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Yoshi the ragdoll cat

Snapped some pictures the other day with Yoshi the ragdoll cat, some are too cute not to share!

Yoshi giving the "what's that?" look.

Notice his ears have a black outline hehe.

I particularly like ragdoll cats because they just "nua" once you pick them up

But Yoshi is growing up so fast! Soon, his butt can't fit on my palm anymore.
*friendly paw hello*


Yoshi meowing. His meows are super high pitch and his purrs are super loud. He really loves lots of attention!

"Why did you stop playing with me?"

"Okay, okay I play"

Yoshi pissed off because he's trying to clean himself but I keep snapping pics

Guess we'll never know why cats naturally hate mice


Bye Yoshi! Til next time!

Update about my Instagram pictures!

Here's a short update for some snippets from my instagram! Continue reading for pictures of pretty girls, dogs, and my trip to the doggystyle cafe at Nex!

 At irene's party! I attempted a smokey eye look. Pass/Fail?

 Went to Jayne's shop at Cineleisure! Go support her k? :)

Met up with Gen, Cher and their friends for a doggy session! Met Yun Wen, Jiayi and Romeo (daschund) Romeo has super smooth baby-like fur and I couldn't stop hugging or stroking his hair :)

Gen's Alaskan Malamute! Seriously massive huge like a wolf but Gen trained him really well. He has lots of character too! Gets angry when people eat his food, jealous when Gen talks and takes photos of other dogs, becomes aggressive to other male dogs until he can smell their butt. It was quite funny because all the owners had to carry their dogs and bring them to Caesar's snout and they were SHIVERING (the small ones) because they were so frightened!! Also weight SIXTY kg and attracted a crowd that day.

Super love this shot that Cher caught! Yuki the Samoyed :)
 I look awkward in this picture but it's because i didn't want to lift yuki's body and put her on my lap! So I had to curve instead hahah. That's Jiayi and Cher!

My favourite picture of Jasper... He's fifteen years old and has cancer and this lump on his throat :( But seriously he's an awesome pet. Doesn't bark, likes girls, and likes to sit next to you and not move. He also has cataract so he's slightly blind. He's also slightly deaf too. Really sad.

The funny story is that Jasper's owner also has another chihuahua called Allegra and she's just a puppy. But she WHORES herself and throws herself onto Jasper, sticking her butt in his face and everything!! Sometimes Jasper obliges and sometimes he just meh's her. Hahahah. So technically if human beings were left on their own, without any technology etc, that's a reflection of our primate self.

Want to see these photos in real time? Follow me on instagram! (click the icon on the right sidebar) :)

Doggies at the Doggystyle Cafe!

Thought I haven't had pictures of animals on my blog for quite a while now so here are some furry friends to brighten up your day! Dogs are soooooooo cute!!

Dogs doing their thing. Smelling each other's butts and all. Haha.
Traumatised look. Lol?
I want a yorkshire terrier!!! :(

This dog was being punished for being naughty. Can't remember why though. But it was well behaved in its little corner. The master has trained it well!
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