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What 2015 means to me

Here's a personal post that hasn't been around in a while. I thank you guys for still visiting even though I don't blog as regularly anymore, and I think I owe you guys an explanation for sticking with me for so long. Well here goes!

The beginning of 2015 was a really painful one for me, and on some days, I would be doing work when my mind would suddenly drift a bit, and tears started flowing down my cheeks. Of course I would hastily wipe them away, lest my colleagues see and judge. Nights were especially torturing, because of my insomnia and even nightmares. Waking up was a drag. It was an emotional time for me, where I took to yoga, zumba and golf to distract myself as much as I could.

Of course, meeting up with close friends helped, they really tried to pull me out of my daze, to make me laugh again. I could only look forward to my US trip in March because there was nothing else to look forward to. It was a very short sighted goal. It was a necessary goal.

March came, I flew Delta Airlines for the first time and realised first-hand how painful it is to have an airport that is not efficient at all. Was forced to miss a flight, and after 20+ hours of travelling, that was not very pleasant! Apart from that initial encounter, my cousin's wedding in North Carolina was a blast, I saw the community she was in, her friends that she used to hang out with all the time (she moved to another state a couple of years back) and I loved how spontaneous and open-minded the Americans were. Even American Asians! At the wedding's after party held at my cousin's new place, we actually danced OUTSIDE on the patio, under some lights. It seemed like a fairytale. Someone actually asked me to dance barefoot. I tried but it was seriously too cold!

 I actually thought to myself, wow, I could live here. Even though I would have to drive out to get food, even if it's a world away from Singapore, even if I had to start from zero.

Flew to Boston to meet my friend Jimmy and his girlfriend Natalie. Jimmy is a dear friend of mine since NTU days and he's the same age as me but already bought his own HOUSE and is renting a few rooms out as extra income. I was seriously envious. Here in Singapore, we can't even afford a place of our own, and even if we could afford some of the newer HDB flats, we aren't able to buy them because we have to be 35 and above... We had some really amazing seafood, oysters and clam chowder (mmmm clam chowdah) and I really enjoyed just walking all around Boston, not knowing if we were heading in the right direction or not.

Until I caught a cold. Thank you for your prolonged, coldest winter in years, Boston.

New York was a bit of a downer for me with that runny/blocked nose and feeling tired all the time, but I really tried to visit all that I had set out to see. Clubs were absolutely craaazy. Seriously no inhibitions and people did whatever they wanted, some should just get a room and spare everyone else the trauma. In the club, guys actually tried chatting me up whenever I was alone! In Singaopre, they just dance behind you or suddenly grab you to dance with them. Sorry not interested lol.

Was in Soho shopping when I had people come up to me on the street saying "You're so pretty" or "Hello" and then walking away. Does that count as "cat-calling"? Anyway, there was one day I took a train alone into Brooklyn and thought I was going to get mugged. It was SO different.

Food was absolutely amazing in New York, apart from the occasional soup that I had to drink to warm myself from the cold. Chinese food portions are so big. I also found out that doctors are incredibly expensive here, and most people self-medicate. Problem is, the off-the-shelf medicine didn't help with my cold much, I think I was sick for 7 days.

Cycling in Central Park is something I would definitely recommend everyone try! Even though I was freezing I still did it, and went to feed the ducks (ala Blair Waldorf). Maybe that's why I didn't get better haha! By the end of the trip, I lost 1 side of a glove, 1 scarf and a hat. Well done at least I didn't lose anything super important. Please catch Book of Morman if you can it is hilarious!

The dream was over, I was back in Singapore. Back where I started, but more refreshed from the trip. I had tons of work to do which I totally immersed myself into. Had tons of deadlines to meet and things to learn since I was given more responsibility in certain areas. It was great.

Not long after, I met someone who made my heart race again, but it all felt one-sided. I think we had common interests and a natural curiosity for the world. It was great when we were together but when we were apart I just felt used. The signs were all there from the start but I chose to believe in the good of people. Needless to say, gut feelings are there for a reason, and I tore myself away. I still wonder what-if? But there would be no future with someone who is completely self-centered and un-compassionate. Knowing that only I feel the pain makes it easier to get over, somehow in its twisted logic.

As we approach the last 5 months of the year, I want to love myself more, to stop all this self-doubt and find something that makes me, me. The right one will come, eventually, when you're least expecting it. Until then, I will continue to do my best at work, at home, to be a great friend, colleague and family member.

