Travelogue: Bangkok's Food! Another Hound by Greyhound Cafe

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Greyhound cafe is a must try if you're in Bangkok. It provides a chic atmosphere with great service at affordable prices! Siam Paragon is kind of like the Ion equivalent of Singapore.

 The waiting list was reaaaally long so the staff ushered us to the dessert/tea cafe corner for us to order some drinks first! I had slight dehydration because I didn't have enough water that day, so I was quite grouchy and had a massive headache.
 Can't miss it!

 The little dessert/tea corner

My tea, which did little to soothe my headache :(

 After waiting for close to 30 minutes or so, we finally got a table. I loved the unique chandeliers! Each one has a different design! Some had spoon designs, some forks, etc. 

Tomato spaghetti 

 My seafood carbonara! The portion was just right for me and it wasn't too creamy! Quite delicious :)

 Trademark Tom Yum soup!

 Tried their chicken wings but found them to be overrated. They were so SMALL! And each piece had really little meat on it. Plus they were quite dry too.

The decor was superb and I was really happy with my main dish, so I'll be sure to come back again, even though the wait to get a table was long! If you pop by, be sure to let me know! :)

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