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Japanese hair salon near City Hall and Bugis and how to look fabulous - Nine by Sweet Basil

Every morning when I head towards the bathroom to freshen up, I check my reflection and notice if I'm having a good hair day or not. This subconsciously affects my mood. "ARGH why is that part of my hair sticking out like an idiot? How can I flatten it??" or "NOOO why does my hair look so limp and lifeless???" Sound familiar yet?

So how do you look fabulous? Fix your hair. If your hair is frizzy, try rebonding. If your hair is flat, try perming. If your roots are growing out...

Get it touched up.

Or every mirror you walk past will guilt you and kill you slowly day by day.

Here's an easy step by step guide on how to look fabulous just by having great hair!

Step 0: Book a hair appointment

Sure, there are many options out there in the market. An $8 barber shop just 10 minutes from your place (for the guys), or that neighbourhood salon for about $35 gives you a decent wash and cut.

Just think about the recent articles of salon's ruining hair by doing rebonding and perming at the same session, or colour jobs drying out hair. Some distraught customers posted online that their hair looks like public curls after the treatment and tearfully had to cut their long locks off. Any good stylist will tell you not to do them together. Well, for your own happiness, be sure of the service and the quality of the cut, wherever you choose to go. I've been to my fair share of salons where stylists would say they're done even when one side of my hair is obviously longer than the other. And, no I did not ask for that style.

If you need a recommendation though, I'll ask you to consider a pampering session with a Japanese salon. Not only are they dedicated and well-versed in products to make your Asian hair shiny and glossy, their perms and styles produce looks straight out of fashion magazines. I've been to a number and Nine by Sweet Basil is a hidden find. Please leave your hair and scalp to the professionals and you'll know what I mean when experience your first amazing head massage.

Step 1: Get a hair analysis

When you are in your chair and comfortably seated, good stylists will start to analyse your hair, and advise you if your intended treatment suits your hair, if the colour you picked to dye your hair suits your face etc! Here's my stylist, Yoshi, doing just that.

Step 2: Pick your treatment 

I chose to dye my hair because the colour was fading to a yellow-ish tone. Yoshi helped me mix colours to turn it into an ash-y brown and carefully spread the dye and left it to soak in. I like how Nine by Sweet Basil has like, sectioned seats so you have a little privacy corner all to yourself!

It looks blonder than it really is.

Step 3: Dip Dye hair for added fun 

Yoshi asked if I had ever done this soak in dye procedure, to which I said 'no' to. It's pretty cool, he mixes the dye with water and soaks your hair in it, pouring some of the mixture over your hair where it's not touching the water. Was pretty excited to see how the results would be!

Step 4: Head massage and hair wash

After the soaking (about 30 mins?) was done, Yoshi gave me an amazing head massage and hair wash, focusing on my scalp and I felt my stress fade away. Unlike other salons where the stylist 'hands you off' to a junior to do the hair wash, Yoshi is in charge of your hair from start to end!

During the massage he also places a hot towel on the back of your neck too! How thoughtful! Also adds to the shiok factor.

Here's where he usually adds hair treatment, to ensure your hair is well moisturized. They also use soda water here so thoroughly clean your scalp! This is great if you have a naturally oily scalp. Combined with their nano water machine, your hair is nourished from root to end.

Step 5: Get a shoulder massage

Once my hair wash is done, I head back to my seat for... a quick shoulder massage!! Not many salons throw this in but, boy is it worth it.

Step 6: Hair cut and styling!

The final step, is of course to get a hair cut that suits your face shape and also, a style that you like! If your face is round, it's better to have your hair at a length from chin down. This is why having a professional stylist is important, so he can give you the best style to boost your confidence!

Yoshi can also style your hair at your request. He knows I like my hair to be curled with tongs so this is the final result!

What do you think? 

Also love how the dye worked out! Colour is true to the picture above and my hair isn't dry at all.

Fun playing with my locks hehe!

Thanks Yoshi for picking this ash brown for me. Been getting compliments that it makes me look fairer and brings a glow to my face!

Nine by Sweet Basil is conveniently located just a row behind Raffles Hotel! It's walkable from City Hall or Bugis MRT.

In conjunction with their anniversary, they're having an awesome


All new customers get 30% off!

Returning customers get to take part in a lucky draw where you stand to win 
30% to 50% off vouchers, free shampoo, complimentary treatment, head spa or nail service!!

Congratulations on your anniversary, Nine by Sweet Basil! 
These promotions are until 31 August, and note that they will be closed from 11-18 August
They're open on National Day if you want to get your hair all pretty to celebrate our independence!

Nine by Sweet Basil

26A Purvis Street 
(near Bugis Junction and opposite Raffles Hotel)
Singapore 188603
Telephone: 6337 3661

Operating hours:
Weekdays: 10am - 8pm
Weekends and holidays: 10am - 7pm
They're closed on Tuesdays!