I will be heading to KL for a business trip next week, with all the political instability going on, fingers crossed? Can't wait to head to Tokyo and Yokohama in a couple of weeks for my friend's wedding and a mini holiday! It seems like I am a much stronger person than I was at the beginning of the year, even though I don't look like it. Less tolerance to B*S* lol.

Thanks for all your support via tweets, emails or facebook, really appreciate them all :)

What happened to my lost android phone... 1 year later

How many of you have never lost your phones??? Really? Okay how about leaving it in the toilet or table somewhere THEN rushing back and finding it still in the same place? Less people now?

Well, I always thought I was the careful type (losing umbrellas is a whole different category - I think I've lost more than 5 in my lifetime) but one fine day, I lost my Samsung S3. You can read my initial story here.

I was at Beerfest Asia til like 1am ish and I still remember I was a little woozy after the beers. My battery was running low from that day's activities (think 10%?) and I was sitting on a bench outside the tent, texting. We decided to head back as we were all beat. I threw my phone in my bag without zipping it up and we proceeded to hail a cab outside.

As we planned to share a cab, I got in first and moved in from the left door, I'm guessing my phone probably dropped out of my bag at this point, and we reached our destination. Immediately wanting to charge my phone, I desperately searched my bag and realised the horrible truth - it was gone.

Here's a tip, ALWAYS ASK FOR A RECEIPT WHEN YOU ARE IN A CAB. I have learnt my lesson.

It was late at night and we didn't even know which cab we got into. I thought it was the red chevrolet Trans-cab but my friend remembered it as the maroon SMRT one. Either way, we called both taxi companies but they claim that their GPS on each cab did not register the right area, and even searching by taxi fare amount didn't lead to any matches. The uncle probably left the meter running to avoid getting caught or something :(

Headed straight back to Beerfest where they were packing up, but nobody found a phone. Sigh.

I kept calling my phone, googling phone location apps but it's so tough to track your phone's location when you don't already have the app installed, and when your battery is at 10%.

Needless to say, my phone's battery died even before I could track it. Once your phone is off/dead there's literally no hope.

Here's another tip. DOWNLOAD APPS THAT ALLOW YOU TO TRACK YOUR PHONE'S LOCATION. Don't wait until your phone is lost before you do this.


One year on, I was looking at apps to download from the play store on my desktop when I realised, hey there's this device I can install apps on called "GramenPhone Samsung GT-19300". What device is this?!

Then it hit me. That's my phone. MY PHONE!!! That means I can download tracking apps and fnid out where my phone is!!! My heartbeat started quickening.

Used Android Device Manager to search my phone's location and....lo and behold...

"Accurate up to 1,189 metres, last located at Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1 Dec 2014 at 9.43pm"

FML no hope already la.

PS: If you've lost your Android phone like me, try and find your phone with this link. Google is amazing.

Update: I hope he doesn't have any of my photos on his phone, or that he shows off to his friends that he has a Singaporean girlfriend or something. Don't worry I don't have any NSFW pictures on my phone haha, just a ton of selfies.

Have you ever found a lost phone? Share your experiences in the comment box below! :)

My computer is kaput, and other news

A million apologies for the lack of updates... my desktop computer is completely spoilt and I've been trying to fix it to no avail!!

I had to dig out the laptop I used in university and it's RIDDEN with viruses even though I've already ran scans using Malware Bytes. All of it started when I downloaded a chinese software, now I can't get rid of it. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the get well soon greetings!! I really appreciate each and every one of them, and I remember all your lovely comments :) I didn't throw any parties this year, decided to have a lunch/dinner with loved ones instead. I'm officially 24 but from next year onwards my age will stagnate!!

Many thanks to HTC for the Butterfly S which has an AMAZING battery life!! I don't even have to bring a spare charger or cable out anymore. It lasts THE WHOLE DAY and I'm constantly on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. The Zoe camera mode allows you to remove objects from the picture, and there are a lot of in built editing functions like slimming your face, filters that you can make use of!!

