Guardian Haraju-cute Body Spray and Mask

7:23 PM claire 0 Comments

If you've swung by Guardian recently, you'd have noticed a gorgeous Japanese products corner called Haraju-cute!

Just a quick update to share three products with you! On the left, Body Fantasies - Freesia Fantasy is a popular Fragrance body Spray that is great to bring around in your bag. Just a few spritz during the day will keep you feeling fresh and smelling great!

The mask on the right is The Rose of Versailles Lady Oscar Face Mask (White Rose) which contains pearl extract that helps your skin get a glowy, radiant look. Plus, I always liked Japanese Masks more because they suit Asian face shapes! Massage excess serum into your skin so you can maximize the advantages!

*EXTRA* Also check out their wide range of liquid eyeliners with 0.1mm thin brush tips that are smudge proof and waterproof to keep your eyes looking pretty all day! They have soo many samples out on display for you to try before you buy, and these eyeliners are so precise you can create your perfect winged look!

All items come with english translations at the back so don't worry if you can't read Japanese.

Happy shopping!

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