What else is there to do in Sentosa?

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Singapore's Sentosa Island has been drawing lots of attention in recent years, with the establishment of Resorts World Sentosa; Universal Studios, a spanking new casino as well as the introduction of the S.E.A. Aquarium. But there's also another attraction that hasn't garnered as much attention - the Sentosa 4D AdventureLand - which I managed to try out last Sunday. 

It's been a while, Mr Lion.

So what is Sentosa 4D Adventureland, you might ask - Well, it's a series of shows designed to give viewers a truly immersive experience whilst they watch a short animation. The use of 3D screens and animation, accompanied by simulator seats and other ambiance creating devices make the audience feel like they're truly part of the film. It's also great that some of the animations used involve familiar characters from other Warner Bros films! 

Rides follow a fixed schedule and are clearly displayed on mounted TVs, and this helps visitors to plan their rides to optimise the time spent there. We decided to start with a Wild West interactive ride, which was appropriately named "Desperados". In this ride, visitors get to play gun slinging cowboys or cowgirls, complete with horseback simulator and pistol. Once the ride began, we were able to shoot at targets on the screen while galloping on our steeds. Everyone's score is tracked and top scorers get their picture on the scoreboard (try to beat my score of 657)!

Following which, we decided to catch something decisively cuter - the Happy Feet ride, which brought us into a simulator experience tailing Mumble and his fellow penguins. This turned out to be a lot more exhilarating than we imagined, and really kept us on our feet (oops, pun). This ride also served as a simple lesson on the food chain in Antarctica.

The extreme log ride doubles up as a screening area for Happy Feet!

We later made our way to the largest ride in the 4D AdventureLand - the Journey 2 ride, which was an absolute treat for the senses. I shall not spoil the surprise by mentioning what happens during this ride; you'll have to see for yourself. Hint: only 1 of the 5 senses is spared!

How adorable is this girl?!

Take photos of your proud cowbow moments! :)

Overall, we enjoyed the rides we managed to catch (there's the Log Ride that we missed because I was rushing off to a family dinner). The 4D AdventureLand is a great place that the whole family can enjoy, and the tickets allow for unlimited rides, so children can re-live the rides they enjoy the most. 


Getting off the monorail at Imbiah station, Sentosa 4D AdventureLand is up before the Merlion and a flight of escalators. visitors will also pass by a pair of parrots that one can hold and take a photo with (at a small fee of course). 


+ Great for families with kids
+ One ticket allows for unlimited rides
+ Short waiting times 

- The rides are the star here, peripherals such as photo spots are lacking.

Be sure to check it out for a great day with the family!

Thank you Sentosa for the afternoon of fun!
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