Cadbury spreads the joy of giving for Christmas

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In line with the festive season and spirit, Cadbury invited us to experience their Joy of Giving experience onboard their Joyrider!! Nurul and I were early so we walked around Cathay playing around with the Casio Exilim EX-ZR1200. We were very impressed because even the normal shots had a slight beauty effect about them!

Zero image editing on my end, this was straight from the camera! I like how the camera makes you look younger :3 All photos taken in this entry are from the Casio Exilim ZR1200 :)

All aboard the Joyrider! In a recent poll conducted by Cadbury, 91% of Singaporeans prefer to give presents as opposed to other means of giving and 76% said that they like giving gifts as they are able to share joy with others. My favourite part of giving presents is watching the receivers reaction. You can tell alot by the initial look through the expression in their eyes and excitement in their voice! (Unless of course, they're already seasoned, trained professionals).

Singaporeans' 3 top emotional draws they receive when giving are "happiness", "joy" and "love", which I wholly agree with. Seeing other people happy makes me happy too!

The inside of the Joyrider transports you to a purple sky with beautiful snowflakes and christmas cheer. If you're wondering about the star effect, that's a function in the Casio Exilim ZR1200! Pretty neat huh.

Until I forgot to switch the mode back to normal. Turned out alright and the camera is pretty smart in detecting faces! Again, loving the natural looking, flawless skin effect. The Joyrider had many accessories on board for you to wear and take pictures with to get you into the Christmas mood!

It was a rainy day that afternoon, but on board the Joyrider made me imagine that the raindrops were like snow.

Of course, being on the Joyrider, you'll have plenty of... Cadbury chocolate! Everyone became starry-eyed as they were served chocolate that never seemed to run out. DREAM COME TRUE.

As part of Cadbury's Joy of Giving campaign, hop onto Cadbury's Joyrider for free on:

14 Dec 1-5pm at Downtown East or
check Cadbury's Facebook page for more locations, routes and times you can hop onto the Joyrider until Christmas!

Riders aboard will enjoy a fun-filled journey into Joyville - Cadbury's mythical and joyful land with tons of chocolates and magic!

Happy campers helping themselves to the chocolate. The kids were bouncing in their seats the whooole way. Nobody was crying (how could anyone cry when you're stuck in a bus filled with chocolate??)

Along the way we played a few games, shan't spoil them for you, but winners get additional goodies like Cadbury exclusive merchandise not sold in stores!!

I played and walked away with a Cadbury tote bag. Woohoo!!

We stopped at Singapore Flyer to take photos with the bus to commemorate our Cadbury experience. 

And also forgot to switch my camera back to normal mode, but the photos turned out nice anyway! Here's our shot with the Cadbury Joyrider crew.

And another with everyone on the bus!! See how many kids there were?? 

 Here's another shot without the star effect, photo credits to Cadbury!

As part of the “Joy of Giving” campaign, Cadbury will be donating S$1 for every S$15 purchase of Cadbury products (up to S$30,000) and additional donations will be collected on the Joyrider. All proceeds will go to the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

Spread the joy of giving! To find out more about the poll from fellow Singaporeans, click on the infographic below!

Photos are taken with a Casio Exilim EX-ZR1200, thank you Casio, and thank you Cadbury for this amaazing afternoon transporting us to Joyville!

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