their commitment to charities. Taught Hayley how to bet at the races, you win some, you lose some. Love the adrenaline though!!

There was a private charity auction with a collection of seven beautifully handcrafted hats, and proceeds went to the Rainbow Charity, a charity which provides education and training for children with special needs.

These GORGEOUS pieces were up for auction. Glad I managed to snap a picture of them before they were snagged. Check out that peacock one! Starting bid price for these bespoke fascinators were $688 EACH. Definitely for those who like to dress to impress.

Highlight of this post: Pictures of 彭于晏, Eddie Peng, who is really gorgeous please. If you don't already know who he is, he has been in recent box office hits like Unbeatable and a highly anticipated movie, Rise of the Legend. He was born in Taipei but grew up in Canada, and is fluent in English!

Suave, good-looking, killer smile, perfectly positioned dimple, this guy's charisma is off the charts. All the ladies, young and old, were fawning over his 1.82m frame.

Eddie gave us a speech and sat down for a bit until...

Our president arrived!!

Hello Mr President. I want to visit the Istana one day.

The biggest race of the day, race 10 - had a S$1.35 million prize money, and of course, we wouldn't have missed that for the world! I bet 3 horses to place (come in first, second or third) and one of my horses came in FIRST!! Too bad I didn't bet win, or my winnings would've been much more!! 

(Source: here)

Gambling is addictive but it's important to know when to stop, and set a limit before you even start.

All the donations collected that day amounted to $241,616! Congratulations!! The funds raised are matched dollar for dollar by the Government under the Care & Share Movement.

Photo you've all been waiting for...

A group shot with 彭于晏, aka Eddie Peng aka Peng Yu Yan! I know it looks like we're really close but it's the angle okay, there was no physical contact at all! Also, there wasn't much space for me to move lol.

If you're looking for a place to hold a corporate event or host important guests, I highly recommend the Singapore Turf Club! They have a multitude of rooms to suit your needs for sure :)

Ending off with a sweet picture of Hayley. Will be posting my very own hat (fascinator) tutorial soon!!

Thanks Jessie and Jasmine for the invite XOXO
Special shoutout to Tiffany and FLY Entertainment crew for helping us grab 1min of Eddie's time for a photo!! Totally made our day *starstruck eyes*

PS: The press kit is super pretty, the quality of the folder, to the complimentary pen, binoculars and portable charger, even the thumbdrive for the press materials are all world class. Thanks Longines, I want to own my own watch from you one day.

American Express Freebie Promotion - Chillax and Bar Hop!

When a guy buys a girl a drink, she could be skeptical - what does he want from me? Is he trying to get me drunk?? But you don't have to worry because free drinks ARE real, with compliments of American Express!!

Some of the hippest and trendiest bars in Singapore's central landscape are providing free drinks just for Amex platinum reserve and platinum credit card holders. Check out their promotions, summarized for you here:


Receive a complimentary* bespoke cocktail at these outlets:
  • Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall
  • Horse Mouth's Bar
  • Maison Ikkoku
  • Spiffy Dapper
  • Bitters and Love

Or get a complimentary* welcome drink/signature cocktail at
  • Orgo Restaurant & Bar
  • The Pecking Order

If wine/whiskey tasters/beer are your thing, enjoy a complimentary one at:
  • The Merry Men Kitchen + Bar (a glass of wine)
  • Quaich Bar (whisky taster)
  • The Men's Room (whiskey taster)
  • The Mad Men Attic Bar (Kirin beer)

If one drink isn't enough, enjoy 1-for1* on your first drink at:
  • :Pluck
  • Gem Bar
  • Manor Cocktail Room
  • Zui Hong Lou
  • The Secret Mermaid
*: Offer is valid for the first drink per day per Card Member per outlet, and is only available when Card is presented at time of order, and any payments made with the American Express Platinum Reserve and Platinum Credit Card issued in Singapore.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it IS true. In addition, American Express has launched a unique Bar Hop experience, just for their card owners! A bunch of us were invited a week or two ago to try it out for ourselves!

Our first stop was The Men's Room, which is just one floor down of Mad Men. Did you know that they're run by the same owners? The Men's Room specializes in Gin mixes, so be sure to try out one of their in-house concoctions! Being a whisky girl, I went for an Octomore Scottish barley, which, I was informed, was the smokiest whiskey in the world. 

The Men's Room had a live band when we were there, but the place is a little squeezy so best to head over early!