During the week, my rabbit Squishy broke her nail. I was so worried but after constant reassuring from my friend who's a vet and other rabbit owners, I relaxed and decided to let it drop off. Bought antiseptic spray and powder just in case, and that same night the nail dropped off and I saw some dried blood! Poor Squishy must've been in pain :(

If you've been following me on Twitter and my Facebook page, you'll know I dressed up as a sorceress for my company's DnD recently with my hair styled by Aqua Hair Korean Salon. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Also, thanks to HTC, I was invited to Starhub's TVB Awards where I dressed like a rockstar with my half braided, half curled hair, styled by Komachi Hair Salon and amazzzing customised bling heels by Sinderella!

 Get to try out these awesome new lashes and Aquamoist products which are really famous in Japan!! If you're interested to find out more, be sure to drop by JRunway at Plaza Singapura to have a look :)

Attended the 2013 Johnny Walker Circuit Lounge party and might have had a bit too much whisky that night but how could you not when it was in ice cream form or mixed into a delicious concoction??

Big shout out to FIJI Water for sponsoring me a carton of water. Thank you!! I think FIJI Water tastes best, cold.

Congratulations Yongli and Rachel on their marriage!! The food was delicious!!!

Oh, and I also found a new boyfriend. Hahahah.

See you guys soon! Have to buy a new desktop $$ goodbye.

Lost phone, Beerfest Asia 2013 and how to track your lost Android.

Intended to write some nice happy posts today but I am just upset with myself.

Because I lost my phone 12 hours ago

Yesterday was great, there's this game you can play at 313 somerset (with no minimum spend) where you guess the value of items to add up a certain amount given by the crew, if you guess it right, you get a prize!

Jelly and I guessed the amount and won $10 Paradise Inn voucher each! The voucher had no minimum spend either!!! Super awesome so we decided to have dinner there.

You guys have to try their claypot tofu. It's super good. The inside of the tofu is really smooth and the gravy was just incredibly delicious! We also ordered their sweet and sour pork and it was quite yummy too. 

Anyway, after that we decided to pop over to Beerfest Asia because I had complimentary tickets, plus I wanted to see Killer Queen super badly. Spending your Saturday night listening to Queen tunes live, plus in a mosh pit with people who love the music as much as you do? Would made my night!

When we reached the back of the flyer, aka Marine Promenade, it was really crowded! People were merry, sweaty, having beers, and we got ourselves a bottle each while waiting for Killer Queen.

Managed to catch the last two songs of the Gunz n Roses cover band! The crowd went wild with 'Sweet Child of Mine'

They were delayed for about 15 minutes but came up on stage with rocker gear and a Freddy-lookalike. He even sounds like Freddy, Queen's lead singer! Everything was great until people started rowdy, people throwing air filled balls onto the stage and almost hitting the band, I saw this Singaporean guy getting violent, lifting bench seats and the table, causing the bottles to fall on the floor, and the most annoying thing -

People who sprayed everyone around them, with beer.

At first, I endured the few drizzles, then when it didn't stop, I got freaking furious. 

Here I am dancing and enjoying Queen and you're ruining my night. The people around me kept turning around to see who the group of a$$wipes were. 

The droplets became bigger, the back of my top was actually getting wet, and that was it.

I turned around, looked straight at the Singaporean dude, pointed my finger at him and said "Can you stop doing that!" in my most serious, don't-push-it, tone.

Also, when I turned around, the guy next to him was about to empty an ENTIRE bucket of iced water, either onto his friend JUST DIRECTLY NEXT TO US, or he was going to splash it on everyone.

I'm guessing it was the former because he was looking at the friend, who wasn't aware of what was about to happen. 

I am SO glad I stood up because if he really did pour that bucket of water, we would've also been hit by the water. 

Anyway, Jelly was so funny, he said he was thinking of  a fight plan in case they didn't listen to me and I had to "follow-through". Like, if they would pour that bucket of water on ME, instead. Which was also highly possible since I was in front of them.

If they did though, I might've also started my first fight with 6 guys. Hahahahah confirm lose but would've been angrier than an angry bird.

After their last song, "We are the Champions", we went to one of the benches to sit and finish our beer that we bought with our last Beerfest currency (poker chips la). Took a cab back, and that's when I realised my phone was gone.

My baby :'(

Before this, I had NEVER lost my phone, in my entire life. And just to clarify, I wasn't drunk or high, I was more sleepy and tired at that point. The last time I used it was at the benches, but I remember putting it into my bag, though it was lying on the top of my stuff so it could've fallen out.

