Yoshi the ragdoll cat

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Snapped some pictures the other day with Yoshi the ragdoll cat, some are too cute not to share!

Yoshi giving the "what's that?" look.

Notice his ears have a black outline hehe.

I particularly like ragdoll cats because they just "nua" once you pick them up

But Yoshi is growing up so fast! Soon, his butt can't fit on my palm anymore.
*friendly paw hello*


Yoshi meowing. His meows are super high pitch and his purrs are super loud. He really loves lots of attention!

"Why did you stop playing with me?"

"Okay, okay I play"

Yoshi pissed off because he's trying to clean himself but I keep snapping pics

Guess we'll never know why cats naturally hate mice


Bye Yoshi! Til next time!

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