Japanese Eyelash Extensions at KJ Studio Review

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Falsies are soooo mafan (troublesome). You have to apply glue, wait for it to dry a bit, place them gingerly on your eyelids and at night you have to remove them gingerly. When I heard about these eyelash extensions and just how easy and convenient they were, I decided to give them a try. Looked up various eyelash extension places online and decided to trust my eyelashes (and eyes!) with KJ Studio, and my beautician was Jeane.

What are eyelash extensions?

Jeane was really nice and patient to explain the whole concept of eyelash extensions to me. Eyelash extensions are applied lash by lash on top of your own natural lashes, which means there is a limit to the number of lashes you can apply to your nail. The more eyelashes you have, the more extensions you can put, and the stronger your eyelashes, the thicker the lashes you can use!

This is why you need to put eyelash growing serums on your eyelid (which are also sold at KJ Studio!). Anyway, my own eyelashes aren't the most numerous or strong, so Jeane told me that my ideal number of lashes is 60, ON EACH EYE. I was trying to count my eyelashes and I can't count 60 strands of them so I think they are probably stuck together or I lost count somewhere.

See that white sticker under your eye? That's to make sure your lower lashes don't get in the way, and also to ensure you don't open your eyes during the procedure. This is very important! There were a few times when I was napping and tried to open my eyes out of instinct but luckily these were holding them down lol.

My experience

KJ Studio is on the second floor of a shophouse near Outram Park MRT. It has an adorable area for you to do your make up after, since no eye make up is allowed before the treatment.

I filled in a registration form and Jeane proceeded to introduce me to the different types of lashes, the styles eg "Kawaii" (cute), "Sexy" and "Mix" of both. I picked Mix because my falsies are usually the Sexy type hahahah.
If you look closely at the picture (click to enlarge), Sexy lashes are longer only at the ends, but Mix lashes are long from the middle of your eye. Kawaii gives a very natural, olive eyed look which doesn't suit me haha.

You get to pick the curliness of your lashes too! I picked C curve because I wanted the effect to be quite noticeable but not too gyaru (like crazy obvious) Jeane asked general questions like if I wore eyeliner on a daily basis, if I wore contacts/specs on usual days, etc and I told her to pick the length and thickness of the eyelashes for me, since it was my first time.

PSST: You can pick coloured eye lashes as well!!! I decided to go with all black this time but I definitely want to try the coloured ones one day!

These were my lashes before:

My whole procedure including consultation took 1 hour. That's really fast huh! Maybe it's because my lashes aren't strong enough to do more...  Jeane is really pro at it so I actually fell asleep zzzz

 This is how you'd look like if you were to do extensions at KJ Studio (That's not me, and that's another japanese beautician)

Woke up to the splendor which is my lashes:

Aren't they amazing??

Side-by-side comparison:

Thicker, longer, curlier.

My eyes look bigger now. Now imagine when I put on some eyeliner, ZERO mascara and a bit of eyeshadow.

They are even more obvious in real life! That's the power of longer lashes.

Impressive, huh? At KJ Studio, my 60 eyelash extensions on each eye (which is 120 in total), costs $110. Unlimited lashes are $150.

When choosing which salon to do your eyelash extensions at, remember that the most important feature to consider is the skill of your beautician. These are your eyes we're talking about!! Jeane has been doing eyelash extensions for over 5 years now, and was trained in Japan. She speaks fluent English so don't worry about having any language barriers.

The only trouble I had with my eyelash extensions so far is that I forgot I can't use cotton wool to remove my eye makeup anymore. The wool bits kinda got stuck to my eyelashes LOL, but luckily I managed to get them out. A friend suggested I use cotton buds instead which work like a charm. Please remember not to use cotton wool!!


If you have just had permanent eyebrow done, please wait till the scab comes off and the eyebrow surface is clean. If you have botox injected, please wait for 2-3 weeks. If you just had LASIK surgery, please wait for about 1 month till the eyes' symptom settles.

KJ Studio is a stone's throwaway from Outram Park MRT, but if you want to, you can walk from Chinatown MRT which is a bit further.

Do make appointments before you come because they're usually quite busy!

KJ Studio

43A keong saik road S098147 MAP
Tel: 6221 6209
SMS: 9151 7246

Opening hours:

Weekdays 12pm - 9pm
Sat,Sun,PH 10am - 7pm
Closed on: Wed, 1st & 3rd Tues

Thanks Jeane for the great service and the gorgeous eyelashes!
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