After about 30mins, we got on the bus and went over to our next destination - Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall, which faces boat quay's little canal.

This quaint cafe specializes in infusing local flavours into their drinks! Some of their drinks include ingredients like gula melaka and even milo! Food served here are as local as it gets, with Hokkien Mee and fried wanton skins!

Drinks had much fanfare, check out this Secret Garden. 

Sam, the owner and mixologist, has won a number of awards from his own creations! Ask to try some of his award winning concoctions ;) You won't be disappointed!

Hopped on the bus for my last stop, though the route continued to Maison Ikkoku. We were led to the basement of Ocean Financial Centre for... The Secret Mermaid! In the day it's a lunch spot called Shinkansen, and at night it transforms into a hidden enclave and I love it.

The Secret Mermaid has lotsa imported spirits, and some of their specialities that piqued our interest were the Honey vodka and Salmon vodka. I opted for the Honey Vodka which of course - was sweet, but not overly empowering, and I enjoyed it immensely! The Salmon vodka, however... was not to my liking. It was a bit too fishy for me :( It was unique though!

Displayed on a wall, you can read the labels off the variety of spirits. Don't forget that you get 1 for 1 off your first drink with your Amex at The Secret Mermaid!

Smith, Howard Lo and I at The Secret Mermaid. Howard also owns the chain of Standing Sushi bar restaurants, so if you enjoy your salmon sashimi's at 50% off, it's all thanks to this guy. I'm sure some of you would recognise him from his TV appearance in Eye for a Guy.

If you're an Amex card holder yourself (or you have a friend that has one), you can join the bar hop experience! 

Look out for this bus on 8 November between 7pm to 1am, at 7 key locations - Orchard, Havelock Road, Robertson Quay, North Canal, Bugis, Esplanade and Ann Siang Hill. Amex card members can bring up to TWO friends on board the bus! For more information on the locations and benefits, check out their website here.

Nightlife benefits mentioned above are valid until 14 October 2015. 

Thanks for hosting us #ChillaxSG !

A loverly My Fair Lady Musical Review

There's just something about the Edwardian era in London history that captivates me - the people were comfortable and happy, the street was littered with women in fashionable corsets wearing extravagant bonnets, and let's not forget the men with their top hats and evening dresses!

A part of me wishes we were still stuck in that era (in a colder country, of course)! Singlish was probably not even 'invented' yet, men were kind, chivalry was not dead... and I could go on and on.

It all started when I was introduced to a medley of songs back in my choir days, which led me to watch the movies which they were adapted from. I remember 'My Fair Lady' well, because some of my favourite songs were 'I Could Have Danced All Night' and 'On the Street Where You Live', the lyrics sound a little obsessive but it's also kinda romantic to have someone so infatuated with you!

A street flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, catches the ears of literary phoneticist Professor Henry Higgins as she is going about trying to make a living. After mocking her butchery of the English language, he is challenged by his friend Colonel Pickering to transform this cockney-accented girl into a well-groomed, proper lady worthy to meet the Queen in just 6 months. Will he be able to succeed?

My Fair Lady was made popular by the film stars Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, and I loved how they decided to stick with the iconic outfits for some of the scenes. Every last detail from head to toe has brilliantly been captured, look out for the French couture gown Eliza wears for the ball! Jaw-droppingly gorgeous!

World's most amazing hat

For 3 hours (with a 15min intermission) it might seem draggy for those who are not already acquainted with the show and its songs, but the light-hearted humour keeps the musical fun and is a breath of fresh air! Look out for the elaborate designs and backdrops for the famous scenes, even the canary bird isn't spared!

The US National Tour cast is led by Chris Carten and Aurora Florence (as Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle respectively) and were accompanied by the live ensemble playing from the orchestra pit, expect your favourite songs 'The Rain in Spain', 'Get me to the church on time!', 'With a little bit of luck' and more!

Just sit back relax and throw yourself into the beauty of English, oh, and remember to speak properly after that! :p

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Review

Over Christmas I went to MBS for some R&R, the tree was really tall and beautifully decorated!

There's just something about a huge christmas tree at a hotel lobby that gets everyone excited and into the whole christmas mood :)

The lobby is magnificantly huge. On one end is the express lift to the rooftop, and the other, the check in counter! If you're wondering how to get here by public transport or how to navigate around, it's connected to Bayfront MRT station, which is on the circle line. Getting to orchard road for some shopping is about20 minutes from here!

