Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Color Eye Shadows Winter Eyeshadow look

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Got my hands on Elizabeth Arden's new winter eyeshadow colours!! The colours are VERY easy to apply on and the colour stays easily! Really loving the brilliant colours that are perfect for the Christmas season.

 Plus, the eye shadow line uses Retinyl Linoleate and antioxidants to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!!


Gotta point out that 'Aquamarine' is gorgeous!! If you want a sweet, good girl look for Santa and Christmas, then check out their more pastel eye shadows like Innocence, Seashell and Sandstone!

The range comes with matt finishes and pearl shines, so you will definitely find a colour that matches your skin tone and suits the look you wanna go for!

Managed to get my hands on Golden Ivy and Shimmering Emerald. I just LOVE these two colours on Asian skin!

"To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman" - E.A.
And of course their signature quote serves are a great reminder to all the ladies out there!


Check out their new eyeshadow packaging! So classy and elegant.

 Each Eyeshadow single (2.5g) is SGD 34 and each duo colours is SGD 46! 
That's Golden Ivy on the left and Shimmering Emerald on the right.

Golden Ivy above and Shimmering Emerald below!

Did a quick swatch on white paper so that you could see it for the colour it really is.
The picture below features the two eyeshadows onmy lids! Golden Ivy on my inner lids and Shimmering Emerald on my outer lids. 

As you can see, Golden Ivy isn't very dark and you can easily achieve the smokey effect with Shimmering Emerald! 

My shading isn't symmetrical because my eyes are of a different shape. If you notice, one eyelid is parallel and the other is tapered, so my smokey eye has to be higher for my tapered lid!

See what I mean? My eyes look even here right? Hahaha. This Christmas will be spent with family and relatives, and to the people close to my heart. My favourite season of the year! 

Diet plans start in Jan :P

Check the beautiful eye shadow palettes at an Elizabeth Arden counter near you!
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