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Kirin Ichiban Festival!

 The Kirin Ichiban Festival, themed “Modern Expression of Japanese Authenticity”, was held on November 4 and 5, 2011 at Clarke Quay Central Fountain Square. The festival presents some of Japan’s biggest international acts to celebrate one of Japan’s favourite and internationally savoured beers!

I attended this event with HP, Joey, Valentine and made some new friends too. Had to leave a little earlier because my eye was really red and hurting. Disadvantages of contacts!
 They served us Kirin beer in these SUPER CUTE cans! :)
This November, three of Japan’s hottest international acts, Takahiro Ueno, Kuni-ken and HIFANA convene in Singapore to present a rare collaboration that encapsulates the irresistible appeal of modern Japan. The stars will be performing on November 4 and 5, 2011 at Clarke Quay Central Fountain Square as headliners for the Kirin Ichiban Festival, themed “Modern Expression of Japanese Authenticity”.

Takahiro Ueno is highly sought after across the world. An accomplished master of hip-hop in Japan, he broadened his stage to include the world when he moved to New York, USA, in 2005. Takahiro will be giving an exclusive performance at the Kirin Ichiban Festival featuring once-in-a-lifetime collaborations with both Kuni-Ken and HIFANA!

HIFANA is a hot breakbeat group made up of KEIZOmachine! (Keizo Fukuda) and JUICY (Jun Miyata). The duo from Tokyo have been performing together since 1998 and are highly sought after for their distinctively non-replicable live performances, during which they cut beats with a real-time sampler and incorporating scratch and percussion, all without using programmed sequences. 

Kuni-Ken  performance at the Kirin Ichiban Festival is not to be missed. This young, good-looking and talented pair’s music creations have impressed critics because they elevate traditional Japanese music through the redefinition of the conventional shamisen sound into one with that appeals to the modern ear.

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) is proud to bring Kirin Ichiban and the Kirin Ichiban Festival to Singapore. Kirin lovers no longer need to wait for a trip to Japan before satiating their thirst for this unique Japanese beer, and can savour this premium brew anytime, with a comprehensive range of Kirin beer now available in Singapore. In addition to restaurants, leading bars and pubs, Kirin Ichiban beer is also available at supermarkets and convenience stores.
Had a great time that night though, Thanks Asia Pacific Breweries and Kirin! :)
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