Every Saturday should be like this.

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I met up with a clique of friends I hadn't seen (all of us together), in like, a year? And I felt so rejuvenated after that.

Started off with whisky at 4pm

After that, we just lazed around in the pool for about 2 hours? Talking nonsense and poking fun at each other.

I felt genuine happiness. Peace. Ultimate relaxation. At that moment, I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

I soaked in the environment around me - Caucasians sun tanning, Singaporeans playing frisbee and volleyball, my friends eating truffle fries, the cloudy sky so I didn't get a tan... and I felt grateful for wherever I was in life. I had a home, a family, food on the table, a job that paid me relatively well, I could blog and share what I loved with you guys... surreal.

In my past few holidays in Bangkok and Japan, I've never felt this kind of happiness. Sure, I took photos with bunnies and cycled around neighbourhoods, looked at islands, but I needed some quiet time alone, where there was no deadline to meet, no nervous glancing at the clock...

Oh, and I left my phone in my bag, so no stresses from not replying anyone etc.

It was just so.....chill. No stresses, no worries, just water, friends, pear cider and truffle fries. Why make life so complicated?

It's been so long since we caught up, one of them always disappears every time he's attached, another one I only see at clubs (in the rare event that I actually go) and the last friend is the only one that we make an attempt to meet up once every few months.

We've all changed since secondary school, firstly the topics we talk about are vastly different. Now we're considerably grown up (and done with army/uni), we have to worry about other bigger issues like jobs.

They're very cool people, patient, calm and easy-going. That's why I love to hang out with them :) Don't forget to treasure your friends and tell them how much you appreciate them!

Have a great week guys!

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