Spoilers: Avengers End Game Review and Thoughts

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After being a crazy person watching the movie on the day it was released I wanted to read reviews sharing their thoughts and feelings - complete with spoilers of course. But there were none (or at least not easy to find). Everyone was so worried about spoiling for others the reviews are spoiler free.

So this post is going to be filled with spoilers and you should stop NOW if you haven't already watched the movie. Seriously. My only tip for you is that there's no end credit scenes or after credit scenes.

And if you haven't watched the movie yet, I recommend you watch all the previous Marvel movies before watching End Game because then you'll get proper closure.

Well for the remaining who are still reading... This is your last chance. The movie is quite unpredictable so you're going to regret this if you haven't watched the movie yet.

 Ok let's move on.

I cried. It was such an emotional movie.
We have been with the main characters for like 10 years so we feel with them, we grow with them, we know what they have lost.

Some take it more badly that others - Hawk Eye going all Ronin crazy, Thor getting hilariously fat and well Black Widow being emo all the time. Hulk being half Bruce half Hulk was strange to me.

One of the biggest unhappiness I had with the film was about Captain Marvel. Ok I get that she had to save other planets and like Earth is just another country for her in her universe but seriously she just destroyed a giant ship, got blasted off by one stone and then disappeared for the rest of the movie until the funeral. The whole build up with Captain Marvel having her movie, the trailer featuring her looking all bold and noble that they will win because Avengers has her this time... And it just fell to pieces. She wasn't involved in going back in time at all either. I am also not that keen on her new hairdo.

Discussed this with the friends I watched with and they felt they had to let the first few Avengers take more glory... Hmm.

Person who did absolutely nothing: War Machine. Geez.

One of my favourite scenes would have to be the part where Black Widow and Hawk Eye were arguing over who to die. I really hoped the Soul Stone would've taken pity and said it's the first time he saw someone fight to want to die and then just give them the stone. Argh. It was a great scene and I can't wait to rewatch this part of the movie again. (Yes I have plans to watch the movie again already).

Another part that made the fan in me go whaaatttt was when Captain America could control Thor's Hammer. Like why is he worthy? Because he's strong enough and righteous? It was cool though.

I also liked the 1 that Doctor Strange held up to show Ironman that it was the only way for them to win. Which explained why Doctor Strange willingly gave up the Time Stone just to trade for Iron Man's life even when he was against it vehemently earlier in Infinity War.

Ah the feels when everyone teleports and shows up!!! And when they tossed the infinity war gauntlet 2 around. Wished that scene had more action though.

Oh and I still don't understand the - why not go to the past when Thanos was a baby and kill him explanation. Someone please explain it to me.

Also, how does Captain America returning to the past and having a fulfilling life not create some chain of events that affected the present?

Anyway I think I am almost done with my rant.

So now we have on the dead list... Loki. Black Widow. Captain America (soon). Gamora. Iron Man.

What could the next movie be? Remaining Avengers Vs X men?

Next Guardians of the Galaxy movie where they try to bring back Gamora?

Feel free to guess with me and share your thoughts :)

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