why claires flair?

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am back in singapore! Happy national day!

Wanted to share with you guys about why I decided to choose this name!

I started blogging since primary five, which is almost 10 years ago! I learnt basic HTML by myself and designed a super simple layout using frames.

Back then I used every free website possible. Geocities, freewebz etc! Even hosted by other people and running an awards site at some point!

Kept changing usernames because I couldn't decide on one I really liked.

Decided to have one main one at diaryland because I was tired of making my own layouts and so it's at

all the past entries are still there btw, so that I can refer to it and look back on my secondary school life.

Made another private diaryland diary for my closest friends to read and of course, that is now dormant.

In junior college I switched to livejournal to see what all the hype was about, and I still blog private entries there! Will not reveal that address! Haha.

So I also decided to try blogger and had to think of a name that would stick. Some of my friends call me claire bear and so I wanted to find something that rhymed with claire! Would be easier for people to remember too!

And thus after some brainstorming, I officially opened under claires-flair. (Claire rhymes with flair!) Sort of. Haha.

Will be sticking with this name for quite a long time , I love the ring of it :D

Will blog about my japan experience soon, before I continue about europe!

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