I rushed back to Beerfest but no one turned anything into Lost and Found, no one saw the phone, and I believed the team at Beerfest did the best they could do. I traced my steps from Beerfest to the point where I boarded the cab. So the other option is that...

It dropped in the cab.

It's highly likely because I kept calling my phone (which only had 10% battery life when I left it) and by the time I found an app I could remotely install on my phone to locate it, my phone's battery died. Urgh.

And so, this is the morning after, where I'm completely blaming myself for NOT INSTALLING A TRACKING APP on my phone. And not finding a remote app fast enough. Also, that I was careless and didn't do a double take before I left the cab. Jelly was also upset for not noting the license plate number of the taxi driver, because he usually does that, except last night because he wasn't feeling well.

I didn't backup the photos in my phone since March or something, and definitely didn't update my contacts to Google's cloud so I am regretting that as well. 


Since I am so distraught and resigned that my phone -which would probably have been found by the taxi driver by now when he changes shifts- is 95% gone, I should make a trip to Starhub to get a replacement SIM and use a spare phone, and make a police report.



Also, with all the research I did last night on how to find your android phone without having a tracking app installed, I wanted to share what I found with you guys so that if you ever lose your phone, you can refer to this! 

But just to be safe, just install the tracking app NOW, and also, if your phone is switched off, there is virtually no hope left, except on reliance on the good will of people.

  • Android Lost

1. Download Android Lost after you've signed into your gmail account, you can do this on a laptop/desktop or even on your friend's phone!
2. Access Android Lost via web at this website
3. Register your phone by either starting the application on your phone, or borrow a friend's phone (if you've already lost it), to SMS 'androidlost register' to yourself, for instant registration.
4. Once your phone has been registered, you can wipe all memory, locate by GPS, etc.

  • Where's my Droid
1. Download Where's my Droid
3. To use the app, text your attention word to your lost device's number from another cellular phone. To make the device ring the default attention word is "wmd ring", and to get the location of the lost device the default word is "wmd gps".

1. Download AVAST (it's an anti-virus software too!)
• Control it remotely via a web-based interface ( or SMS.
• Locate your phone on a map.
• Lock the device until you find it, activate the siren, or wipe the memory to keep your private data safe.

  • Plan B
1. Download Plan B after you've signed into your gmail account, you can do this on a laptop/desktop or even on your friend's phone!
2. Plan B will start automatically and send your phone’s location to your Gmail address.

3. If for some reason it doesn't start after 10 minutes, you can borrow a friend's phone and text the word "locate" to your phone number.
4. Once you have found your phone, download Lookout Mobile Security to add all the essential protections that your phone needs, including security scans for malware and spyware, backup for your contacts and all the best lost and stolen phone protections -- all in one easy download!

 Plan B only works with 2.0 - 2.3 versions of Android


These are the best ones I could find with the best reviews etc, use at your own discretion, I don't take any responsibility if you've lost your phone or can't recover them using these software. Android Lost was my best bet but my phone ran out of battery before I could install it.


Hope this helps you guys, fingers crossed that my phone is found soon and thanks for reading!

How Squishy came into my life.

I've always loved animals! Well... most animals. I prefer dogs over cats, rabbits over chinchillas, beagles over chihuahua's... the list goes on and on.

I did have a dog once, when I was really young. I barely remember much about him, but his name was Mickey and he was a terrier. I know that I was pretty much terrified of it because I had been chased by a dog once, but I would occasionally pat his head or stroke his fur whenever my dad was carrying him.

Sadly, Mickey has passed away. RIP Mickey.

In Primary 5 or thereabouts, my parents bought me a hamster. I have no idea why, but I didn't have much clue how to take care of it. All I knew was that I had to feed it and water it, my mum would clean its cage and... I honestly can't even remember the name that I gave it.

My hamster didn't last very long because it passed away a few months later. I remember crying and my dad took it away from me... never to be seen again.

It died on its back, paws in the air, fur all harried and messy, body cold and limp. Eyes closed.

No more hamsters for me in this lifetime.

I didn't want to get another pet until I was sure I could care for it and love it. Pets are also really expensive to maintain. It's like having another mouth to feed, except this mouth does not speak English, or speak at all.

If I could have any pet I wanted, I would have a dog. Unfortunately, dogs require ALOT of attention and time, which I do not have. If I had a dog I wouldn't want it to be pooping around the place, I would properly potty train it, send it for grooming, etc.

