How Squishy came into my life.

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I've always loved animals! Well... most animals. I prefer dogs over cats, rabbits over chinchillas, beagles over chihuahua's... the list goes on and on.

I did have a dog once, when I was really young. I barely remember much about him, but his name was Mickey and he was a terrier. I know that I was pretty much terrified of it because I had been chased by a dog once, but I would occasionally pat his head or stroke his fur whenever my dad was carrying him.

Sadly, Mickey has passed away. RIP Mickey.

In Primary 5 or thereabouts, my parents bought me a hamster. I have no idea why, but I didn't have much clue how to take care of it. All I knew was that I had to feed it and water it, my mum would clean its cage and... I honestly can't even remember the name that I gave it.

My hamster didn't last very long because it passed away a few months later. I remember crying and my dad took it away from me... never to be seen again.

It died on its back, paws in the air, fur all harried and messy, body cold and limp. Eyes closed.

No more hamsters for me in this lifetime.

I didn't want to get another pet until I was sure I could care for it and love it. Pets are also really expensive to maintain. It's like having another mouth to feed, except this mouth does not speak English, or speak at all.

If I could have any pet I wanted, I would have a dog. Unfortunately, dogs require ALOT of attention and time, which I do not have. If I had a dog I wouldn't want it to be pooping around the place, I would properly potty train it, send it for grooming, etc.

Doesn't help that a dog is at least 1k SGD. *shudders*

When Christine uploaded a ton of photos of her new bunny. I considered it. What about a rabbit? I *COULD* cage it up whenever the house was empty, and let it run around when I'm back. Its poop is much easier to clean than a dog's, it doesn't bite and it doesn't make any noise! (do not like dogs that bark loudly)

After a bit more considerations, like my brother would be home most of the time to keep an eye out, an area for it to run around at... I headed over to Christine's!

And fell in love with the little bugger. Like instantly. So cute and small!! He's a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and was only 2 months old when I first met him.

Since I hadn't bought a cage at that time, I had to put bunny into an old baby's bathtub and cover the top with newspaper. In the morning, he escaped (didn't take a genius to figure out he could jump) caused quite a stir trying to find him hahahaha.

Caught him in the end and we used weights on top of the newspaper to contain him. That night I bought a proper cage so he was introduced to his new home!

Initially he was super hyper, running around the cage and wanting to run free. After a while he got used to it, but then he developed gas and was a little uncomfortable. Two trips to the vet later and now he's getting fat, and eating.

Do NOT get a rabbit on impulse. It can get very worrysome if he doesn't eat and rabbits need lots of attention and are very vulnerable!! They are very brittle, timid creatures and are frightened easily. They also do not make noises so you don't really know how they feel, so reading body language and being attentive really counts!

Plus, you also have to powder bath him, feed him, change his poop and pee, make sure he doesn't step on his own pee, check that he isn't scratching himself in a certain part too often etc.

Plus vets AREN'T CHEAP.

In return, you'll have someone to love and licks you to show his appreciation :')

After a long time thinking of names for my new bunny (sugar, bubbles and Sir Hop-a-lot were some contenders), I finally decided on.. Squishy. He's so cute, white, fluffy and tiny you have to take great care not to squish him!

Hence, this is the story of how Squishy came into my life.

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