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If you had the chance to make yourself more beautiful, would you take it? One of the most instant ways of making yourself look better is through make up! If you find yourself looking tired and weary in the morning, just perk up your face with concealer, foundation and blusher and you look more awake already.

Was invited by The Body Shop to try out their newest all-in-one BB cream, available in three shades! It claims that the shades are a perfect match to your exact skin tone, so I was very eager to find out for myself if it does.

Met up with Sarah before the event so we could head there together!

With my dearest Sarah! (should've drawn my brows)

When we reached, we were pleasantly surprised to find a huge package with our names on them, on each of our tables!

Since we were early, we helped ourselves (hehe) to some light refreshments. I particularly liked the mango cake! Sarah loved the toast with chicken and cranberry relish. Yum.

Okay enough of the food. Here's the complete range!

*points* The 3 BB creams ($32.90, Available in-stores from 27 August 2012), their 2 way foundation, 3 tones of concealers and 6 different blushers! The colours of the blushers aren't correct because I filtered this picture >_> There are a few orangey based ones.

With Zurina :)

Getting ready for the presentation! A blogger's life ain't all that glamourous, you have to sit through presentations too :P

Following that, we were treated to watch a makeover session to learn how to use the new BB cream and the entire range!

Super important to conceal your eye circles. Mine are super huge and black =\

The final look! Flawless huh? 

The products that were used on the model.

Watched a video on Scents of the World and it was really pretty and impressive! Each name represents a different part of the world. 

After that, we were brought to another table to check out the Scents of the World, a new fragrance collection by The Body Shop.

Best part is, you're encouraged to mix them to create your perfect scent! I liked three out of the 5 ranges, will share them in another post. I like floral, sweet scents :)

After the event, Sarah and I went to Orchard Central for dinner, we were so hungry! Decided to have mushroom and chicken pizza but we were really disappointed. The pizza was really dry and the service staff's tone was quite rude. Never going to be back there again!


PSST!! Good things must share!! (I should do up a banner for this)

The Body Shop has a digital campaign on Tea Tree Pore Minimiser to encourage facebook fans to submit a review of their favourite Tea Tree product, and of course, you get GOODIES!

-          FREEBIES! Anyone who submits will get a Tea Tree Rescue Pack (consisting of a one week supply of Tea Tree Facial Wash, best-selling Tea Tree Oil and NEW Tea Tree Pore Minimiser).
-          3 reviewers with the most number of votes will win a Tea Tree Hamper (worth more than $300)
-          3 voters who voted for the top reviewer will also win $100 worth of The Body Shop products!

Will be reviewing their best-selling Tea Tree Oil and New Pore Minimiser (super awesome I've already been using it) soon!!
 (don't miss this chance, it's really simple!!)

Alright have a great weekend everyone :) Will update with more reviews and tutorials soon!


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