The check-in counter staff were very polite :) Major plus!

The rooms feature an amazing view of Gardens by the Bay which I still think was inspired by Avatar.

Wouldn't you agree?? Even though it's technically man-made, it's still calming and is a great getaway location!

The pillows were plushy, the beds had great support for my back and this was soo comfortable to lie on!! Air-conditioning was perfect for a snuggled night's rest.

The toilet was very spacious with a lovely bathtub, marble decor, truly luxurious! Two sinks so no fighting in the morning hahah.

Selfie in the toilet with my trusty Casio

Toilet bowl's on the other side so someone can use the toilet while someone else is bathing. For efficiency purposes? Lol.

If you've got a stay at Marina Bay Sands, you have to check out their rooftop. It's truly an amazing view of the city! Access is free for up to 4 guests per room :) It's a bit chilly and windy there, so bring a scarf or a cardigan. Yes, Singapore can actually be pretty cold sometimes! On clear skies the air is really refreshing!

Singapore is such a great place to live in, it's so safe, clean, granted more could be done to improve the arts scene but we're wayy more open and exposed to international influences than 5 years ago. At least we're constantly trying. Certain economies have just stagnated while we are always looking for new opportunities. 

Also, isn't meritocracy a good source of motivation? Albeit slightly unhealthy. Haha.

In the distance I could make out my office building and how far I've come since I've graduated from NTU. Being in the working world is no easy business! Though you don't have to study for exams, there's more pressure from expectations and enjoying your work environment. 

Leading to the entrance of Ku de Ta. Here's a tip if you don't want to pay for entrance to the rooftop, say you're going to Ku de Ta for a drink :X

Looking forward to a great 2014, I'll make it superb :p

All photos in this post were shot with a Casio Exilim EX-ZR1200

What else is there to do in Sentosa?

Singapore's Sentosa Island has been drawing lots of attention in recent years, with the establishment of Resorts World Sentosa; Universal Studios, a spanking new casino as well as the introduction of the S.E.A. Aquarium. But there's also another attraction that hasn't garnered as much attention - the Sentosa 4D AdventureLand - which I managed to try out last Sunday. 

It's been a while, Mr Lion.

So what is Sentosa 4D Adventureland, you might ask - Well, it's a series of shows designed to give viewers a truly immersive experience whilst they watch a short animation. The use of 3D screens and animation, accompanied by simulator seats and other ambiance creating devices make the audience feel like they're truly part of the film. It's also great that some of the animations used involve familiar characters from other Warner Bros films! 

Rides follow a fixed schedule and are clearly displayed on mounted TVs, and this helps visitors to plan their rides to optimise the time spent there. We decided to start with a Wild West interactive ride, which was appropriately named "Desperados". In this ride, visitors get to play gun slinging cowboys or cowgirls, complete with horseback simulator and pistol. Once the ride began, we were able to shoot at targets on the screen while galloping on our steeds. Everyone's score is tracked and top scorers get their picture on the scoreboard (try to beat my score of 657)!

Following which, we decided to catch something decisively cuter - the Happy Feet ride, which brought us into a simulator experience tailing Mumble and his fellow penguins. This turned out to be a lot more exhilarating than we imagined, and really kept us on our feet (oops, pun). This ride also served as a simple lesson on the food chain in Antarctica.

The extreme log ride doubles up as a screening area for Happy Feet!

We later made our way to the largest ride in the 4D AdventureLand - the Journey 2 ride, which was an absolute treat for the senses. I shall not spoil the surprise by mentioning what happens during this ride; you'll have to see for yourself. Hint: only 1 of the 5 senses is spared!

How adorable is this girl?!

Take photos of your proud cowbow moments! :)

Overall, we enjoyed the rides we managed to catch (there's the Log Ride that we missed because I was rushing off to a family dinner). The 4D AdventureLand is a great place that the whole family can enjoy, and the tickets allow for unlimited rides, so children can re-live the rides they enjoy the most. 


Getting off the monorail at Imbiah station, Sentosa 4D AdventureLand is up before the Merlion and a flight of escalators. visitors will also pass by a pair of parrots that one can hold and take a photo with (at a small fee of course). 


+ Great for families with kids
+ One ticket allows for unlimited rides
+ Short waiting times 

- The rides are the star here, peripherals such as photo spots are lacking.

Be sure to check it out for a great day with the family!

Thank you Sentosa for the afternoon of fun!
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