Candydoll's Makeup workshop at Reebonz Space!

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If you are a fan of Japanese beauty products, you'd have heard of the brand Candydoll. I was super excited to head to Candydoll's Makeup workshop conducted by Mawaki-san and modelled by Kaori-chan! I've always wanted to try the doll look but never had the right make-up (and guts) to try it. 

Snapped some pictures of their products and you can find them at Watsons! 

Loved the decoration, everything is so pretty and pink! *_*

Mawaki-san taught us how to apply and use Candydoll make up! You'd be surprised by the effects of a highlighter, shading powder, concealer and blusher combo and the different looks you can achieve with it. 

Treasure hunting

The next segment of the evening was a treasure hunt! Two silver boxes were hidden in the Reebonz Space showroom and whoever found the box, could keep it. I remember turning to Jessie and telling her that I won't find it (on the basis that everyone would be looking for it and what are the odds right?) I actually had half a mind to look and play around with the makeup, but Jessie told me to just go and follow everyone to look.

Walked towards the Hermes bags (what is this magnetic force that is drawing me to them) when I looked up and saw a silver box. "Is that the silver box?" I asked to no one in particular. Then I tip-toed, stretched my arm and tried to reach for it, to no avail. A helpful girl near me volunteered to try and reach for it but she couldn't either. I decided to be a little unglam and to jump, grabbed the ribbon, jumped again, caught the box, and claimed my prize. (The other option would be to climb the shelves but I think that would've been a reaaaally bad idea)

I would like to thank all the 'Spot the differences' games that I've played in the arcades since secondary school. Hahahah.

Opening my prize box! Thanks for the prizes and pics Candydoll SG!

Us lucky winners! :D

After that, everyone present got to sample the products and purchase them at a discount!
When everyone was purchasing their Candydoll products, I took the opportunity to ask Mawaki-san for some personalized tips and how to contour my face. He taught me this neat trick that gives me a healthy glowy look, just using the shading powder and the blusher! Will share a tutorial on that in another post :)

 Applying make-up for me! Thank you Mawaki-san!

 With Asami-chan who works in Tokyo and grew up in Osaka! Was telling her about my recent Japan trip and talked about her stay in Singapore. Makes me want to go back to Japan again soon!

 Shoutout to Cynthia :) Thanks for reading my blog and hope to see you again soon!

 With Jemay who had wonderfully done up eye make up that day, thank you for everything! :)

 Jessie! We keep bumping into each other at events and we share the same interests - beauty :P

 Hana-chan, who is a make-up artist and loves Candydoll make up too! I always admire how make-up artists can not only skillfully put on fake eyelashes for themselves, but can also wear them for others!! Mad skill. I take forever to wear fake lashes on myself. Oh well, practice makes perfect!

With Zellyn and Kaori (the model for the night). Kaori has FLAWLESS, glowing skin and she's so pretty! I also just realised that I smiled the same way in like, all the above pictures -_- okay I will try to learn new poses >_>
Thank you Candydoll for this event! 
Like to keep in touch with their newest products as well as be notified for any future makeup workshops! :)
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