Nine by Sweet Basil Review : Hair roots, Head Spa and Parrucchi Soda Treatment

Happy new year everyone! Hope 2014 has been kind and 2015 will be awesome to all of you! I made some little resolutions, hope I get to keep them. Every year the festive spirit gets me really excited and I go all out to get ready. You've read about my first experience with eyelash extensions, now here's my first visit to Nine by Sweet Basil to get my roots touched up and treatment done!

Keep reading to find out how you can get a FREE Parrucchi Hair Treatment!!

Nine by Sweet Basil was recently opened in 2014 and all stylists are Japanese and trained in Tokyo. They're located in a nice quiet shophouse opposite Raffles Hotel, at Purvis street. You might almost walk past their entrance but look out for the red outlined door (above). The salon is on the second floor!

When I stepped in, I was happy to find such a spacious hideaway! What I really like about Nine by Sweet Basil is that you get your own personal space as there are separators and a walkway between seats, so you get to feel like a celebrity, or as I prefer to put it, avoid the gaze of people getting their hair done around you. I feel so awkward every time other customers at other salons look at your hair and judge my conversations with my stylist lol.


This is my hair when I walked in, waiting for my hair stylist to finish up with his previous customer. Make sure you're on time for your appointment because Japanese are sticklers for punctuality. Anyway, my hair roots of about 1cm were growing out since I dyed it almost 1 and a half months ago. My hair was also quite dry, with even dryer ends :(

My stylist, Yoshi-san came over and analysed my hair condition (yes dry ends and a weak scalp prone to dropping hair), and I told him I wanted to trim my hair a bit in addition to touching up my hair roots. He then recommended I get the Moe Moe Head Spa and Parrucchi soda treatment so my hair would be much healthier and rejuvenated.

I agreed, and awayyy we went!

He started with adding hair dye to touch up my roots, then steamed my hair to let the colour soak through. The whole process took about 40 minutes? Then it was time to wash it off.

Yoshi-san led me to the basins and I like how Nine by Sweet Basil doesn't have basins all in a row, side by side with each other. It's really strange sitting next to a stranger when someone else is getting their hair done haha. Doing my hair is something I like to do alone, without my personal space invaded. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this preference?

The really hipster ceiling which I was staring at when I was getting my hair washed!

Next, we did the Moe Moe Head Spa, which is a cream applied and massaged onto your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Yoshi-san's massage was AMAZING!! You can tell him your preference for the strength of the massage, and I usually prefer a really strong one. It was mega shiok. Think he massaged my head for like a good 15 minutes or something. I wasn't timing or anything but it seemed to go on forever. 

Once that was over, he did the Parrucchi soda treatment which remove excess oil and sebum from your hair that normal water can't get rid of. It makes your hair feel like a thorough cleaning has been done and I love that feeling. When bubbled on your scalp, the soda treatment improves hair circulation as well. It does not have a smell and neither does it sizzle on your scalp, contrary to popular belief from the word "soda".

Nine by Sweet Basil also has this really curious looking machine called the Morbido Steam, which shoots out steamy nano water (which means tiny water molecules) that helps to keep your hair soft and clean, creating a glossy finish.

After that hour long spa and treatment pampering, I thought that we were about to commence the hair trimming portion, but Yoshi-san gave me a head and shoulder massage!!!! 

Mind blown. It was the first time any hair salon ever gave me a neck and shoulder massage. Ever.

After cutting and blow drying, Yoshi-san curled and styled my hair with wax. Typically on a standalone basis, lady's cut is $90, while men's cut is $80 here.

Hello me.

Taken with better lighting. Nice right!! You can see how glossy and sparkly my hair looks here, and my hair roots blend in naturally with the rest of my hair :)

Result of Cut+Roots Colour+Treatment+Head spa = One very happy face and really silky hair I couldn't stop caressing for some time. What do you think?

PSST! They also do hair styling and make up for special events!

These are just SOME of the products used on my hair, tried and tested by some of the most influential hair stylists in Japan!

Honestly, after this you can pretty much go without washing your hair for 3 days and your hair doesn't feel crazy oily disgusting. Assuming you don't do any sweaty exercises of course.


Oh, I mentioned at the start of this entry that there's a free soda treatment right? Here's how to get one!

Just click on this link, register and redeem a FREE Parrucchi Soda Treatment worth $50!

Now that was easy. It's also very worth it. Terms and conditions apply.

With Yoshi-san, thank you for the silky smooth hair and the best look I could have this festive season.

Nine by Sweet Basil

26A Purvis Street 
(near Bugis Junction and opposite Raffles Hotel)
Singapore 188603
Telephone: 6337 3661

Operating hours:
Weekdays: 10am - 8pm
Weekends and holidays: 10am - 7pm
They're closed on Tuesdays!

Thank you Masa-san for coordinating~
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