Doesn't help that a dog is at least 1k SGD. *shudders*

When Christine uploaded a ton of photos of her new bunny. I considered it. What about a rabbit? I *COULD* cage it up whenever the house was empty, and let it run around when I'm back. Its poop is much easier to clean than a dog's, it doesn't bite and it doesn't make any noise! (do not like dogs that bark loudly)

After a bit more considerations, like my brother would be home most of the time to keep an eye out, an area for it to run around at... I headed over to Christine's!

And fell in love with the little bugger. Like instantly. So cute and small!! He's a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and was only 2 months old when I first met him.

Since I hadn't bought a cage at that time, I had to put bunny into an old baby's bathtub and cover the top with newspaper. In the morning, he escaped (didn't take a genius to figure out he could jump) caused quite a stir trying to find him hahahaha.

Caught him in the end and we used weights on top of the newspaper to contain him. That night I bought a proper cage so he was introduced to his new home!

Initially he was super hyper, running around the cage and wanting to run free. After a while he got used to it, but then he developed gas and was a little uncomfortable. Two trips to the vet later and now he's getting fat, and eating.

Do NOT get a rabbit on impulse. It can get very worrysome if he doesn't eat and rabbits need lots of attention and are very vulnerable!! They are very brittle, timid creatures and are frightened easily. They also do not make noises so you don't really know how they feel, so reading body language and being attentive really counts!

Plus, you also have to powder bath him, feed him, change his poop and pee, make sure he doesn't step on his own pee, check that he isn't scratching himself in a certain part too often etc.

Plus vets AREN'T CHEAP.

In return, you'll have someone to love and licks you to show his appreciation :')

After a long time thinking of names for my new bunny (sugar, bubbles and Sir Hop-a-lot were some contenders), I finally decided on.. Squishy. He's so cute, white, fluffy and tiny you have to take great care not to squish him!

Hence, this is the story of how Squishy came into my life.

Post Wisdom Teeth Surgery. Less wise but... slimmer?

It's been almost a month since my wisdom teeth surgery, thank you guys for all your well wishes and all your concern!! Feel so loved :) I wanted to reply the comments but somehow there's some blogger error with comments, getting it sorted now and importing my comments to another third-party program. Sorry for the wait!
A cute picture to start the post.

I got a week off to recover from the general anaesthesia, and eating food was torture. I asked some of my friends who were lucky enough to be eating proper food a few days later, but because my gum was cut quite deep in, it wasn't a good idea to be eating completely chewy food... I'll get to that later.

The day of the surgery and the day after, my lips were numb, my tongue was half numb, my chin was a little numb, and of course, my cheeks were numb as well.

I drank water through a straw, (and drank some of my blood as well), cold drinks were a really good idea. Ice cream was a good idea too, except I had chocolate ice cream with some nuts and that caused a tiny problem >_> The day of the surgery and the next 2 days or so, I felt phlegm in my throat/lungs and the doctor said that I should try not to cough it out (or my gums might bleed again) and instead my body's immune system will clear the phlegm.

I think the phlegm was caused by the blood. =\

The doctor prescribed mouthwash to gargle my mouth with, and every time I gargled, I could see traces of blood in the sink. It worried me for a while, but after a while, I gave up. I didn't dare brush my teeth near the affected areas, and I brushed really gently for fear of opening the wounds.

Barely felt like eating the first few days because I had to tilt my head back to try and pour the porridge carefully in the middle of my mouth. Plus, the porridge had to be room temperature. Ick.

I told my mum that I'd like to try baby food instead, because I wasn't getting the proper nutrients required, and I was really sick of porridge. So my sweetest mummy bought me these.

Which I consumed through a straw. The sweet potato one is delicious!!

Sleeping was slightly painful whenever I lay my cheek on the pillow.

And I randomly would become nauseous, or get headaches so I would have to lie down and sleep -_- Oh, and I would get random cheek aches once I ran out of painkillers.

Oh yeah, my face DID swell. I don't want to post a picture here because I look horrible. Laughing was also painful, so I had to do quiet chuckles. (Imagine: Me laughing ho ho ho / hur hur hur)

About 4 days after the surgery, I could chew with my front teeth so slightly

Here's a piece of advice from me to people who are gonna get their wisdom teeth extracted. 
Do NOT eat fries!!! I ate ONE fry and a lot got stuck onto my stitches, and in the hole, it was really crappy trying to get it out.

