Post Wisdom Teeth Surgery. Less wise but... slimmer?

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It's been almost a month since my wisdom teeth surgery, thank you guys for all your well wishes and all your concern!! Feel so loved :) I wanted to reply the comments but somehow there's some blogger error with comments, getting it sorted now and importing my comments to another third-party program. Sorry for the wait!
A cute picture to start the post.

I got a week off to recover from the general anaesthesia, and eating food was torture. I asked some of my friends who were lucky enough to be eating proper food a few days later, but because my gum was cut quite deep in, it wasn't a good idea to be eating completely chewy food... I'll get to that later.

The day of the surgery and the day after, my lips were numb, my tongue was half numb, my chin was a little numb, and of course, my cheeks were numb as well.

I drank water through a straw, (and drank some of my blood as well), cold drinks were a really good idea. Ice cream was a good idea too, except I had chocolate ice cream with some nuts and that caused a tiny problem >_> The day of the surgery and the next 2 days or so, I felt phlegm in my throat/lungs and the doctor said that I should try not to cough it out (or my gums might bleed again) and instead my body's immune system will clear the phlegm.

I think the phlegm was caused by the blood. =\

The doctor prescribed mouthwash to gargle my mouth with, and every time I gargled, I could see traces of blood in the sink. It worried me for a while, but after a while, I gave up. I didn't dare brush my teeth near the affected areas, and I brushed really gently for fear of opening the wounds.

Barely felt like eating the first few days because I had to tilt my head back to try and pour the porridge carefully in the middle of my mouth. Plus, the porridge had to be room temperature. Ick.

I told my mum that I'd like to try baby food instead, because I wasn't getting the proper nutrients required, and I was really sick of porridge. So my sweetest mummy bought me these.

Which I consumed through a straw. The sweet potato one is delicious!!

Sleeping was slightly painful whenever I lay my cheek on the pillow.

And I randomly would become nauseous, or get headaches so I would have to lie down and sleep -_- Oh, and I would get random cheek aches once I ran out of painkillers.

Oh yeah, my face DID swell. I don't want to post a picture here because I look horrible. Laughing was also painful, so I had to do quiet chuckles. (Imagine: Me laughing ho ho ho / hur hur hur)

About 4 days after the surgery, I could chew with my front teeth so slightly

Here's a piece of advice from me to people who are gonna get their wisdom teeth extracted. 
Do NOT eat fries!!! I ate ONE fry and a lot got stuck onto my stitches, and in the hole, it was really crappy trying to get it out.

Finished my antibiotics like a good girl :) Yay.

Tip: Do not EVER, try to act cool and throw a medicine pill into your mouth. Once, I threw it right to the back of my throat and choked -_-


Got to remove my stitches. My top two gums healed so well that the stitches kinda healed into the gum a little, so the dentist had to cut the string and pull it out a little. Which hurt a teeny bit.

The bottom two holes are still quite deep, dentist says they will take at least a month to close, so no sashimi buffet for me until mid August. Torture!!

Shall stick to crepes.

On a side note, I had a cute assistant dentist who issued my MC to me on the day of the operation, and how small is the world seriously, he's my friend's childhood friend. What the. Hahaha. I hope he doesn't see this.

I'm glad I got all 4 of them over and done with!! Plus, some of my friends have said that my face appears smaller. Or is it because I've lost weight?!? Thank you all again!!

Ending with a cute picture of Peishi and I. 
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