Finished my antibiotics like a good girl :) Yay.

Tip: Do not EVER, try to act cool and throw a medicine pill into your mouth. Once, I threw it right to the back of my throat and choked -_-


Got to remove my stitches. My top two gums healed so well that the stitches kinda healed into the gum a little, so the dentist had to cut the string and pull it out a little. Which hurt a teeny bit.

The bottom two holes are still quite deep, dentist says they will take at least a month to close, so no sashimi buffet for me until mid August. Torture!!

Shall stick to crepes.

On a side note, I had a cute assistant dentist who issued my MC to me on the day of the operation, and how small is the world seriously, he's my friend's childhood friend. What the. Hahaha. I hope he doesn't see this.

I'm glad I got all 4 of them over and done with!! Plus, some of my friends have said that my face appears smaller. Or is it because I've lost weight?!? Thank you all again!!

Ending with a cute picture of Peishi and I. 

Update about my Instagram pictures!

Here's a short update for some snippets from my instagram! Continue reading for pictures of pretty girls, dogs, and my trip to the doggystyle cafe at Nex!

 At irene's party! I attempted a smokey eye look. Pass/Fail?

 Went to Jayne's shop at Cineleisure! Go support her k? :)

Met up with Gen, Cher and their friends for a doggy session! Met Yun Wen, Jiayi and Romeo (daschund) Romeo has super smooth baby-like fur and I couldn't stop hugging or stroking his hair :)

Gen's Alaskan Malamute! Seriously massive huge like a wolf but Gen trained him really well. He has lots of character too! Gets angry when people eat his food, jealous when Gen talks and takes photos of other dogs, becomes aggressive to other male dogs until he can smell their butt. It was quite funny because all the owners had to carry their dogs and bring them to Caesar's snout and they were SHIVERING (the small ones) because they were so frightened!! Also weight SIXTY kg and attracted a crowd that day.

Super love this shot that Cher caught! Yuki the Samoyed :)
 I look awkward in this picture but it's because i didn't want to lift yuki's body and put her on my lap! So I had to curve instead hahah. That's Jiayi and Cher!

My favourite picture of Jasper... He's fifteen years old and has cancer and this lump on his throat :( But seriously he's an awesome pet. Doesn't bark, likes girls, and likes to sit next to you and not move. He also has cataract so he's slightly blind. He's also slightly deaf too. Really sad.

The funny story is that Jasper's owner also has another chihuahua called Allegra and she's just a puppy. But she WHORES herself and throws herself onto Jasper, sticking her butt in his face and everything!! Sometimes Jasper obliges and sometimes he just meh's her. Hahahah. So technically if human beings were left on their own, without any technology etc, that's a reflection of our primate self.

Want to see these photos in real time? Follow me on instagram! (click the icon on the right sidebar) :)

I miss long hair..

Shall wait patiently.

Happy Chinese New Year!!
Hope you guys win at blackjack, poker, dai dee (tai tee), mahjong, texas holdem and every game you play! :D


So my friends told me  a photo of me was at the NATAS Fair! They took a photo!

Can you spot me?

why claires flair?

am back in singapore! Happy national day!

Wanted to share with you guys about why I decided to choose this name!

I started blogging since primary five, which is almost 10 years ago! I learnt basic HTML by myself and designed a super simple layout using frames.

Back then I used every free website possible. Geocities, freewebz etc! Even hosted by other people and running an awards site at some point!

Kept changing usernames because I couldn't decide on one I really liked.

Decided to have one main one at diaryland because I was tired of making my own layouts and so it's at

all the past entries are still there btw, so that I can refer to it and look back on my secondary school life.

Made another private diaryland diary for my closest friends to read and of course, that is now dormant.

In junior college I switched to livejournal to see what all the hype was about, and I still blog private entries there! Will not reveal that address! Haha.

So I also decided to try blogger and had to think of a name that would stick. Some of my friends call me claire bear and so I wanted to find something that rhymed with claire! Would be easier for people to remember too!

And thus after some brainstorming, I officially opened under claires-flair. (Claire rhymes with flair!) Sort of. Haha.

Will be sticking with this name for quite a long time , I love the ring of it :D

Will blog about my japan experience soon, before I continue about europe!

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